2010 schedule

When will the 2010 schedule be released?

Probably sometime next month.

Just received word from the CFL's Twitter feed that the league is releasing the scheudle THIS MONDAY February 1st, and they've leaked out who's facing who Opening weekend. The Black & Gold will open up their 2010 regular season campaign on the road in Winnipeg as it's a rematch of the Boat Game: Friday, July 2nd @ 8pm ET

I like that start date - won't have to worry about getting the next day of work (and it'll be nice to start the season off with an easy win :rockin: )

Bet tht's what WPG thinks too.

I actually kinda liked the Canada day home opener. Oh well, whatever.

The thing that gets me is that the Canada Day season opener is a GC rematch in Regina between the Als and the Riders. You'd think for the 7pm start they'd have the game in Montréal and switch the Lions/Eskies game with The Blue Team in Calgary as the nightcap of the doubleheader.

Won't work because Molson stadium is being renovated and wob;t be ready till week 3 or 4

I liked the opener being against Toronto, but I suppose the opener is a draw itself so it makes more sense to go with a weaker drawing team and save Toronto for another game.

The Hamilton-Toronto rivalry can live itself out in the Labour Day Classic and the revenge match that happens one week later. Not every "special game" needs to be about the rivalry. A little variety is nice.

also, you can look at the riveralry against hamilton and Win since they are in the same division. and i am sure the Boat game had an effect on why this game is taking place

Agreed...Playing your rival too many times kinda waters it down a bit.

The 2010 Regular Season Schedule should have the Argos in Hamilton ONLY on Labour Day. The Cats should play WPG 4 times -- 2 at home and 2 away, MTL 3 times -- 2 at home, and play 2 games in TOR.

No Rematch this year.

The weekend after the Labour day game is book at the dome for the Jays.

Unless the scheduling Gods screw us Ti-Cat faithful over and book the Labour Day rematch as The Blew Team's home date in Moncton.

It was always stated the Moncton game will feature the Argos against a western opponent.

Argos against Edmonton in Moncton

This schedule is a joke right? We play Winnipeg three times in the first six games? What genious came up with that? I thought the league was going to try to limit the home and home games...We have three.I think we are going to have a good team this year and so to the players it shouldn't matter but as a fan watching each week in my opinion this is gonna suck!The only thing that could make it better is if we knew Rod Black and Duane Ford had all three Cats-Bombers games.Listening to those edge of your seat Rod Black stories 30 times should be a thrill.I've got a prop bet for you..# of times Rod black mentions Milt Stegall in the three games I'm setting the 3 at 75

Crazy again! 4 of the Cats' first 7 regular season games are against WPG. If you count the pre-season game, it's 5 of the first 8 games against the Bombers.

Slightly correcting myself ... scratch the words "the first" in the second sentence above. But, counting the pre-season, there WILL be 5 games against WPG in an 8-game stretch. Greg Marshall won't feel like he's moved. He'll be in Hamilton in June, July and August -- 3 times in a span of 6 weeks.

Typical CFL, 6 of our final 8 games are against western opponents.
Did they not see that they got an extra week's worth of playoffs last year because of smart scheduling, these guys are out to lunch.
Hey morons at CFL scheduling when it comes down to deciding who gets into the playoffs and seeding it's better to have divisional teams play in the latter half of the schedule to make for more suspense and plot lines.
In the NHL or even the NFL they don't schedule the Leafs to play the Coyotes on the final game of the season nor do they have the Cowboys playing the Broncos in week 16, no the Habs or Sens play the Leafs and the Cowboys would play a team like the Eagles or Giants.