2010 season renewal

got this in the mail today and they already are putting a due date for oct 23 . what happened to giving us to the end of the season . I can see opurchasing a home playoff ticket but seaon tickets already what happened to dec.

Meh, doesn't bother me although it may bother some people. I'm going to renew them this week, want my play-off ticket :smiley:

I want to know if my Ticket is going Up 1st .

I can't renew right away, yes, I want to know prices and I want to know what my personal situation is closer to when the season starts, I could layed off for pete's sakes! Hey, it's not like Hamilton is a big hotbed for pro sports. Tickets easy to get anytime for anything.

As far as I read, as long as you order before the deadline your tickets will be the same price.

No early bird discount either, whats the point renewing Oct.23, 2009 :thdn:
In addition the 2009 playoffs tickets are attached in the 2010 ticket package, so you have to buy the package now to get playoff tickets, Nice trick!!!!!!!!!!

Who cares? If you're gunna buy em anyways why not just buy the playoff tickets with em? Getting mine renewed tommorrow.

If I recall correctly, the promotional material for 2009 season tickets indicated that season ticket holders would have the first chance to buy their tickets for a 2009 home playoff game. There was no mention of a BS condition of having to buy season tix for 2010 in order to purchase your 2009 playoff tickets.

If they are truly adding that condition after the fact, I'm sure the competition bureau will love to hear about it...

I could be wrong, but if you called the Ticket office and asked them to pay for your 09 playoff ticket and let them know that you'll pay for 2010 later, i think they'd let you. Ive always found them to be accommodating.

Regardless, i have no problem getting it early, means im locked and loaded for 2010.

what else can we complain about?

we have not clinched yet .
so I am not buying anything
I live on a Limted income
It takes me 4 to 6 Months to pay for my Ticket

There trying to Force Fans into buying into 2010 without Finishing their Job in 2009 .
1 Thing at time please
Finish this year
then Tell how much for next year

Then let you let you know if I am back
and where I'll be sitting If I am back.

8) Season Ticket holders have always had first crack at purchasing their own seats for playoff games !!
 I can't believe that this notice (which I haven't received yet), says that you must purchase 2010

 season tickets, to qualify for purchasing this years home playoff game (if there is one)  !!!

 I do know that the CFL sets the prices for all Playoff Games .  Not the TiCats  !!

Don't be surprised if the 2010 package turns out to be for 1 less game. Based on attendance records, when choosing a team to give up a home game next year, Hamilton is a likely pick.

The following is copied from TSN.ca:
According to a report in the Moncton Times & Transcript it appears as though the Canadian Football League is planning on holding a regular season game in Moncton next season.

New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham has reportedly confirmed that the game will be held at the University of Moncton, however it is unknown which teams will be participating or when the actual game will take place.

There is expected to be an official announcement in the next few weeks.

This is another Reason I Won’t buy Playoff ticket if 2010 Tickets have a Bought as well
1 Games less down to 8 Games + 2009 Playoff Ticket


You talk a big game but in the end, you will be back next year.

Im confused, isnt your price on the statement?

I haven't received anything yet so I have no idea what to make of it. I guess I'll know more when I get the notice. It is a little odd that the renewal is this early though.

Your gonna like coming to see the Cats in Moncton next year. Let me know if you want me to reserve you a nice seat. :wink:

I have not got it yet

Then why complain if you haven't received it yet.

Wait for your mailman to drop it off, then call your ticket sales rep BEFORE you come on the Ticats forums and complain.