2010 Opening animation

I remember last year's was unveiled here, on the website http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jmYGyK- ... re=related

Is there a new one for 2010, and if so, will it premiere here sometime before game day?

Last years opening anim. was awesome!
Hopefully they do another great one this year.
On another note, does anyone know why they stopped announcing individual players for intros?
I found that was more of a suspense builder than just announcing the away team as a whole and then the home team as a whole.
Maybe it's just me that misses that though :lol:

It takes awhile to announce each teams members or even just their starters. I think they should just announce like 5 or 6 captains, couple on defence and a couple on offence to lead the team out, then introduce the rest as a whole with the whole fireworks and the whole she bang.

That'd work too.Just think announcing the team as a whole right off the bat is lame for 2 reasons.
1.The average Joe Schmoe who's watching the game would probably like to know who our starters and stars are before the game starts.
2.It's a great suspense and momentum builder, get's the players and fans riled up.

8) You're right. They should go back to the old tradition of announcing indvidual players of either the defence or offence !!

I really liked that, too. (Cheerleader part was cheesy..but, hey.) Actually, I get kinda pumped to see what they do for this. Actually, I really like the Hammertown intro we had a few years ago. If we had a half decent team, I think it woulda really caught on. If there's an mpeg somwhere of that, it'd be cool to see it posted.

(Edit: And just on this discussion...remember the days when we had the ol' dot matrix scoreboard. Amazing how far this franchise has come under Bob's caretaking. Last years video is as good as any pro sports team's intro. Many are on youtube -- check them out if you want to feel some Ticat pride!)

We introduced individual players (alternating with offensive and defensive starters) at each home game last season. We will be introducing the offence on Saturday.

I really liked that video, I just watched it again and noticed that 3 of the 4 players in it are gone Thompson, Setta and Rodriguez the only one left is Porter.