2010 Schedule...

Ya know...instead of the CFL asking for our input regarding overtime rules, maybe they could put some effort into scheduling the season better? We play Hamilton 5 times (including the preseason game) in the first half of the season...

[url=http://www.bluebombers.com/article/bombers-2010-schedule-announced]http://www.bluebombers.com/article/bomb ... -announced[/url]

I understand there's only 8 teams in the league, so you have to play one team four times a season, but you can't spread it out a bit??? Especially given that it's Winnipeg and Hamilton. If Montreal and Toronto have seasons similar to last year, these are gonna be 4 big games...just loses something having them all early in the season...

Yes, Kubie, why have a pre-season game with Ham. if we're going to play them 4 times in 6weeks.

....I'd like to see those games, with the hammer, spread out a bit as well.... Marshall and Bellefuielle will test each other immediately.....and we'll find out which one has the better 'book' and coaching expertise....It'll be a dog-fight...OF course that depends on the premise we hire Greg......Looking at the candidates that are left....I would say, the announcement declaring Marshall as the head-man ,should be just days away... :wink:

Hamilton will bury Winnipeg early with that schedule. It will be a long year in Bomberland.

Sigh...this guy's about as predictable as they come...

Clip and save, clip and save. ..

last year i thought onintwo was crazy for making such remarks, this year, not so much

Please don't assume he represents Hamilton again lol.It's unfair to our city.

What's wrong with stating the truth? The Ticats were better than the Bombers last year, and all indications are that gap will get much worse. The evidence? The Bombers still have Bishop as starting QB. Plus, they have lost Heffney, Titus Ryan, Otis Amey, Dudley Guice, and Derrick Doggett to the NFL. And they have cut Barrin Simpson. Plus, it is February and they still have no head coach or assistant coaching staff in place. The Bombers will get killed in the first half of the season, mainly by my Ticats, who play them 4 times in the first nine games...and by the CFL schedule, which sees Winnipeg start the season with a bunch of road games.

Hey, i'd like to believe we'll go 18-0 also but things happen.Did we not beat Montreal in '08 when they were best and we were the worst?People don't take kindly to you hopping on their forums and trashing their team and always trying to put yours over theirs.That's cool in the CFL talk forums, but here we're the Bomber fans guests.You wouldn't go to someone's house and talk about how crap theirs is and how much better yours is would you?If you would your a pretty big... i'll leave it at that.

.....You're just proving to be a bigger man 15 champ :thup: ....Out in two is presuming a lot....We might not be set at head-coach yet but that's around the cornor....and who's to say some of those Bomber nfl attempts might end -up as flops...and be returning sooner than he thinks.. :wink: ...Anyway it's too early to be making bold predictions...BUT we'll do as MadJack suggested and mark his prediction for reference in the future..... :lol: :lol:

2009 was 2009.

2010 will be 2010.

so we dont have a coach in place at this moment on feb 1st.. weirdly enough i look outside and i still see snow. Its not melting, theres still 2 months of it left... saying the ticats are gonna woop the bombers on feb 1st because they dont have a coach and lost 1 starter to the nfl and 4 backups... is a little pre-mature.

7-11 with michael bishop coming in week 4... think about it, missed training camp and everything and we were 1 win away from making the playoffs... lol, imagine we got a qb that threw more tds than ints... wow, u sure u wanna make such a bold prediction like that on feb 1st?

its not like hamilton finished 11-7 or something, hamilton finished 8-10. one win better than we did. making silly predictions in the middle of winter is silly.

Actaully Hamilton finished 9-9 and hosted the EDSF but who's counting :wink:

Truth, Hamilton was easily the worst team of the decade. Another truth, have the worst attendance in the league last year !
I wouldn’t put your paper bags away yet, maybe try winning a playoff game first !

8-10 9-9... whatever, either way, u had to win the last game to get in and u did.

i wouldnt be so confident in your ticats. if us wpg fans know anything, its your hero glenn has 1 good year and 1 awful year, since last year would be classified as good, this is his year to go back to reality.

i wouldnt be happy with 9-9.

noone expected the bombers to have a chance tho last season, for as bad as we were, for as much of a gong show it was around here, we beat hamilton the last game of the season and its winnipeg in and hamilton out.

last year was last year tho.

why does it matter if we dont have a coach now?

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/new-blue-coach-by-weeks-end-83324497.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 24497.html[/url]

end of the week.

geesh training camp starts in 4 months? lots of time.

i wouldnt count your chickens in hamilton b4 they hatch. We did the same thing 2 years ago, thought we'd walk through everyone, but a funny thing happened, WE DIDNT.

in football it doesnt really matter what your record was the year before, it matters what you do on the field...

so you're saying hamilton is gonna woop us because we dont have a coach eventho training camp for us and for your beloved tiger cats is 4 months away? LOL dude. seriously. thanks for the laugh.

so again tho, instead of pointing out pointless records from 2009, tell me why does it matter that we lost 1 starter and 4 backups to the NFL?

how does losing 1 starter and 4 backups matter? how is that relevant here on feb 2 2010?

tell me all knowing ticat fan. Why are you on the bombers forum anyways? like what the heck man... nobody cares about the ticats in hamilton?

Okay, first of all I know you don't speak for all Bomber fans on this forum, your just the village idiot like On in two with the Ticats.After coming off a 4-14 season and 2 straight 3-15 seasons I think 9-9 and hosting the EDSF i something to be damn proud of, no? By the way, it wasn't win or your in for us, we had the playoffs no matter what, the Bomber's were in a win and your in situation.Glenn has new life in Hamilton, he knows how to scramble effectively now, he meshes with his receivers greatly, and his veteran experience is priceless.Speaking of people worshipping terrible QB's, how about that Michael Bishop?pretty cute 10 td - 30 int ratio (I know it's an exageration, not terribly far off), and under 50% accuracy.Glenn pretty much played Bishop's season in 1 game against Montreal with 500+ yards passing.As for nobody caring for the Ticats, you couldn't be more wrong.There are two reasons we're not selling out every game. 1. a terrible decade of Ticats football, 2. the city got slammed by the recession with one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada.There are Ticat fans all over Canada, thefans here make a big deal out of every single game, wether they attend or not and you can't walk anywhere in this city without seeing something Ticats.Why does it matter if you don't have a coach? Coaches need time to a. put their roster together b.plan practices c. work on scheme's, etc. The longer you take, the harder the HC is gunna have to work.HOpe you learned something today, and maybe you won't just spout random nonsense and hope your correct.Papa and the other Bomber fans know i'm know jerk and I just come here to chat, I never trash your team.Except for now since you asked for it of course :wink:

Who here (besides Michael Bishop 2010) has ever posted anything that indicates they worship Michael Bishop?

Don't worry about Killer, 15 Champs, he's a rookie. I have no problem with your posts on this forum, you even gave On In Two hell for one of his posts. And Ivor Wynne is the best venue to watch a football game I've been to. The fans are fantastic.

...hey dan....we don't want to start a luv in with these guys....we have to keep our edge..... :lol: :lol:
...you're right bout 15 champs though>>> :thup: :wink: ....'killer' is just warming-up for the season..you know he's gonna make rookie mistakes... :lol:...but he is throwin in his own bull-pen.. :wink:

Shhhh, you're not helping my case :wink: