2010 Predictions?

Okay guys 'n gals. It’s a whole brand new season coming up. We know players like Printers, Jackson and Simon will be around for the season. One of the weakest links [imo] was B.C. offensive line. At times it was virtually porous and provided little protection for the QB. This still remains an unknown. Despite B.C. QB problems last season the team finished only 5 points out of top spot. Saskatchewan only had 21 points going into the Grey Cup!

Where do you think B.C. will finish up this season? Last season B.C. won 8 and lost 10. Not really that impressive. Who do you think will win the 2010 Grey Cup game? Do you think B.C. will win its home opener? Who will be the back up QBs?

You know that this is the year of the LION. That is if we can trust our owner not to decide that its in the best interest of the league to have Toronto win and sell us out. There it is - for that thought to even come up as a joke there is something rotten in Surrey. Is it just me or does anyone else have that thought in the back of their mind. Who wants to see their owner schmoozing around behind the Toronto bench during the heat of the season?

11-7 with a Grey Cup loss to Hamilton/Montreal. I really don't see the other west teams staying as strong as they have in recent years. I think the power is slowly shifting back to the east.

does braily have a rep for sticking his nose into football operations, or does he just pay the bills and let those he hires do their jobs???

Long Live the CFL !

Well for me, East; I feel Montreal has the core to come out of the east to play/defend their title. West; Edmonton will be stronger and challenge Sask. to represent the west. For the Lions; Win their games against Calgary and be successfull in their eastern games and yes they will be a force. Perhaps B.C. takes third place or higher and knocks down Calgary to fourth. Hopefully Toronto/Winnipeg turns it around to finish third in the East otherwise another cross over is likely.

predictions are tough this early but lets just go with the west first...

sask cal bc edmonton

the east


in the playoffs are sask cal bc mtl wpg and ham...

who wins?

i dunno.. dont think the als repeat or even make it to the finals this year, just that hasnt been done since like the mid 90's i beleive, really hard to win back to back in the cfl...

for that matter i could see calgary taking 1st in the west this year as sask has lost alot of their coach's to wpg so with that in mind and this is early... and things can certainly change and just cuz they were there last year doesnt mean anything at all and for the sake of this thread...

calgary vs wpg final.

just i dunno.

why not.

the bombers arent as bad as people like to think they are, for all the problems they had last year they were 1 win away from making the playoffs where anything is possible. i dunno. its so early but ya i see calgary wpg in the grey cup for some reason. i dunno why. just gut.