2010 Schedule ideas

Does ANYBODY really want fill-in crews for a game? Think about that. Aren't there enough complaints already?

Sticking with two games on any given day, with the two top crews is probably the way to go if you're looking for top-quality broadcasts.

I am happy with the schedule as it is, in terms of distributing game days in the week.

My only complaint is that the CFL do not assign days to teams equally. Montreal and Edmonton get home on Thursday nights is one. The other is BC get almost all of its games on Friday night, and therefore can compete for Friday Night Gladiator. I think it was silly that at the end of the season TSN did a tally of which team won the most Gladiator's watches when the opportunity to win them is not equal.

Second game carries on too late at night. Ontario market ends at 1am (that means 2am in the Maritimes).

But it's Friday...

I like TV games on Thursday, but not big on live Thurs. games due to rush hour traffic mayhem. I'd propose this schedule to maximize TV ratings:

CFL Thursday - 7 pm local time, (until Labour Day)
Friday Night Football - 7 pm local time (all season)
[b]Football Night in Canada /b - 7 pm Eastern, (until mid-Oct.)
Saturday Football - 4 pm Eastern (Oct. 15 to Nov.)
CFL Sunday Night Football - 5:00 pm Eastern (all season)
CFL Sunday (Early Game) - 1:00 pm local time (after Labour Day)

With this schedule the league will always have a game on Friday nights, Sat nights (at 7pm Eastern until HNIC, then move to Sat. afternoon), and Sunday nights at 5:00 pm Eastern. There could be a Thursday night game until Labour Day when that game moves to early Sunday afternoon. Ideally a consistent 7 pm Eastern start for Sat. nights is desirable (like HNIC), but a 7 pm local start time might be more palatable to western fans, but that would hit TV ratings.