2010 draft picks- most promising

The last week or so i was checking out all the draft picks and i have compliled a list of the best choices for all positions, i have done a ton of research and analyzed the ECAMP as well, So here is my list:

QB'S - Of the 3 remaining on the list i really liked what i saw from both Erik Glavic, he is BIG boy (6-6 230Lbs) and still has the mobilty to scramble, he has a cannon for an arm. To compare him, he is basically a young Culpepper.

RB - if we need one i have to say that these would be the best choices, Mike Montoya or Matt Henry.

WR - My choices are Akeem Foster, Steven Turner, Cory Watson and Josh Bishop.

OL - John Bender and Joe Eppele are my choices.

DB - My choices are Taurean Allen and Chayce Elliott

LB - Joash Gesse, Shomari Williams, Cory Greenwood and Christian Houle

DL - Eddie Steele, Sebastien Tetreault , Bruno LaPointe

Eric Glavic is not eligible for draft; he was last year. He is on Hamilton negotiation list.


I think you will end up pickig Steele, because he's a local kid, and because all of the other big names will be gone before you pick.

....at sixth pick there will still be a lot of talent available my friend.....this is a great draft year...When is it the cats pic????14 th....there might be someone still available then as well.....but now you're into slimmer pickens country for sure :wink:

Okay so he is not draft eligable, but he is free to go to any teams mini camps or tryouts including Winnipeg's, but we don't really need a QB right now anyway's but the kid looks good and is huge in size and very mobile. It would not hurt to have a closer look at him, after all Ti-Cat fans seem to be pretty happy with Glenn and Porter anyway's, can't see why cause Glenn is due to have his famous crap season and Porter is over rated and to be quite honest he just plain sucks and won't get any better!!

The big names will be gone by the time the Bombers pick ... lol ... what are you smoking man, all the big names will be gone when Hamilton picks in the 2ND RD as for the Bombers there will be plenty of options available. In case you have not followed the draft and obviously do not know what your talking about, here is a list of player's that should be available when we pick 6TH.
And i think we are going with either a LB or WR.

LB - Shomari Williams
WR - Steven Turner
WR - Akeem Foster
WR - Cory Watson
LB - Joash Gesse
DB - Taurean Allen

And if we decide to go the oline or dline route, i doubt we will go Oline as we have a ton of talent already!!

OL - J'Michael Deane
OT - Danny Watkins
DL - Brian Bulcke
OL - Joe Eppele
DT - Eddie Steele
DE - Chima Ihekwoaba

I will assume Bender and Greenwood will go #1 and #2 overall, but after that there is plenty of talent left to pick from, but do not expect any of these names to be available when Hamilton picks!!

Unless Hamilton "drops" from their negotiation list, he can't no anywhere,but Hamilton.


John Bender-OL Nevada-is definitely the best OL,if not the best player,in this year's draft; unfortunately, he will remain in school for 1 more year and, most importantly, will/should be drafted -beween 4th and 6th rounds- in next year NFL draft. For these reasons, no team will take a chance,in round 1, on a player who may never play in the CFL. He could be drafted in round 2 by Toronto,who has 2 choices, or in round 3 by Toronto,Calgary or Edmonton.

Presently,my choices for the first 5 players to be drafted on May 2,2010-exactly 5 weeks from now- are:

1.Toronto.Corey Greenwood-LB-
2.Sask.Shamori Williams-LB-
3.BC,Joash Gesse-LB-
4.Sask.Joel Reinders-OL-
5.Calgary. Rob Maver-P/K

Winnipeg will have good players available when they choose number 6. If they opt for a WR,I say Shawn Gore and if they opt for a DL, I say Eddie Steele.


you guys dont think we need to upgrade over donnelly in the right gaurd spot? I say we go with Joe Eppel if he's available. he is easily the second best o-line in the draft

If we drafted a LaBatte quality gaurd for the other side, just imagine what fred reid will do... especially if we can actually pass the ball this year... 1600+ would be my guess... roberts like numbers

That's a big if.

But Epple would be a good choice, and he may still be available at #6.

I strongly believe that The Bombers will take a LB or WR with there first round pick, and i think these guys will be available when we pick 6TH:

LB Shomari Williams
LB Joash Gesse
WR Steven Turner
WR Akeem Foster
WR Cory Watson

If they go after a LB than Williams would be my choice, if they are going to take a WR i think it will be a toss up between Foster and Turner.

the only LB's worth first round looks are Greenwood and Williams... I almost think they will be the first two picked.. theres a rumor going around that sask is oing to take a LB with the second overall pick... and i think that since TO has a canuck at WILL in Eiben, who is getting quite old, will want someone to replace him with

there is tons of O-line talent available

guys who could fall down to the fourth

Danny Watkins and John Bender... due to them going back to school this season.... Bender could be like Mace and not even be in the CFL ffor a while

and Joel Reinders... I wouldnt mind taking either of those guys with one of our fourth rounders

Eppel would be my first choice if he was available... then either Williams or Greenwood, then Steele, then one of the top recievers... theres a lot of reciever and OLINE and LB talent in this years draft.. all which a very good positions to draft at IMO