The draft is 2 days away and just wondering what everyone elses opinion is about who the Bombers should take, if available. I am going to go out on a limb and submit my predictions for the 1ST RD on Sunday, some player's have fallen off most teams radar due to the recent NFL signings and some have been released/cut from NFL mini-camps.

#1 Pick - Toronto will pass on the top rated player and draft OG John Bender
#2 Pick - Saskatchewan (via Winnipeg) will select LB Shomari Williams
#3 Pick - BC will draft LB Cory Greenwood
#4 Pick - Saskatchewan (Via Edmonton) will draft OT Danny Watkins
#5 Pick - Calgary will draft K/P Rob maver
#6 Pick - Bombers (via sask) will draft OT Joe Eppele

In the 4TH RD the Bombers will draft a dark horse Defensive Player and my picks here after tons of research would be either LB Steve Reading or DB Chayce Elliot.

The 6TH round is absolutely up in the air and say the Bombers go after either a WR or DL and dark horses that may still be available in my opinion is WR Josh Bishop/WR Kevin D'Hollander OR DL Christopher Greaves/DL Sebastien Tetreault.

Here is a question i hope someone could answer for me the draft tracker shows Winnipeg only has 3 picks this season BUT when i looked a few weeks back we had 4 picks, what happened? Did i miss something?

no way in halak do we take an olineman with the first round pick. NO CHANCE.

id suspect we will see some wheelings and dealing at the draft and will end up with 1 or 2 more picks. not sure who we gonna move but mack was on hustler and lawless tonight and mentioned they have some moves up their sleeves for this sunday. we will see what they are.

id say its more likely we take 1 of the following... in no particular order

eddie steele, taurean allen, one of the linebackers (greenwood,gesse,s williams) <-- #6.

as for the other rounds, hard to say.. maybe we take a chance on a guy like reindeers or matte if they are available but right now we have only 3 picks. id suspect this will change after listening to lawless try and put sentences together tonight.

You are absolutely correct as we are fine on the Offensive line and that woul be a waste of our first rounder. I hope that Mack does have something up his sleeve because we need depth at a couple positions as long as he doesn’t trade any franchise player’s by doing so. But i do have a feeling that a couple of player’s may be traded before or during the draft. A few names come to mind that could very well be traded, Ike Charlton, Brock Ralph, Gallant. I cannot see us getting high picks for the player’s i have mentioned.

I know that we are really thin at the DB and LB spot i think Greenwood will go before we pick and do we want to take that risk with his NFL negotiations, i can see Taurean Allen and/or Gesse, i can’t see us taking Eddie Steele in the 1ST round, he is a good player, but not great and would require a year or two to show his full potential. Taurean Allen is not a very good tackler (someone else said in another post) guess we’ll wait and see what happens.

I can't see the Bombers taking Steele either even though it would be nice to have more U of M products on the team. Right now we have abundance of young d-lineman (both NIs and imports) on the roster. Regarding NI d-linemen, the Bombers signed Deji Oduwole this off-season, added Stan van Sichem from the Montreal trade and Don Oramasionwu and Justin Shaw were added last season. We also signed Redmond Willis and Jarrell Chandler who will be competing with Odell Willis, Dorian Smith and Philip Hunt from last season. And, of course, we have the veteran presence of Doug Brown.

LaPolice did talk about needing more NI depth on the o-line but I think the moves made in the off-season have done that. From what he said it sounds like LBs and DBs are at the top of the priority list for the Bombers.

I think Greenwood may drop a bit in the draft because of the NFL interest. The Corey Mace experience will likely dampen the Bombers enthusiasm for a guy like Greenwood.

If he's available, you should take Steele to backup Brown.

blue&gold, the Argos won't waist the #1 pick on Bender, they need help NOW, Bender has a year of NCAA left, then he will most likely have a solid NFL career. Expect Epple, Williams or Greenwood to go #1?

I agree.

....my guess on OUR pics....(excluding a last minute trade which is a heavy rumour recently)...Taurean Allen orrrrrr Eddie Steele....in the first round :roll: :roll: :roll:

The thing with Allen is, if you want him to start, you need another NI defensive back to back him up, unless you start more NI's than needed. We went through that a little last year - we had a NI kid start at corner (Alexander) and was great, but then he gets hurt, and all of a sudden the ratio becomes a factor. Luckily we start about 9 Canadians, so we could play an import in that spot. Otherwise, depth becomes a problem, and sometimes you're switching out another import somewhere and find yourself down two starters due to ratio.

To me, this leads me to think Allen is most attractive to one of BC or SK, because they already have starting NI corners. Having said that, what, if any, interest we have in him....I don't know.

According to the Ticat beat reporter's blog today...

[b]Ticats near deal with Ryan Hinds

A source close to the situation says that a deal between the Ticats and 2009 second round pick Ryan Hinds is nearing completion. Hinds played five seasons at the University of New Hampshire and had 10 interceptions in 33 career games.

Hinds has the potential to a be a “ratio buster,? a Canadian who plays a position not normally staffed by non-imports (unlike, say, offensive line). He could conceivably play corner in the CFL, though it’s unlikely he’ll be ready to start at that position in 2010.[/b]

Maybe this signing will make the Ticats interested in drafting Tauren Allen to back Hinds up on the depth chart?

Hard to say Greenwood should drop down due to his recent NFL negotiations, so i cannot see him going number one, if T.O does draft him and he sticks in the CFL he will be a good pick for them. I don't think Williams or Greenwood are ready to be starter's yet as well they need (like all picks) time to develop, not saying it can't happen just common knowledge. Epple will be a great player, but is he number 1 pick, probably not. If we look at Toronto they need help EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW so who they pick is totally up in the air, as for Bender he would be my choice if i were the GM in T.O because in reality T.O is at least 2-3 years or more and many moves from being a contender in the East, so why not Bender? Toronto are not going to be any good this 2010 anyway's, just my thoughts but when Bender is done with his college career and develops it could be 2 years or so and that is right about the same time that the Argo's SHOULD be contenders again.

But if the Argos need help "EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW"....why use the #1 pick on a guy who may never play in the CFL? That won't do them much good.

True Gill, but the Argo's have 3 first round picks and now that i think about it you are correct, they may take a risk later in the round but not the first overall. Also The Argo's may be looking at trading the #1 pick and Saskatchwan is intereted, so T.O might get the 2ND overall and 1 or 2 other picks or player's from the Riders for the #1 overall, Very rare for Taman to actually want to move up in the draft ... LOL .... I am starting to think the Argo's may have a player on SASK roster that they may be interested in, guess we'll find out in a couple of days.

I can't get a feel if the Argos will make a trade or not....I personally hope they stay put. As for Bender, the Argos have supplied the NFL with a few draft picks in the last few years (Kaszur, Federkiel & Dawson)...Argo staff may be wise to stay more cautious with players commited to the CFL.

Always fun to speculate though......

On OL the team has quite a few NI's signed and coming to camp. Can't see them taking another Olineman, at least not with either of their first 2 picks. And probably not at receiver as WBB have 5 NI WR/SB on the roster. As it stands now they have 3 picks, so I would avoid any futures guys who still have NCAA eligibility and such that may not be available right away (ie benders, watkins) or players signed to training camp contracts in the NFL (ie Matte, Reinders). If the blue had more all their picks you can take a flyer on one of those guys in the 2nd and/or 3rd round, but 3 picks is not enough to risk not getting at least a body into training camp to compete. So then I think the WBB have to pick for best position player based on need and ability to contribute now.

A good pick in the first round for the WBB I think would be along the lines of a LB (Greenwood, Williams if he's still available, or Gesse if both are gone by then) or CB/S to have a better backup for Logan and a special teamer (Allen). The 4th rd pick I would consider the position you didn't get in the first round (LB vs CB/S) versus a DT (too much to hope Steele is still around?). The 6th round pick I then look on the offensive side of the ball, RB/FB (a true FB moves Oosterhuis back to the D side and ends that experiment, could matt henry or montoya still be around here? maybe wishful thinking) versus a receiver or maybe an Olineman (preferably one who can play center well in addition to the other spots as Obby isn't getting any younger and they'll need a good center in case of injury and for the future, doubt Glover is still around by then, but maybe Ternovatsky if he's still available?).

mack was on h@l last night and spoke very highly of DT eddie steele so i wouldnt be too surprised to see them grab this guy at 6 if he’s still available.

i think we have some guys who could fetch us some picks (later rounds) maybe 2nd 3rd 4th round picks… these guys are ike charlton, brock ralph, shawn gallant… but outside of that… not much to offer really other than draft picks for next year and i beleive both mack and lapo have gone on record saying NO DRAFT PICKS WILL BE TRADED while they are in charge so dont see that happening.

I dunno. who knows. imo, since this draft is supposed to be atleast 2 3 rounds deep, id suspect whoever they take will probably make an impact… hey u know who would have thought pierre luc labbe would have turned out to be so good, and he was drafted with the 2nd last pick in the draft. dudes a special teams demon and a solid linebacker when he had his chance to play.

thaine carter could be another late round pick that blossoms for us. its hard to say.

im looking at the roster right now and i dunno… our oline looks pretty decent, our rbs looking ok (again could see them taking montoya or someone but not at 6) our receivers look pretty good, our dline and tackles look solid, lb’s even look good altho lacking canadian depth… defensive backs need some help but really can we expect a guy straight out of cis to come in and play corner or halfback immediately? i dunno.

im gonna leave on this note here…

rb, lb,db <— 3 picks right there.

...IF...BIG IF...Allen is taken by us, we most likely wouldn't be starting him this year... could get some work....but not likely a starter...I know dbs. aren;t the most prolific pick in the CFL...but as a project and looking down the road at how we'll use him... wouldn't be that urgent....The kid has huge talent and ive got a hunch he'll be around when it comes to our pick..Lapo said he would make his choice ,taking into consideration the best talent available...we'll see... :roll:

....Steele would also be high on the Bombers list.....but a lot could change if a player swap comes about????? :wink:

Why? Don Oramasionwu was rotating with Doug Brown last season and did a really good job when Brown missed the first few games because of illness.

BTW we're down to 3 picks in the draft now. Up until recently we had the #25 pick but now it's listed as belonging to Toronto (via Edmonton, via Winnipeg).

id take steele at 6 if we was still around. be stupid not too. he's local and who knows in a couple years we could have donny o lining up beside eddie steele, they are familliar with eachother from their u of m days. would be a good move if he was still available.

We already have 4 young NI d-linemen on the roster. I doubt we're looking for more.