2010 quarterback ratings?

After three games, here is the run down of the starting quarterbacks for the 2010 season.

Overall rating
#1. Durant 112% rating with a 61% completion rate.
#2. Glenn 110% rating with a 70% completion rate.
#3. Pierce 108% rating with a 66% completion rate.
#4. Calvillo 98% rating with a 65% completion rate.
#5. Ray 86% rating with a 63% completion rate.
#6. Printers 75% rating with a 57% completion rate.
#7. Burris 73% rating with a 61% completion rate.
#8. Lemon 69% rating with a 56% completion rate.

I know we are only 3 games into the 2010 season but these numbers tell a story.
Kevin Glenn & the ti-cats lead the league with a 70% completition rate, giving him the second highest overall quarterback rating in the league this yr. at 110%.
Glenn & the Cats are on track to pass for almost 5400 yds this season, if they can all remain healthy.
Big Congrates to the o-line and the rest of the team for a job well done, Kevin could not have accomplished this without a total team effort.
Way to go Ti-Cats, Eat em Raw!

In Game 3, Glenn showed some improvement on his longer passes which, this season, have been regularly under, and occasionally over, thrown . When he gets that part of his game on track -- hitting receivers downfield without them having to break stride, the big yards and offensive scoring will add up quickly.

I agree, his longest this yr. is for 44 yds. last yr. he threw for a 56 ydr.
To me his most improved area the last game was knowing when to roll out of the pocket for a run or a quick hitter.
With his quick release he is looking a lot like Danny Mac when he was in his prime.

He is scary good right now :rockin:

% completion rate.
#1. Glenn 1 70% completion rate.
#2 Pierce 66% completion rate.
#3 Calvillo 65% completion rate
#4 Ray 63% completion rate.
#5A Burris 61% completion rate.
#5B Durant 61% completion rate.
#6 Printers 57% completion rate.
#7 Lemon 56% completion rate.

And wait until he starts hitting those deep ones that he's just missing right now.

If Cobb gets going that would open the passing game even more. :o

I said before the season started that Glenn was going to have his best year ever. I was a little worried after the first game, a little less worried after the second game, but I'm not the least bit worried now. I'll bump my prediction to - Glenn will finish the season as the number one QB in the league - thanks in large part to his core of receivers. I'm looking forward to seeing Glenn and Bruce hook up for a couple of long ones in the next few weeks.

Right on! The Cats are on a roll, the next two weeks will be real test for the team playing away. A spit would be good.

It's funny how fans on this forum go from one extreme to the other week to week.

Just FYI, the QB rating system is not expressed as a percentage system but a straight numeral. I think the maximum a QB can score is something weird like 153.1.

I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but I think Durant and Glenn are both being over rated. The reason for this, is because they have the two best receiver cores in the CFL. Sask has Rob Bagg, Prechae Rodriguez, Andy Fantuz, Chris Getslaf and Weston Dressler. We conversely have Arland Bruce III, Dave Stala, Marquay McDaniel, Drisan James with Maurice Mann and Matt Carter starting to come into their own and Cobb & Thigpen being solid "catching" running backs.

I think it should look more like this.


You honestly think Hamilton has the best WR core up with SSK?
SSK yes, I will buy that, but Hamilton..if we cut McDaniel and James they probably wouldn't even be picked up. Stala and Bruce are solid, but in todays CFL its expected to have one solid CDN and one solid WR.
Also, Durant and Glenn havent really been throwing passes and hanging out their WR's, and their WR's havent bailed them out on a ton of bad passes. They have both been great thus far.

360 is right, Durant and Glenn have done great, and yes Hammer is right as well it is a total team effort in both cases, just like it was when Calvillo was the top gun for so many yrs.

When Glenn is on his game, he's a close second to only AC. It's his inconsistency that hurts him and the team. However, remember that stats don't always tell the whole story. Lemon is bottom-ranked but leads a 2-1 team.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well, who would you say has a better receiver core?

Toronoto - :lol:
Edmonton - Fred Stamps is good but Kamau Peterson & Andre Talbot I wouldn't say are that great.
Montreal - Cahoon is starting to age with Calvillo, Jamel Richardson is great but Kerry Watkins isn't anything special either
Winnipeg - Adarius Bowman is alright but apart from that Fred Reid is carrying this team
Calgary - Lost a lot of guys and Jermaine Jackson is the only exceptional reciever
BC - Arceneaux and Jackson are both solid, but apart from that what else?

The team with the better receiving CORPS, darn it all. . .

Apples have cores, the earth has a core.

The army has corps, there's the Peace Corps, and there are receiving corps.

Pronounced the same, spelled differently.

:roll: Well, who do you think has it better then Hamilton and/or Sask

Sorry haven't had to rant about that for awhile. . . but three or four times seeing "core" in the same thread makes my blood boil.

So which team's receiving corps is superior in my opinion? Really hard to say. If it's just Hamilton or Saskatchewan, I"d lean to the Riders at this point since they've been together longer and have proven themselves. . . and they have better depth at non-import. But it's darn close. . . and don't forget Montreal. . . questionable non-import depth there mind you, but Watkins~Bratton~Richardson~Green~Cahoon is pretty hard to top. . .

Um, Geroy Simon.

If spelling makes you that mad you need help.