2010 QB Plan: It should include McPherson,Printers & Picke

After yesterday loss and since with every additional one it becomes increasingly clear that neither the Argos or Peg will make the playoffs and since it is unlikely the team will take my suggestion to hold tryouts during the remaining 09 games for next year, it got me thinking.
We all pretty much agree how the cupboard is bare in the team developing its own QB, so that leaves FA for 10.
It would appear the hottest QB will be McPherson out of Montreal. Since AC continues to play like the very best, what will the Als do knowing full well he may last at best another 2-3 years. Will they try to sign the backup who let's face it from what we have seen has all of the presence to be a first stringer. Tall, mobile with a good arm and legs.
I would sign him no question and give him the first string position opportunity and yes with Pickett as back up who needs more time.
If we can't sign him, than for the one hundreth time we got nothing to lose but to bring in Printers.
Are there any others out there, other then recycling the usual suspects?

Mcpherson doesn't have that many games under his belt; but he sounds promising and moves the ball well.
But does Toronto, have the coaching staff to mold a young quarterback who needs to be taught the CFL game.
That is one reason why Printers sounds great, but his time may be passed also. We do need some veterans to teach the game. Mcpherson is fortunate to have AC as a mentor. Do not no much about Picke...but as I said, on other boards, Pickett was not the answer for the Argos...awful game against BC, hard to watch.

Stop dreaming about McPherson; hence, he is signed through the 2011 season, by the Als.


LOL, I'm an Als fan, and that's news to me. Thanks for the info, Richard! :slight_smile:

Same thing for me, I keep reading and hearing he will be the most sought out FA at year end?
We need clarification from a Montreal located Als fan.

Its now becoming increasingly clear that Pickett may not be a first stringer material and with the signing of Printers in BC, this leaves McPherson as the last choice.

See, this is part of why the Argos have struggled in recent years. Your management team sucks at scouting and thus is constantly having to raid other teams and overpay for free agents. Instead, why not fire Rita and Mohns, hire a qualified GM who is willing to scout, and locate a few promising college QBs to groom as potential starters? A good O.C. wouldn't hurt either.

Fire Bart, bring back Stubler and trade for Bishop!!!

Bring back Stubler & Pinball. Snatch up McPherson & maybe go after a guy like Jason Maas (ya, he sucked it in Hamilton, but he has been good before that)... I like Maas. Pickett is not starter material yet... I hate to say it, but of the QB's they have now Joseph is by far their best option. Time to re-load & rethink the coaching staff.

I keep thinking about the game between Calgary and Winnipeg last season when Ryan Dinwiddie threw for 450 yards and beat Calgary. Threw only 1 td pass, team ran it in once, and they kicked a slew of fieldgoals. He lead the team up and down the field against a very good defence. I was hoping someone would give this guy a shot ....