2010 Grey Cup in Hamilton?

I was a bit surprised by this news. But, some papers are reporting that Hamilton is in the hunt for the 2010 Grey Cup.

Upgrades to ole' Ivor Wynne just around the corner, maybe. Or even a new stadium, perhaps.


i new stadium would be awesome

and with the young team we have now and with some people playing well, who knows maybe we'll be in it that year

Upgrades to the grand old Girl..

i really like old ivor wynne. id rather see improvements there than a new stadium built. they could also build it on the mountain or something andi like it where is is. and it is 100000 better than the skydome. god that place stinks. even for baseball.

bobbythefinch; could you give us the source of the story please.

Canoe.ca; Edmonton Sun.

Tks O.M. Will look it up

Here is the link

[url=http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/Columnists/Huntington_Jonathan/2007/07/23/4361104.html]http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/Colum ... 61104.html[/url]