2010 Grey Cup Half-Time Show?

I only watch if I’m interested in the artist/band. I wouldn’t mind Nickelback. They have a few catchy tunes.

And therein lies a big part of my problem. . . most of the bands I like are composed of musicians who are long deceased.

The All-Star dead band.

Or were you perhaps refering to Keith Richard?

Then why bother with big name halftime shows. By your logic they would be a waste of money. Why do you think the NFL pays huge sums of money to get Springsteen, U2, Prince ect to play their halftime show? It ain't for the entertainment value. I could care less, I tune in for the game but for the casual fan the halftime show may be all it takes to get them to wait for the 2nd half instead of flipping to the Sunday night no fun league game.

Oh please...

Guess Who and BTO- Cummings and Bachman back again playing 'taking care of business ' and ' american woman' . Substitute the words NFL for American Woman and the crowd would go nuts!

After being at the last 6 or so Grey Cups, the half time shows that I remember are The Tragically Hip in Ottawa, and Lenny Kravitz in Toronto. They were good ones.

I think I went for washroom/beer breaks for the others as they were country acts or one hit wonder canadian bands.

My worst Grey Cup half time memory is of Dan Hill and some female singer bellowing while being lowered down from the top of Skydome in '92.
Glad I was hammered for that one. :slight_smile:

I wouldn't mind seeing Bachman and Cummings for this one. It's always good to go back to those guys, and everybody loves them.
The ultimate would be Neil Young, but that just ain't gonna happen.

For those who haven't seen it:


Best half time show ever!

Rider fans deserve a little credit as they were there in droves. Very cold but not as cold as Calgary in 1975.

who should the entertainment be?

Three words... Stompin. Tom. Connors.

There is no-one as Canadian as STC... and the ol' boy still knows how to party! Biggest disgrace ever... that STC wasn't asked to perform at the Olympics in Vanc. Shameful.

Agreed! Those ones were A+ in my books. I guess it's only Ontario that knows how to book the good acts for Grey Cup half-time :wink:

brrr... I was in the stands for that one.
Though 84 in Edm might've been worse - but only because my seats were way up in the second level where the wind chill was -195.

I agree 100%, but unfortunately 95% of people have never seen STC live so they don't know.

Uggg STC :thdn: Good old Canadian boy for sure, but not at the GC. Why not try and get Rene Simard while we’re at it too then. Really blow the lid off the joint.

rene simard!!! LMFAO!!

yeah, as much as I love ol' STC he's not exactly GC material.

Still, you'll get alot of people smirking with 'Well the boys are gettin' stinko and the girls are playin' bingo...'! :lol:

I love the Hip, and Kravitz is OK too. I wouldn't mind seeing Neil Young since he just released a new album.


Neil Young would be awesome. Could a future calender date be in the works for Commonwealth? :expressionless:

Keep in mind he only has to do 2 or 3 songs, so he could easily squeeze in a date with the G.C.

Woohoo! He's playing the Shoreline in October!

I love it when they go for the older guys. The last couple Super Bowls had The Who and Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. The Grey Cup had Lenny Kravitz.

Of the people suggested, only Neil Young would get me to stay in my seat. That old man just plain rocks out.

That may be but if they had Tropper and they were as good as in '97. They would definately have you "out of your seat", raising hell. It is as I posted before Troopers 35th anniversary and they are available on that date.

Although it may be a tough sell in Edmonton, I am one Eskimo fan that would love to see the Stampeders (the band) play at half time! If you ever have a chance to see them, they put on a great show.