2010 Rider Practise Roster

Any ideas on who will be on the Practice Roster? Any pickups from other teams?

Import DB Willie Byrd
Import WR Aaron Fairooz
Non-Import LB Christian Houle
Import DL Ikenna Ike
Import DB Ladarius Key
Import WR Cary Koch
Non-Import DL Ryan Lucas

What about Joe Sykes?

Nope, they sent him home.
Surprised me

I was wondering what your source is for the PR list. There's nothing listed at the Riders website or at CFL.ca and I can't see anything in the media.

The official list comes out sometimes today (saturday). Billy_Soup's suggestions are plausible.

I heard somewhere Fairooz had an injury. Did anyone else hear that?

I misunderstood. I thought he was saying that was the official list.

No I am pretty sure that is the list. I got it from here.

The Roughriders got down to Thursday's CFL-mandated roster limit of 46 players under contract by releasing nine players, but only Sykes and defensive tackle Josh Miller actually were gone.

Defensive backs Willie Byrd and Ladarius Key, defensive linemen Ikenna Ike and Ryan Lucas, linebacker Christian Houle and receiver Cary Koch all were on the field and appear destined for the practice roster when it's announced Saturday. Receiver Aaron Fairooz also was cut, but he's still around with a broken foot.

Receiver Obed Cetoute and linebacker Kye Stewart were put on the waived-injured list, while offensive lineman Kelly Bates was placed on the nine-game injured list. Stewart and Bates practised Thursday.

Exchange McHenry for Fairooz and you're dead on! You've got good sources!!

They picked up Scott McHenry? I am not 100% on him. Depth is good though.

and my source was the front page of the Cfl website

You're one of the few literate ones on this site, LOL!!

I still don't see anything at CFL.ca except on the roster page. Was it buried in an article that didn't mention the PR in the title?

Billy already linked the article a few posts above.

For those too lazy to scroll back up...


Thanks jm

I agree, not sold on McHenry, we are fairly deep in Canadian receivers and if he was cut outright from another team that doesn't say a whole lot about how he fared at their camp. He is a local product though, maybe that's why the move was made. If he sees the field this year at the receiver position than I think we'll be in a world of hurt.