2010 Grey cup

was looking around, i think by default Edmonton will be the host

T.O.,SSK.,Win., have all held it recently

Mon. 08
Clg 09

BC has also and they will be preparing for the Olympics by then

i doubt Hamilton will EVER get another shot

and FCS may not be ready by then

although that should be a HUGE barging chip for the Hunt group and the CFL to Ottawa

any thoughts?

Have it in Florida. It'd be nice to have sunny weather for the Grey Cup for once. :slight_smile:

Sunny isn't the problem, its the dam cold!!!!

It'd wonderful if Edmonton got the 2010 GC; 8 years is a long enough wait if you ask me.

Im not saying that you are wrong but its not a question of who deserves it next. Its who wants it next and is willing to pay for it!

Why not Hamilton and in that NHL "palace" called Copps Coliseum they built that now needs over $100 mill to get it to NHL standards.
Nice job Hamilton city council, you built an arena that isn't even close now to NHL standards and can't even host a Grey Cup because of the splinter boards used for seating in the football stadium.

And people wonder why Hamilton is the butt joke of people in Canada. :lol:

PS. I live here.

but Alberta 2 years in a row? I can see someone make a case for 2011 though.

whats wrong with cold? :o

I am the same way. Who cares that it is cold. It just means you have to dress warmer. No big deal.

:thup: The city of Edmonton has always come through when it comes to hosting Grey Cups, and as been the model franchise for the league so many years that indeed 8 years is too long a wait and the league still owes them an extra host spot for that great emergency host job they did for the league back in 97'.

U heard it here first Sask will get the 100th Grey Cup in 2011 :wink:

cough 2012 cough

It seems that Hamilton is hosting the 2010 Grey Cup


Wikipedia says so.

It can be sooo cooold in Edmonton in late November, but I'm sure they would do a great GC. I might even make it to that one!

But hey! If it's in Hamilton - Oskeeweewee!

'Cats and Calgary for the GC in Hamilton. You heard it here first :wink:

I just love how it hasn't been announced yet... It's awesome how accurate wikipedia is...

Yeah, I agree considering it would be 8 years, in a 8 team league I say Edmonton would be a logical choice.

As for the 100th Grey Cup, mark my words...ok maybe not..

It'll be in Ottawa!

As far as i was aware, 2010 GreyCup host has not been announced yet, And probably won't be announced until the start of next season.

I know Toronto is bidding for the 2012 Grey Cup.

2010 will probably goto Hamilton or Sask.
2011 If BC Place new roof is finished, if not Edmonton.
2012 Toronto

I would like to see the riders get the 2010 Grey Cup as isn't that their 100th anniversary?

If its a question of money, Edmonton probably has to spend the least to put on a good show, seeing as the stadium itself is always ready to go. The City is usually pretty good about closing things off for parades like the GC parade. I hope we do want it next and that LeLacheur and the BoD are willing to go for it.

When I say pay for it, I mean pay the league, not pay what it costs for the stadium and what not!

All the money the riders are spending on new renovations and possibley a new stadium, are yes because they need them, but also because they plan on bidding for the 100th grey cup. They have been since they heald their last one and why not the Heart of the CFL is in the Praires.....IMO