2010 Schedule ?????

Well we're on the cusp of January's end and who can guess when the 2010 Season Schedule will come out? Any takers?
I say March 26th................ :cowboy:

Not soon enough. I need to plan my vacations around it so the sooner I know the better!

I hope they don't release it until the week before kickoff. I'm not looking forward to months of Eskimos fans complaining about Thursday night games. :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Guess they only like losing on Fridays? :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess it's easier to sleep off the hangover on Saturday. :lol:

LOL. its awesome that an esks fan would say that about thursday games. i hope they get rid of the thursday game. i would like more saurday games for the stamps. i live far away, so its hard to get to sunday or friday games.

I am quite positive that for the first time in I don't know how many years, you're going to see some afternoon games from Vancouver. :thup: Funny, but there's never been much of an appetite here for people to leave the beach and 25 degree temperatures to go and sit in a stuffy, sterile dome for 3 hours in the middle of the day. Not sure why. :wink:

i didnt know it ever stopped raining there.

I spoke to my account rep on Friday regarding the schedule release, he said sometime in February. But I am think after the olympics. In regards to Thursday, he doesn't think the Argos will have any thursday games this season, and said league wide there might be only a one or two. TSN doesn't like them. They'll probably have more double headers Friday night.

We just perpetuate that myth to discourage everyone from wanting to move here. :lol:

Awesome. Love to Friday double-headers.

Its not working.

Remember the good old days when the CFL used to put out a new schedule every couple of weeks?

i didnt know it ever stopped raining there (Vancouver).
The truth is Vancouver has the lowest rainfall of any CFL city during the summer.

yeah we do in vancouver have the least rain fall in the league, but watch and see the lions go outside for the first time in 27 years and we get the most rainfall we have ever seen. i hope not. the only bad rainfall we had this season was at the end of october and all of november, but looking outside today it is beautiful and sunny perfect for football weather, so i say the lions get at least 3 home games in the afternoon this year on sundays.

I am still haunted by a childhood memory of Greg Fieger fumbling at the BC goal line in the pouring rain at Empire Stadium in October 1983.

lions did not play at empire in 1983.

Phew. My memory suppressant appears to be holding.

1982 then?

Just read that those who follow the CFL on Twitter might be getting an early peak of the upcoming schedule later today.

Did that Game end on a kick out of the end zone?