2010 Eskimos

I found an article on the preview of this years Edmonton Eskimos: Good combo of vets and emerging stars and are ready for the step to the next level under coach Hall. Offence; one of the best in the league. Defence; vastly improved. Outstanding chance to win Grey Cup on home turf. I hope it's true, but injuries hopefully will be minor and not severe. M Lloyd took a hard knock on his right knee, not serious, serious according to coach Hall. Any thoughts from others?

the Offence looked good in Preseason the D was good for the most part but against the Lions looked susceptible to the deep pass

Starting D held them to only 10 points in the first half. Same thing in the Calgary game, Calgary started putting up lots of points once the backups went in on D.

We only lost to Calgary cause of our terrible offensive rookies against Calgary... If that were a regular season game, the Esks woulda came out well on top, but im guna stop myself there cause im not guna jinx the Esks season hahaha

We had that Calgary game wrapped up if they didn't put in the dud Floyd Haigler for an entire quarter and have him go 1/8 passing. Whatever though its pre-season. Just seemed like a dumb move to play him for so long when he was obviously gonna be cut. Took away valuable time that Zabransky could've used, plus prevented us from seeing more from the receivers to make sure we made the right decision in who we cut.

Yea thats a good point there, he was number 20 right? Man he was terrible, he missed WIDE OPEN guys by 15 yards, it was impressive for someone that bad to actually be able to play professionally