2010 Name


B)Rough Riders



There can only be one choice - Rough Riders

Riflemen, baby!

PS, this topic might be more effective as a poll.

Riflemen is a brutal name

Rough Riders

honestly who realy cares?? that would just take away players but good for the draft picks cuse new team new jobs oh and A

I can think of a few players who, were they to be "taken away" from your Tabbies, might actually improve your team. Addition by subtraction I think they call it.

Such as?

dear clarkie, although it's an interesting debate and sparks great conversation, i'm sure this post has already been done.
furthermore, i think there is only one choice.what with new, LOCAL ownership,it must be ...ROUGH RIDERS.
never mind these efforts by "foreign" ownership-and by "foreign" i mean those pretenders from T.O. who rode in and "saved the day" only to be rid of the tradition in a rigged name the team contest.

it should be rough riders.

city legend

Ottawa Lansdowners, well, unless they won't be playing there any longer. Or maybe Ottawa Gliebites. :wink:

That's right too. When Watters arrived and they held that name-the-team contest, Rough Riders won. But Watters claimed that it didn't win by enough.

Better than not winning at all!

I don't like the name...The Ottawa Others. Roughriders are in Saskatchewan. Renegades is just too Glieberman.

How about a contest? The winning fan who picks the correct name wins season tickets for life.

Hey guys, I'm a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan, but I love this league. So, the only problem I have with the Ottawa whatevers taking the name of "Rough Riders" (since Ottawa technically had it first) is that Warren Chen owns the rights to it. the problem with Renegades is the Gleibermans own the rights to that. So Rifflemen or Other are the only cheap options. sorry guys and goodluck gettting a team back in Ottawa. Oh yeah and some idoits I've talked to have talked about stuff like Nationals, Capitals, etc. of that ilk, but my suggestion under the other category if Rifflemen isn't an option and the OHL team doesn't object is '67s as that is the only realistic option of names the team used to have. Oh and I suggest the person who wrote the foreign ownership comment should check out www.argossuck.com
also hope guys can fix the no stadium situation before 2010.
Cheers from your buddy out west,
Douce :rockin:

Hey, Douce.

I don't think the Gliebermans own Renegades. I recall noticing once that this site used to say that all names were copyright of their respective teams except for Renegades which was owned by the league. I don't think it was sold to the Gliebermans. Could be wrong.

No your Correct After Horn Chen the CFL Then Decided to Protect Each Team name by Owning all the Teams Names..



My bad, I appologize for any confussion this may have created, but unless they can wrangle "Rough Riders" off of Mr. Chen, that name is not an option.

Yeah, unless you guys can get a stadium before then though all this stuff will be a moot point.

During the announcement that a conditional franchise was being awarded, one article commented that the league had acquired a lot of the intellectual property from Chen including the name Rough Riders.

So it looks like the league might own that too but it got so little attention that I wonder if it’s true.

How about Ottawa-Gatineau Grenadiers or Ottawa-Gatineau Guards (short for Foot Guards). Both are names of the regiments that do the mounting of the guard on parliament hill. Guards may be better as that regiment is based out of Ottawa as opposed to the Grenadiers, who are based out of Montreal.

As pros, both run off the tongue fairly well, both have historical significance, the place name helps to include Gatineau and it also allows for some decent nicknames - i.e. The Oggies (maybe more for marketing towards children) & he G-men

The main con would be that the other nickname would be the Ottawa GG's and i'm not sure if it's a good idea to share a name with the local university team. Though i guess you could call them the Ottawa Pro GG's.

Anyway, my two cents.