2010 Riders Jerseys: 4 Styles to choose from

So there is going to be 4 uniforms to choose from for the 2010 season.

  1. Regular home and away



  1. regular retro home greens


  1. league mandated 70's retro home and away (i assume it will be the same as the regular retro but with 2 extra white stripes at the bottom of the sleeves and the old school 'S' on the helmet.

  1. 100 years uniforms which i am guessing will be red and white. maybe black helmets to mimic the old leather ones?

anywho, hopkins had this to say about the jersey's for 2010: 'First of all, it's a little bit startling because we're the green and white and (the 100th anniversary uniforms) are not green and white. But it's a beautiful uniform. It's actually very sharp and looks great. And we've got two complete sets now: our new green and white and our retro green and white. and all four jeresys look super and i'm really tickled with the way the white retro jersey has turned out."

first of all he said 'tickled' heh heh.

secondly, when he says 'our new green and white' does that mean the regular jersey's are getting a change? or does he just call a jersey that has been around for what 4 years now, new?

and thirdly, i guess the 60's retro from last season are now defunct.



and forthly, i hope they only use the 70's and 100th uniforms for one game each. the 60's thing last season when on all season at various games for no reason, and it all lost it's luster and become an eye sore at a certain point.

The 100years/centennial jersey's were released and sold to the public today. here is Durant and Szarka showing them off.


Apparently they are limited edition of only 2010 available and i heard that they are already sold out after one day. Crazy!

Oh yeh, they will only wear the jersey's for one game on july 17th vs the eskimos.

I like the old jerseys, actually. Reminds me of Ottawa.

I reckon that eventually they will start selling them willy-nilly once the demand for them goes up.

They will make more money if they do.

Does anyone have a sudgestion for a player for me to put on me Red and Black jersey? A player that played in them and not just an old player?


There are only a couple of players I can think of that played in those jerseys.

Edwin James, also known as Eddie or Dynamite. He was a running back for the Regina Roughriders in the 30's. He was top in the West Divison for rushing in the years that he played and ended up getting a trophy named after him. The Eddie James Memorial Trophy. Which is given to the leading running back in the west every year I think. The East doesn't have a trophy like it. I wish I could remember his number though..

Piffles Taylor, or Neil Joseph "Piffles" Taylor. Taylor Field (Mosaic Stadium) was named after him. He was a quarterback with the Riders around 1910-20's. He was also a pilot in World War 1 and ended up leaving the team in 1916 to fight. He ended up getting shot down in his plane and losing an eye, and became a prisoner of war in a German camp. He ended up coming back to the Riders in 1919 and ended up helping the Riders win the Hugo Ross Trophy - even though he had one eye. He eventually became team president and what not. I would just put "Piffles" on the jersey if I had one. He is pretty much as bad ass as you can get in terms of football players.

The only remaining player I know of is someone who I don't know other than reading about them in the paper on the reveal of the new jerseys. Peter Nazarchuk. Number 92. Played in 1942-1943.

I would go for either Piffles or Eddie James. Those guys are cool. :wink:

actually peter is 92 years old but his playing number was 9.

Oops, haha.

too many number thrown around. it gets confusing.

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The jerseys are NOT a limited run. If you purchase them through the Rider store they have a number out of 2010 - if you purchase it from the CFL Shop it is the same jersey but no numbering out of 2010. The numbering #/2010 only indicates where you purchased it.

Still a pretty neat jersey and good to have among the collection.