2010 Schedule ideas

I noticed from the CFL.ca version of the Fans state of the league conference video, the fans in attendence (with the exception of the fan who asked if the season could start a month earlier) liked the season starting off on Canada Day, I'm one of those fans who like that as well. With that being said, I am definitely not a fan of the Thursday evening game. This past year with the exception of the exhibiton games, the Eskimos and the Alouettes were the ONLY teams to have Thursday night regular season home games during the 2009 campaign. Now I'm not speaking on behalf of Alouette fans because their attendence did not suffer BUT the Eskimos attendence did suffer this year and part of it was due to having 4 straight Thursday night regular season games.

Now here in Edmonton, they (Edmonton Eskimos management) have told us that the reason for all the Thursday night games was they couldn't get Friday night games (which is what the majority season ticket holders asked for in the anual season ticket holder survey) and having weekend games would effect the campers and cabin goers and the familys who have weekend plans and the eskimos didn't want to do that. I also think that the CFL has a little to do with that as well.

I have never understood why the CFL feels the need to have Thursday night games?

Why does the CFL not go with the following schedule format for the ENTIRE season....

1 - Friday night game
2 - Saturday games
1 - Sunday afternoon game


1 - Friday night game
1 - Saturday early evening game
2 - Sunday games

The only time that the above wouldn't be the format would be for opening weekend (if the 2010 season starts on Canada Day), Labour Day weekend and Thanksgiving weekend.

I think TSN wants games on Thursday. I don't mind them as it makes the week go by faster, and the less baseball on the better.

Having said that, the CFL needs to change it's scheduling. It's obvious that Montreal's attendance wont be affected with games on Thursday and Edmonton has consistently been the best drawing team. But, imo, it's totally unfair to fans. There shouldn't be more then 2 home games on thursday for any team.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, your plan has merit. However, something tells me TSN has something to do with the Thursday games. No doubt your format would increase ratings (hard to believe) and attendance.

as long as there is no games during the olympics, then its all ok with me.

The Eskimos keep taking the Thursday night games, I'm wondering if the the majority of fans there want those games during the summer months on that night.

Eskimos keep getting saddles with Thursday night games. That is how the CFL penalizes them for leading the league in attendance for 3 or more decades. The simple fact that attendance is down about 5,000 on Thursday games should be clear evidence that these games are now well accepted.

They had a poll up on esks.com that they took down a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it had over 1000 responses and only 6% preferred Thursday games compared to Sat, Sun, or Fri. If you check out esksfans.com as well, most of the posters there(including myself) really dislike all the thursday home games we've had the past 2 seasons.

I'd like to see Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sat or Thurs, Fri, Fri, Sat until Labour Day.

Then Fri, Sat, Sat, Sun until the playoffs.

Mainly I hope there is just one Thursday night game (to keep TSN happy)... no more Thursday doubleheaders. And every team should have only one Thursday night game. The Esks fans shouldn't have so many.

Once during the season , probably on a SAT. , have all 8 teams play. Kind of what the NHL does when they have Hockey day in Canada. Start in the East Division for the early games end in the west for the night games. Game times would be 11 am 2pm , 5pm, and 8pm.

it wouldn't work

they don't have enough broadcast teams to handle all 4 games on 1 day.. they don't have enough trucks to handle 4 games.

and how are they going to play 3 hour games 4 times in a row??

11 am 2 pm 5pm 8pm , It would be tough but not impossible.

I don't believe the Esks are "saddled" with those games, it seems the Esk management doesnt put up much of a fight to get different days, so if the majority of fans don't want them, why does the outcry fall on deaf ears? Other than the CFL conspiracy :roll: ...

ya but they don't have 4 broadcast teams..

Just throwing this out there but how about 1 game Thursday, 1 Friday, and a double header Saturday (perhaps 1 and 4 PM)? My thought is that viewership may increase since there won't be competition from the NFL having no games on Sundays.

I like the Friday double headers more. I'm not a big fan of the 1 pm weekend starts because I always forget about the game.

If Rod Black can do it, Im sure they can find ANYBODY to fill in for one game. Miller and Dunnigan are the 3rd team, when needed.

For one of the Hockey Day in Canada broadcasts, they broadcast from Edmonton and Calgary using the same on air announcers.

They had the broadcast team do the afternoon game in Edmonton, then during the early evening game, they flew to Calgary and got to the Saddledome in time to broadcast the late evening game.

I'm sure it could be done if they tried hard enough, but honestly, who'd want to watch four football games back to back? That's a little too much for me.

I don't mind all the NFL football on Sundays, but you generally end up with a couple breaks. You usually get about a 5-10 minute break between the 1 pm and 4:15 pm games, and then about an hour break between the 4:15 pm and 8:30 games. If TSN aired four games in one day, you wouldn't get any breaks. It'd just be 12 solid hours of football.

It's exactly that, it's not a CFL conspiracy at all, it's the Esks management! Why they don't stand up and say something, I have no idea but along with the so-so on field product not to mention the over abbundance of Thursday night game, Eskimos management is driving fans away. I for one have had season tickets for three years now. I bought mine for the 2009 season a couple of days after the 2008 season ended with the hope of less Thursday night games. I was absolutely livid when I saw the 2009 schedule and threatened in an e-mail that I would not renew for 2010. All we got from the Eskimos management was "At least we didn't schedule them for 8:00 PM start times" and the "We don't want to wreck the plans of familys that go away for the weekend" excuses from Eskimos brass. While most of us were greatful for the earlier start, most of Eskimos season ticket holders plans on the weekend were attending Eskimos games if they HAD been on a weekend.

Another poster had mentioned the poll on the Esks website and of the 4 options, Friday night led the way, followed by Saturday as the most popular day that fans would like to attend games. Sunday was still more popular (finishing thrid in the votes) than Thursday but not by much. Fact is, Thursday night games do not work here despite what the idiots in the Eskimos front office seem to think.

Now do I want Thursday games totally gone from the CFL? It'd be nice. But, if the CFL feels the need to have them, don't stick two teams with them all. Trust me Montreal will get sick of it too, Edmoton already has. The CFL can't give us the Grey Cup every year as compensation and that's probably a big reason why we got the 2010 Grey Cup is because of the crap schedule we've had to endure over the last two seasons.

BTW I did renew for the 2010 ONLY because I've never seen a Grey Cup game live and I want to see one. The Eskimos get stuck with more than 2 regular season Thursday night games for the 2010 (If they have Thursday night games on the 2010 schedule) I will NOT renew my tickets for the 2011 season.

kasps, Gord Miller is the worst thing that happened to football in recent years. That guy is wrong on every other comment he makes. At least three times this year I heard him say that "the team will tie the game if they make that field goal", when that team was in fact down by more than three points. He calls wrong penalties. He says a player made a catch when it was another player. He can't even get the three downs right.

I feel so disrespected when I think TSN seems to think we're so retarded we won't notice he has no clue what he's talking about.

I can't speak for Eskimo fans, but in Montreal, Thrusday nighters are fans favourite. Everybody is already downtown, the timing is perfect to hit happy hour just before the game, and being in that stadium at sundown is a great sight. I love the Thursday games and I wish we would still have some past August.

Not to mention, the weekend is a better moment to spend time with your friends and stuff, so if you had your game on Thursday and your weekend to do everything else, you've got the best of both worlds.

It's odd for me,Watching games on TSN I like the Thurs and Fri games and Sunday ones starting on LD.When going to games I only like Friday games and once again the Sunday games after LD.Sat games I really pay no attention to even if my teams involved,cant put my finger on why.