2010 Season Ticket Sales So Far

Hopefully 2010 will be another strong year for the CFL. To date I have seen 2 announcements concerning 2010 season ticket sales.

  1. Winnipeg has sold 10,000+


  1. Calgary has sold 20,000+


Does anyone else have any confirmed numbers?

i read the Lions are on pace for 24,000 or more

im lookin for the source.


24,000 season tickets in a 27,500 empire stadium.

looks like sold-out seasons for the Lions, Riders and Alouettes.

Riders haven’t released any figures, but last year were 23-24K. They should be about there again. I renewed at the early bird price, the deadline for this was Dec. 19/09. And the absolute deadline for renewals was Feb. 28. But non-renewed seats are not available to the public yet until the seat upgrade option runs its course. It’s a 5 day period, based on seniority, from about March 15-20.

Last week, I talked to a TiCats ticket rep who said they had about a 95% renewal rate and around 800 new season seat holders. He didn't give me exact numbers, though.

Congrats to all. These are great numbers, especially at this point in the year.

If they are doing well, last year must have been rough. I just went on their website and pulled pairs in Platinum (lower level midfield) and about anything I wanted in gold (Boxes J and H).

I think 2010 is going to be a banner year for the CFL. Ticket sales and ratings are going be great.

Are you sure you weren’t looking for “Bills in Toronto” tickets!!! :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

i'd imagine 2009 was a rough year for the ticats in terms of season ticket sales....they were comming off 4 terrible years in a row.

Only if the Bills were playing at IWS. Which, now that I think of it, would be a hoot.

The Bills have already played at IWS… they lost.


Was it a hoot?

I’d be all for a rematch in Hamilton with the mixed rules so long as 4 downs are allowed! :smiley: In our dreams though. :frowning:

i read the Lions are on pace for 24,000 or more

im lookin for the source.

Were did you read this? they have been saying here in bc that they will get around 21,000, and the olyimpics being here has not helped there ticket drive either, as a lot of people spent a lot of there years saving on the games.

i would say bc are lucky if they hit 20,000 this year.

Down South in the US some of the folks might say it was a real “hootinannie,” but as a Yankee I have no idea what the heck that is along with other Southern terminology like “shindig” and so forth. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s outdoors, and it’s limited quantities. They’ll likely join the sellout club.

Saskatchewan surpasses 23,000...


Good on the fans in Saskatchewan.

Good work there RR fans. That new stadium can’t happen soon enough.

Both Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are showing strong demand for 2010 season tickets.

Winnipeg 17,000+

Saskatchewan 24,600

I hope when the other clubs begin announcing numbers they are strong as well.