2010 Season Ticket option issues?

I'm just curious if anyone has any issues with the "new" Season Ticket holder options? The 1 issue that stands out to me is the following statement:

"You can purchase your 2009 playoff ticket without renewing your Season Seats, however, you will lose your Season Seat Holder privileges after October 31st, 2009."

So according to this statement, if you had seasons tickets for .....however long and you opt out of renewing your current seats (for those of us that have had the same seats for years) until later....you forfit them.......got to say, that just isn't right.

....Does anyone else see this or any other issue with this "new" sales technique????????


Nope, I renewed mine already, just to make sure I don’t get a call from Bauman when he get’s phone duty for dropping too many passes :lol:

The conversation would be horribly akward, would probably go something like:

Bauman: Hello, are you interested in renewing your season’s for 2010?
Me: I dunno, are you interested in catching the football?
Bauman: …
Phone: Click… Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

All you have to do is put 20% down now.

That's what I did.

...I understand that but 20% now or 100% later......same difference but you lose your seat that you may have held for years..........again, this doesn't sit well with me as (they) the Hamilton Org, changed the Seaon ticket renewal process, but now hold you hostage........it's leaving a bad taste in the old yapper.


It's been that way for a while now...if you don't renew by a certain date, you lose your seats. All they did was move up the renewal date. You could complain that they moved the date up, or you could be happy you now have a longer time period to pay off your seats after you put down a deposit. Most CFL teams (and most professional sports teams) do it this way. Doesn't seem like too big of a deal

I renewed my tickets on-line and found it a pretty simple process. No Complaints Here.

I think the offer to extend the payment is actually quite generous.

When you read the Q and A it gives a real good explanation of why they are doing it this way and it makes sense.

They want to know who intends to renew, and at the same time it gives them more time to switch seats for those that want to change seats and more time to sell seats that are not being renewed. That's Reasonable! :thup:

I was chatting with my rep. yesterday while getting some extra's for friends coming in from Regina and was told that ticket sales were going well and they are quite pleased with the response.

I would have to agree with Catattack1. I have had seats for 20 years and suddenly now they change their system and I have to make a deposit or forfeit my seats. I'm sorry, but I have property taxes, car insurance and christmas bills coming in in the next month. I didn't plan on this and even if I have to put out the minimum, I'm not sure I will have it.

Even if we accept that it was a reasonable change to make (and I support those who think it was unreasonable), they could have announced the new payment schedule months sooner in order to allow people more time to budget for it. It seems particularly callous for them to make this change on relatively short notice when you consider the amount of economic hardship in the region over the past year.

Well Maniac...thanks for calling me a sucker! :roll:

Is there anything that you like about the Ticats, or even life in general? :roll:

FYI...As a matter of fact, it may come as a surprise to you but Yes, the Ticat organisation does want the regular Ticat fans to be happy and in fact do everything they can to help the season ticket holders and regular ticket buyers get their tickets at an affordable price.

When I called in to buy those 4 tickets for my friends, the "youth ticket deal" hadn't been published. I got 4 tickets for my friends, near my "season's" for the same price as my "season's" and got 4 free youth tickets thrown in. (Now I give those away...not a big problem but a nice one) YES...THEY TOLD ME ABOUT IT!

As far as those that want to keep their "season's' goes...If they were to call and ask for an arrangement, I'm positive that they will do whatever they can to help them. :thup:

All they have to do is ASK. :wink:

Season's tickets are the way to go :thup: (Best Price...plus "freebees") But if it's really not affordable, then get a flex pack.

If that isn't affordable, or won't fit your schedule, then buy individual tickets when you can! If that doesn't work...then stay home and watch it on TV. If you don't want to....Don't!

Life is full of choices...ENJOY!

I will agree that I was very upset when I got my renewal in the mail a couple weeks ago and called to complain right away. Once my rep explained that I was only required a 20% deposit and had nine months to make payments I thought that was better than years past anyways.

You're always going to have other bills to pay, it's a fact of life... atleast the Cats aren't asking you to pay all at once like I hear most teams do.