2010 Draft and a look at the past picks!!

So we have four draft picks in this years draft, 1st rd/6th overall, 4th rd/25th and 29th overall and a 6th rd/45th overall, so what position should we look at filling? I would think the BB`S will go after a LB or DB in the 1ST RD, what are your thoughts.

LB Greenwood (currently listed at 2ND overall), LB
LB Shomari Williams (currently listed at 4TH overall)
LB Joah Gesse (currently listed at 8th overall)
DB Taurean Allen is worth a look as well

Other player`s listed in the scouting Bureau in the top 15 that stick out to me are
WR Steven Turner who is blazing fast and had a solid ECAMP
WR Akeem Foster

These are my picks for the 1ST RD based on the fact that we need to fill a LB or DB position soon and maybe a WR.

2009 seen us draft
OL Morris - will compete for starting^position
OL Bestard - will also compete to be a starter
FB Peter Quinney (where is he)
LB Thaine Carter - will compete in TC

2008 seen us draft
OL Labatte - Will be a starter in 2010
WR Hargreaves - Should be a starter in 2010, if not will be a solid ST player.
RB Stephenson - Will be in tough this year with Bernard, Reid and two other RBS at camp.
DB Beswick - I assume he is gone and would be in tough anyway`s with the likes of Browne and and Stewart.
DL Oramasionwu - Had a pretty good season when he did see action and played well on ST.
LB Labbe - was great on ST and solid when he did play, he will compete to start in 2010.

Quinney signed as a FA with the Argos in the offseason. He may be in tough.

i would look at lb or wr if i were them. itd be nice to still have that #2 pick and snatch one of those big olineman in the draft but my guess is they will be gone for sure by the time we pick.

greenwood will be gone, but i think shomari willmiams may slip a pick or two and may be a great pickup at number 6, wr foster also seems like he's got somethign to him.. i think i would avoid a db in the draft tho as its not too often the young canadian dbs become much more than a pr player or special teams body. not saying thats a bad thing, but in recent draft history not too many dbs have made a whole lot of impact

i say go with a lb if we can, cuz right now were a little thin, and judging by our current roster this may be the best spot for a new NI to make a push for a starting spot other than OL imo

probably with starting a canadian db is u need one to back him up really or your ratio gets messed up if he gets hurt.

If im the bombers, i think im taking either eddie steele, shomari williams or akeem foster. I think steele would be a great pickup and would in essence replace pat mcdonald who signed with the nfl. Shomari would probably be best at linebacker and we need all the help we can get there and foster to me, well, if he's available and the other 2 arent u take him otherwise i think our canadian receivers are looking prety decent right now with arthur, hargreaves,svec,mchenry,luciani (if he's still around) thats alot of canadian receivers, guess it cant hurt to have another one but right now if im the blue and gold im looking at a guy who could play linebacker or im looking at the local kid in steele cuz you can never have enough local kids on your team. Guys who understand the weather here and guys who just probably grew up wanting to play for the blue bombers. I beleive steele is one of these guys and i beleive if shomari is not available at #6 and steele is, we take him in a second.

Dont think i take one of the NCAA olinemen as our oline isnt as bad as it seems, they are young and strong and big.. hashem is a solid prospect as is bestard and morris, all young guys who if dont make the team can spend time on the PR or whatever u wanna call it and develope. These NCAA guys are a risk, a huge risk cuz your not sure if they are ever gonna show up. It would peace me off if we took say a danny baylor over a eddie steele or shomari williams and shomari and eddie turn into players and baylor never sees the canadian football league field.

but i suppose, the smart thing to do is take the best player available and it will all work itself out but looking at our roster we are weak at the lb position so IMo... LB it is.

the other question here ofcourse is whats the 2011 draft look like? sure it may not matter right now but if theres a few solid canadian olineman out of that group that arent playing in the NCAA, why bother with one of the NCAA guys unless u need help now and our oline as much as some like to rip on them i suppose for lack of name value, they are a solid group.

We will draft 4 solid player's in May, this is the deepest and most talented bunch in a VERY LONG time and we should come out with 4 solid player's, 1ST RD will probably see us draft a LB but we are really not that bad at the LB spot RIGHT NOW with Charlton, Shabazz, Lobedahn, Gallant, Thaine Carter, Labbe and Houston. We have more options at DB and CB and they may be moved around such as Browne, Stewart, Kent, Glover, Kordic, Jovon (will be CB) and Craver. If anything we look thinner at DB but maybe a Houston or Carter can play DB. Either way Mack and Co. have a very tough decision in the 1ST RD and still depends on who we may sign or pick up between now and the draft in May.

if they were smart they would grab one of the top Offensive lineman with there first pick... weather we want to go with Pierce, or groom a young QB, we need to go from a good O-line to a dominant one in both instances.... we will have a good group of recievers here this season... and we are brining in, what looks like, some very solid american recievers who could push for starting roles and make an imediate impact....

however, if Joel Eppe or John Bender arnt available at pick six, I wouldnt mind going with Greenwood if he was available...

I would have to disagree james, we have a pretty good oline, gave up the least sacks throughout the end of the 2009 season, we have young guys like Hashem, Morris and Bestard and we still have LaBatte, Armstrong, January, Donelly, Morley, Fritz and Khan. We should go after a LB or a Reciever in the 1ST RD and not another oline player as we have plenty as it is.

I'm kinda of the opinion that you take the best player regardless of position.

If the Bombers are looking for oline, receiver and LB then they have hit the motherload with their first round selection this year. There are at least 6 solid picks (not counting guys returning to school) in those three categories which means they are guaranteed at least one of them.

Eppele, Reinders
Greenwood, Williams
Turner, Gore

Unfortunately, we don't get another pick until 25 and will have to be satisfied with special teamers by then.

......and that's what we get for making dumb trades of our draft pics....(Kelly to a certain extent...mostly Taman of the past)...Brendens probably getting itchy fingers already in sask....AND I'm sure with obie and the hammer drafting something like 56th. :lol: ...Taman would luv to accomodate them...??????...we'll see....LaPolices says that game is up in the Peg....NO MORE giveaways... We will be securing our Canadian talent in the future...Finally a man with some football savvy :wink:

The Ticats pick 5th in the second round.

Yeah #12 overall, not bad, you'll get a good prospect and maybe even that kicker your looking for but the top talent will be gone by then.

I think that we are fine in this department - LBS and DBS- would it hurt to draft someone on th DLINE? My thoughts are that we should draft either Foster or Akeem (both WR), but that's just me :cowboy:

.....Surely you know i was jesting about the 56th. pic....BUT i agree with pigseye...in a heavily talented draft...too bad the hammer won't be in on the very early pics.... the 'cream of the crop' will probably be long-gone by then ...tsk. tsk... :wink: :lol:

I'm sure your one high draft pick will instantly convert the Bombers into a powerhouse.
And by the way, isn't that pick late in the first round, after Saskatchewan picks the player your guys should have had at #2?


Look at the bright side. You no longer have the #2 overall pick. But consequently, you still have LeFarce under contract. (Double Ouch).

....no matter how you cut it ...OUR pick is certainly a lot better than your cats will have in 2010... :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol: and you can take that to the bank :lol:

I guess you missed the point, anyone with a pick in the first round is guaranteed a solid prospect, picking first or seventh doesn’t really matter.

Have you forgotten Rocky Butler already ? Shove off.

You don't have a first RD pick and the Cats will end up picking up player's that are just not as good as our pick, and all potential 1ST RD picks are extremely talented and would have no problem making most clubs in June and how many times does it happen when a lower RD pick is actually better than a higher pick. #2 or #6 we will still get immediate help.