2010 Draft

As I have said before, i'm rather new to the CFL (and CIS too) so i'm not really up on who the top prospects are for the 10 draft. Living in London I know that Micheal Faulds just finished his OUA career. Will he be a top pick come May? It would be nice to see a Canadian QB in the show!

Heres the CIS scouting bureaus top 15 for September...notice 7 guys from NCAA and 8 from CIS, pretty good mix. Shomari Williams transfered from Houston to Queens. I watched him play on Saturday,the guy`s a beast.

I wonder how TSN and the CFL will improve the draft from last year. I watched it and it was good, but I think it could be even better, more entertaining.


Should I be shocked that Michael Faulds is not listed? ....because I am.

I believe Faulds is not draft eligeable because he is a 5th year player, thus making him a free agent. A CIS player must be drafted before his 5th year.

Michael Faulds is not listed primarily because he is a quarterback, and the way the league is set up now there is absolutely no incentive to develop a Canadian quarterback.

It is unlikely that Faulds will be drafted at all, and if he is, it will be in the later rounds and he'll be unlikely to ever play a down in the CFL unless he converts to fullback or something like Mathieu Bertrand of the Eskimos.

Furthermore - the 2010 draft class is supposed to be very deep, much like 2008 class which has produced or is likely to produce about 25 legitimate CFL starters/long-time reserves and special teamers. Compare that to 2007, which will end up being more like 10, and 2009 which isn't likely going to be higher than 12-13. It's definitely a year in which 2nd-4th round picks will go a long way.

PLUS...here are five more prospects that Duane Forde puts up at the top (along with the 15 already mentionned)

Eddie Steele (DT - Manitoba)
Cauchy Muamba (CB - St. Francis Xavier)
Josh Bishop (SB - Wilfrid Laurier)
Michael Carter (CB - Maryland)
Anthony Woodson (RB/SB - Calgary)

It will be interesting to see what the Argos do with their first pick (providing they don't trade it) because most of the top NCAA guys have another year in college. Bulcke was in his Senior year and probably would have been the first pick, but was injured early in the season and was given another year, so, do they still take him hoping he will turn pro anyway.
The good teams will be able to grab some of those OLinemen playing and starting down south because they don't need them right away.

Bertrand is good find. was he drafted?

Bertrand was drafted in the fifth round of the 2003 draft.

I agree with you DoubleBlue, the Argos options are fascinating (as long as they don't trade the pick in some desperate quarterback trade). Bulcke may depend on whether they want to spend another 1st round pick on a DT in two years, and what the Corey Mace situation continues to be. Toronto could sure use depth (and future starters) on the O-Line, which makes that an attractive option as well. With the depth in this draft, Toronto could conceivably take a redshirt and still pick up quality players with the three 3rd rounders and two fourth rounders they currently have.

Another interesting thing to watch for will be what the Riders do - as part of the Goodspeed/Rempel/Bowman et al deal, the Riders have the choice of either Winnipeg's first round pick this year (#2) OR Winnipeg's second round pick this year (#10) and 2nd round pick next year (#TBD).

Correct me if I'm wrong... maybe another Cat fan could clarify...

Did the Ticats give up their first round pick to get Zac Carlson in the supplemental draft?


Ok thanx. So who does the pick go to?

From my calculations, riders have the following picks:

SSK 1st Rounder
EDM 1st Rounder
WPG 1st Rounder or 2nd Rounder
TOR 2nd Rounder
SSK 4th Rounder

** 3rd Rounder from TOR???

** When we acquired TJ Acree at the beginning of the 2008 season, we also acquired a "future" 3rd Rounder from them. Toronto also gets a future 5th rounder from this trade. And judging from the fact that we traded them our only 5th rounder this year for Washburn, it doesn't appear to be this year's 3rd Rounder.

Traded 2nd Rounder to MTL for Alexander.
Traded 3rd Rounder to Toronto in Kerry Joseph deal.
Traded 5th rounder to Toronto in Washburn deal.
Traded 6th rounder to Winnipeg in Bowman deal.

Acquired EDM 1st rounder in McGrath trade.
Acquired WPG 1st or 2nd rounder in Bowman trade. (1st in 2010 or 2011, or 2nd's in 2010 and 2012. Either way, one pick goes to us in 2010)
Acquired TOR 2nd rounder in Joseph trade.

So, pending what we do with the Winnipeg trade, we could have 4 of the first 8 picks. Hamilton forfieted their 1st round pick by takinig a player in the supplemental draft earlier this year.