2010 QBs

Well the team has gone from none to four at the QB spot. So far, it's:

Danny Brannagan
Dalton Bell
Gibran Hamdan
Cleo Lemon

Still haven't seen anything official on that Malleo guy. . .

I do fully expect that there will be at least one, perhaps 2, more to come.

At this point, however, with just those 4, how do you predict the depth chart will look?

My guess (and that's all it is, I can't even call this one an educated guess) is that it'll play out as follows:

  1. Hamdan;

  2. Bell

  3. Either Lemon or Brannagan; if it's Lemon then Brannagan goes to the practice roster; if it's Brannagan then Lemon gets released (can't visualize a 30 year old being a development project).

(stepping into hostile territory here...)

Barker, and Toronto have me utterly baffled.

you'd have to assume more (QB) signings are to come.

no one can tell me a backup (Bell), a rookie (Branagan), and 2 former NFLers that have never seen a 65 yard wide feild, unlimited motion, 12 defenders, or the pressure of 3 downs vs 4 are going to lead the boatmen to vicotry.

either Barker et. all. have something up their sleave, or it's going to be a long and painfull season for Toronto.

Well, looking just at Bell as an example. . . there are cases where a team has picked up a guy who was buried on another team's depth chart, made him their starter, and he did quite well. . . Khari Jones, when Winnipeg got him from BC.

On the other hand, there are examples of the reverse as well (see Lefors, Stefan).

Barker's gotta be hoping that one of these guys will grab the reins and run with the thing. . . or, as you say, he's got something else up his sleeve (Buck Pierce?).

Otherwise, yes, it'll be a long season in Toronto.

I would rank them

Lemon (gets cut)

Bell could start if Hamdan has trouble learning the game but his girlfriend is Bud Grants Grandfather so me thinks he'll be prepared.

I have a crazy sounding theory... Barker seems pretty high on Brannagan, so what if he competes extremely well for the job & does better then just making the practice roster. Then maybe he'll try something like what happened in Hamilton last year with Porter & Glenn... Let the kid play, because he could just be the future. Then have a guy with more experience there to hop in if things get too out of control. It's crazy but could work. I guess it just depends on who wants the job more at training camp & pre-season.

I think that this is all highly unlikely, but it's a possibility. Until I see them in action my gut tells me to rank them...

  1. Hamdan
  2. Bell
  3. Brannagan
  4. Lemon

But it would be cool to see Brannagan start a few games or come off the bench & play well.

Who says they are going to win this year??? Or must win this year???

This is a 3-15 team that has been badly neglected for the last four years, Barker is not God, it won't happen overnight but they are heading in the right direction. It amazes me that in 10 days Barker has signed as many QB's as Rita and Mohns have brought in the last five years.

:lol: Well if Hamden's girlfriend is Bud Grant's Grandfather :lol: I'm sure he will.

Hamden and Lemon signings are bowing to the "TO wants to be NFL" crowd IMO. While smart to generate some interest, in regards to possibly winning games..... doubtful (at least not this year). As the saying goes "Rome was not built in a day".
The Argos will not be re-built in a year.

Where else would this QB's come from?? The Brazilian Football League. Should they have Waited until the end of April and take an undrafted QB? Barker didn't want to trade a lot for QB's, Training camp starts in May. They need to get QB's signed right away. I am very happy with the moves. Maybe they won't pan out, but I would rather take a shot on Hamdan and Lemon then re-sign Bishop.

Lemon , imo, is a tremendous addition. He’s going to fit in well in the city, apparently is a stand-up guy, and he can move and play. I suspect he’ll emerge as your number one guy and in 6 mos you’ll be singing his praises. Brilliant pick-up actually.

I think so too. This is a rebuilding year for the Argos and if they can be competitive by the end of the season and have identified and groomed a QB. I think they will be off ot a great start.

I think the previous posters on this thread are correct. Toronto will not be a contender for the Grey Cup this year. But the previous posters are also correct in saying that it does not matter either. All Toronto has to be is better and play solid hard nose football every game and avoid the blowouts (unless it is in their favour), and the controversy.

Toronto has a great opportunity to improve this year. You get I think 10 draft picks this upcoming amateur draft. You have the opportunity to get the best CIS prospect since Dylan Barker, that being Cory Greenwood. Personally, I think Greenwood is even a better prospect than Barker. Even this season he could be a ratio buster at middle linebacker much like O'Shae was.

2010 is a deep draft. The Argos can draft for both position and taking the best available athlete both, they have so many picks this year. They can draft for players that can make the squad this year or draft NCAA juniors who will not be in the CFL till 2011, your management has that option. I as a Rider fan deeply covet the Argos good fortune this draft. The Argos will most certainly make moves to improve their Canadian talent.

There are some good players in the CIS that Toronto has an realistic shot at getting and not just a few of them, but all of them. There are lots of NCAA juniors too that Toronto has a real shot at getting and even getting all of them. Such players as LB Cory Greenwood-Corcordia; PK Rob Maver-Guelph; OL Joel Reinders-Waterloo; DL Chima Ihekwoaba- Wilfred Laurier; OL Danny Watkins-Baylor (2011); Rec Kito Poblah-Central Michigan (2011); OG J’Michael Deane-Michigan (2011); OL Nassar Jamal-Louisiana-Lafayette (2011). I think that Toronto has a realistic opportunity to get all of these prospects. Not only that, because it is a sold draft, there will be quality players in the 5th and 6th rounds that the Argos can pick that will bolster their special teams play immediately.

Canadian content is the core of every CFL team and when Toronto gets some more quality starters to compliment some good ones they already have, they will be a better team. You have a few good ones right now like LBs Kevin Eiben; Jason Pottinger and O'Linemen Cedric Gagne-Marcoux; Dominic Picard; Tyler Robertson; Jeff Keeping. With this draft, the Argos have a golden opportunity to add three or four (or even more) quality non-import starters and the best kicker prospect in years; Rob Maver.

Better days are heading towards the Argos. They will be better this year and will probably get better for the next few seasons.

Lets hope though they are able to find a QB that can play with the other "big boys" right now in the league.

...... :lol: :lol: :lol: .....was Buds grandfather gay??????not that there's anything wrong with that?????? :lol: :lol: :lol:

The way I see it is they need a veteran QB in the mix, one with CFL experience. There are exactly 3 available that I know of, Buck, Kerry and Michael. Buck is got head issues but is a possibility? Mind you he has also never seen action outside of the Lions Den, might well disappoint even without the head issues. They just cut joseph, so that leaves only Michael Bishop. Now to bring Bishop back would take some pride swallowing by Rita,aint likely to happen because Rita does not have the character it seems.

Trivia... who was the last successful Argo QB, answer is an easy one. Bishop should be brought back, would probably win the job outright. Could tell him up front you will be for relief only, he would sign, but like I said Rita does not have the character to bring someone back that he has cut.

Well there's also lesser lights such as Ryan Dinwiddie and Richie Williams out there, somewhere. . .

Personally I don't think it's Rita's call anymore. . . he may still have the title but I suspect Barker is really the one calling the shots there now. And I think he wants to start a fresh page so I can't see him bringing in Bishop.

Yes, yes, yes, as we hear often, the Argos did go something like 11-0 when Bishop was the starter, but you can make a good argument that they were 11-0 more because of their stifling defence than because of the offence. Bishop hasn't done much lately to foster any particular confidence. . . seems to crap the bed every time a 'big' game comes along; his Argo playoff start against Winnipeg in 2008; his playoff start for the Riders in 2009; last game of the season last year, in Winnipeg against Hamilton.

I doubt Barker wants to go that route.

As I recall, the 6 games that Bishop did not play they lost, and that was with D Allen in at qb as well. The defense as well as every other position, rose to a higher level when Bishop was in the game. However I am hopeful that one of the guys they now have may rise to the top :roll:

You are smoking some really good stuff if you have Brannagan ahead of Lemon.

IMO, the starting job is between Hamdan and Lemon. We'll probably see lots of both.

Ya, I have a bag of Mexican Dump truck right now & it's great! I have Brannagan ahead of Lemon simply due to two things...

  1. His Canadian football experience. He grew up playing our game.
  2. He played at Queens (25 minutes from my house)... & so I'm hopeful that the local underdog can do well.

I agree, I am not sold on Lemon, but will wait until training camp. He is older and if he doesn't due well and pick up the game quickly will be cut first. I can see Brannagan as a third string.

lol, awesome, I may have to come up there and join in.

I wish Brannagan all the luck in the world, but Lemon has started 8 games in the NFL. I'm not saying he's going to be awesome, or even beat out Hamdan for the starting job, but he would be ahead of a guy who hasn't seen anywhere near what CFL defenses are going to bring.