2010 draft pics...

....I see we pick second overall....should be interesting....I feel we will probably go after another highly rated o linemen

Joe Eppele...6' 8"....306 ....looks interesting

John Bender..6' 8"...320......another intersting prospect

.......orrrrrrrr something completely different.....Akeem Foster WR 6' 5"....215...

,,,,it'll be nice to have a relatively high pic for a change....although the next ones aren't till the 4 th and 6th rounds...We should do better than other years...and we actually have more selections than the riders or the hammer :thup:

The Bombers would be crazy not to use their first round pick to take the best O-Lineman available. This upcoming group is a very good crop of O-Linemen.

The only other way I could see Winnipeg going with their top pick is drafting Bulke (DL) to be the heir apparent to Doug Brown.

...we do have a hitch on our first pic....IF the riders exercise the right to that draft pic (they have that option due to a trade) we move down the list....however all things are pointing to the Bombers keeping the first-rounder...at this point in time.. :roll:

Riders still have the option on the 2nd. pick. I would not get too excited.

....Say....how are things in Al. land as far as the draft goes, hftxc....not forfeiting any this year are ya :lol: ...i guess we won't know that till the audit ....but i'd say the BigBlue are well under :wink:

Montreal had very few injuries this year, so I would be surprised but you never know.

I certainly hope the Bombers aren't over the cap because well that would be shocking. I just don't think it gets much better for the riders then swapping a 7th pick (6th really because of Ticats forfeit) for a 2nd. pick. But some guys think the 2011 draft is even deeper then 2010 so maybe you guys get to keep your pick interesting how this will play out.

I'd like to see the Cat's trade Gagne-Marcoux for a 2011 pick.He blew up earlier in the year because we wouldn't start him and said he didn't wanna play in Hamilton in 2010, but then later retracted the comment saying he was just frustrated and wants to play in Hamilton.Suuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!Guy is an idiot, you need to learn to play the position at a pro level before you become a starter and you also need to be the best possible option for the position.He's neither.Good riddens, he'd probably make decent trade bait because he is a highly ranked N/I OL prospect.

The question may be do the Riders go over the cap yet again this year and, if so, by how much.

I wonder if there is any penalty for teams who consistently go over the cap?

Why would anyone trade for a guy who is going to be a FA?

Your calling Marcoux an idiot and your suggesting the Ticats trade a free agent :roll: one who has stated with certainty he is not coming back.

Marcoux is no idiot he started for over a season until he suffered a serious injury.

Riders can’t go over again this year, they will kill the arrangement.

There needs to be more enforcement but the Riders who cried poor for years have the money and the NI depth to cheat…

...with all of the ni talent and prospects the Riders are swimming in...I don't think they give a rats-bum about the cap...They may be a little concerned about a fine, although their bank account isn't exactly looking empty...losing draft pics ..not so much... :wink:

The biggest problem for them is the lost influence at the BOG table. They keep it up they will isolate themselves and they won't have a voice in league affairs. I think they are almost there.

The Riders had a lot of players on and off their roster again this year. According to CFL.ca they had 18 guys on their 9 game IR at the end of the season but I'm not sure how many of them may have part of their salary count against the SMS.

Cohon pretty much called Hopson a liar last year when Hopson claimed that injuries had caused them to go over the cap and the man who is in charge of controlling player payroll and budgets is Eric Tillman who is another one who is not exactly in the league's good books. So the Riders can keep cheating but at some point they are going to need something. Karma...

Eskimos also had a ton of injuries this year, not long ago, Danny Macioca said they were swimming in red ink.

iirc though, the reason certain teams were going over the cap was because they hadn't got signatures from players to go on the 9 game IR and the leagure ruled those salaries had to count, this resolved with the Barrin Simpson situation this year. I doubt teams will make that mistake now.

Bombers are loaded with young NI olinemen now, 2 on the roster, 1 in the Calgary trade, 2 from last years draft crop. How many do you really need ?

...True pigseye...but can you really have too many ni 'hogs'....I think we 'might' look at a different position, player wise, in the draft....this kid Akeem Foster impresses me....He might be available early but argos are in need of receivers....they might go for him....We might look at a one of the d line guys coming up....ol Dougie ain't getting any younger..The Bombers have made some good decisions in recent years....Labatte being one them....I hope we get that type of player again ...here's hoping.. :thup:

Standard of excellence you need 8 quality NI Olinesmen. 5 that can start, one that can backup center and guard and two that can backup tackle and guard. Its more than how many bodies you have.

The Riders either get Winnipeg's #2 pick this year, or they're #10 pick this year and their second round pick next. Will be interesting to see what they do.

The Riders were way better off injury-wise this year, so all should be fine. Those on the 9 game list don't count against the cap, and we only pulled on guy off early.

They can't get the 10th pick, that's gone to Edmonton in the Lefors deal. If they don't grab the second pick next year it goes to 2011 and 2012

The deal was that the Riders can either swap 1st round picks this year or next year or take two 2nd round picks from future drafts. Regarding the two 2nd round picks, no specific draft years have been reported as far as I can find so it could be the 2012 and 2013 draft for all we know (the Bombers traded their 2nd round pick for 2011 to Calgary for Lenny Walls).