2010 Grey Cup Windsor/Detroit

windsor should bid for a grey cup, make it similar to the joint bid for the 2005 superbowl, and have detroit join up, the silverdome can easily seat 60,000, market the damn thing on both sides of the border. If the CFL wants to be considered major league, its time to play in some neutral sites and in big league markets, the cfl needs to get outta this self pity and go for the homerun baby. The Silverdome is good enough for the cfl, its close to many colleges that could be used as practice facilities during grey cup week, they could have grey cup parties in the greektown section of detroit, and windsor area casino district.

The CFL Awards could be held insidie the Casino
They could have good parties similar to the maxim parties at the 2005 superbowl.


The Grey Cup is for Canadian Cities that have teams

Self pity? WTF are you talking about?

The suggestion to have the game in a neutral US city is a bit odd to be sure, but not without some merit. This would require some long and hard research to really be sure it would work as intended and not backfire by producing a half-filled Silverdome.

it would be a great idea, then a week after the grey cup, you could have a canada vs. america all-star game, the imports vs. non-imports, players and coaches pick the best american and canadians at each position and ballot on it, for the QB position, you would just have a lottery system in which the coaches for both teams would select 3 QBs.

So like a CFL Pro Bowl?

I'd go if it was in Hawaii.

LOL what a stupid idea.

In fact, why not have the Super Bowl in Regina...

Would you settle for Turks and Caicos?

I thought it was a little early to be dipping into the sauce.....apparently not.

...don't like the idea even a little....

I previously have suggested and would attend an All-Star game in Hawaii.

Why change something if it isn't broken? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

I am not totally against having the Grey Cup in non CFL Canadian only cities.
The big problem of course, is the lack of stadium.
I am not sure but would think it would be prohibitive financially to erect some 50,000 temporary seats.

If that is the case why not just go to Wembley Stadium in London , England.... :roll: :roll:

The Grey Cup is for Canadian Cities that have teams
Well, not actually. Baltimore, MD, was awarded the 1996 Grey Cup game, but it turned out they had no football team. There have also been [b]four[/b] Ontario cities that have hosted the Grey Cup game, only 3 of which had football teams. Can you name the other city? (hum theme song to Jeapordy: ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding...Answer in next box!)

NOTSGNIK...that's backwards, didn't want to give it away! Yep, they hosted the 1924 GC, I believe. It used to be a fairly major city at one time, but I don't think they had a CFL team (or ORFL team, or whatever). Hometown of Don Cherry, Doug Gilmour and Brent Johnson, I believe, and many, many other luminaries..

The CFLPA is working on a CFL All-star game, expect it's revival by 2009.

There is no way the Grey cup would be held outside a CFL market unless that Market/City promises atleast 6M$ to the CFL.
AND it would need to be part of a stadium building plan.

Basicly what does this mean?
It would only work for say QBC, Moncton or Halifax in order to build a CFL quality stadium.

i think its pretty stupid to have the grey cup outside of Canada. And even in Canada it should be in one of the CFL team cities.

However, it would be pretty awesome to have a CFL all-star game!

Do you really want to risk a career ending injury for a meaningless All-star game?