2010 Grey Cup Half-Time Show?

Over the past few years the Grey Cup half time show has been announced on Labour Day weekend. I didn't see any announcements. Has anyone heard anything? I hope they need the extra time because they are busy trying to sign an AWESOME band to play. Something that'll get everyone jacked up for some football.

Looking forward to an awesome band myself, kinda like Enter Sandman by Mettallica; I'm dreaming of course.

How about bringing Trooper back to raise a little hell and cap off their 35th anniversary.

raise a little snow raise a little snow, raise a little snow!! :rockin:

I don't really care about halftime that much but if there is one band, one band only I want to see a night or two before as part of Grey Cup festivities that is Canadian it is:


Awesome band that few people in Canada know of but these guys are very very good. Should be at every GC festivities IMHO. Saw them recently here in Hamilton at a small venue, it was awesome.

Cuff the Duke and Sadies would even be better.

But we have so many great bands - Tom Cochrane, oh yea, love him. Sloan, yes! Wintersleep, yes!

Matt Mays, oh yea, Cocaine Cowgirl... yes!!! Tom Wilson, yes!!

I've heard of Cochrane.

Never thought of Sloan, but them or Wintersleep would help attract a younger audience. And if you're going to introduce fans to the Canadian game there is no better match than the Grey Cup.

As long as it is not some sad, past their prime lounge act. I'm a big Assie Football fan too and they just announced INXS for the Grand Final this month. :roll:

Why bother trying to use the half time show to try to attract anybody? The game is sold out, try to please the people in attendance!

The half time show is also for home viewers, and the bigger the home audience, the bigger the advertising revenue. That's why you need to be concerned about pleasing people not at the game.

It is a virtual impossibility to please everyone, so don't even try. Just book the best band that's available that you can afford, and don't worry about the type of music it plays.

I agree providing it's not: hip hop, rap, anything remotely sounding like it is.

Okay let's narrow it down, C &W or R & R or R & B. If it has an & it's OK if not, don't think about it!


That would attract a younger audience. And Nickelback. I don't care who it would attract, but I rock out to those guys.

Ahhh, now it makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to see some good old western quick draw gunfights. :cowboy:

Whatever it takes to get them in front of the TV, hopefully the game will make them want to come back. Football fans are going to tune in regardless of the halftime show and will probably miss it in order to refill the glass, plate and unload the bladder before the second half starts.

Sorry, I still don’t buy the argument of using the half-time show to attract new football fans. Using that argument, why not bring on the Wiggles, that would surely attract some younger fans.

Anybody who’s going to turn on the game just to wach the half time show, isn’t going to stick around for the game.

Bachman & Turner?

Don't hate on Nickelback. They would be a perfect half-time show performence for this years Grey Cup. They're from Alberta afterall. They play the kind of music that gets people jacked up for watching football.

I certainly won't be watching or listening to the half time show if it is Nickleback.

I hate them.

I totally agree with the above statement, if you delete the last 4 words.

I never watch a halftime show regardless of who the "entertainment" happens to be. Better things to do with my time (go to the little boys' room, raid the fridge, prepare more food, make halftime comments here on the CFL forums, etc.)

I always watch the half time show. I like to take in the full event. Of course this year I'll actually BE at the game :smiley: