2010 Lions Schedule.

I have to say, that I like the 2010 schedule that just came out.
It seemed as if, for the past couple of years, that the Lions were always playing more on Friday nights, than on any other night of the week?
For myself, and from my own experience from Canucks games being played on a Friday night......it was always such a Rush, to try to get home in time from work, and out the door in time, for the games.
So.....I am really glad to see, that the Lions basically have most of their games on a Saturday night or afternoon with only two games being played on a Friday night.
Man.......I can hardly wait for the Season to begin!

they are probably playing more on Sat now for Traffic reasons since there will be no Skytrain . I found no problem getting to games on Fri . the Skytrain will be missed this year but looking forward to sitting in the fresh air this Summer.

:thup: :D Loving the idea of the Saurday/Sunday games. We will now be driving from South Surrey, instead of taking the SkyTrain from Bridgeport, and were dreading the massive tie-ups getting onto the freeway at the 152nd onramp. Getting to Empire for games has just become a little easier. I am delighted that someone listened! Now for a "fan bus"!

I heard there is going to be traniste at a lot of sky trian areas , i have a buddy in the transite managment buisness says they are working a big contract with the bc lions about transite. so no worrys.

As a Lions fan in the UK I prefer to have as many games as early in the day as possible so I don’t have to listen into the early hours…Roll on 2010!