2010 CFL Predictions

Some will see change as proof of advancement. To me, though, continuity on a well-built, well-run team can be just as conducive to advancement. Like most here, I feel that the East will be a much tighter division this season, but I don't believe my Als are going to suddenly miss the playoffs or dip below .500. If you put a gun to my head and forced me to predict, I'd say the Als go 12-6 this season and still win the division, but only in the final weeks of the season. What happens in the playoffs is anyone's guess.

YIKES d+P ! We almost agree. This just won't do!We can"t let the burgeoning cat/blue hate die! :smiley:

woe ! I got my cat fans + Montreal fans mixed up. :oops: My apologies to montreal. :smiley:

Well if we're gonna pull the "because this happened to us, it'll probably happen to you", when the Ticats were scrambling for a QB you'll remember we though that all these guys that were good elsewhere were going to be good for us, but that wasn't the case.See Jason Maas and Casey Printers. :slight_smile:

All this aside I think you forgot the 1 main change. Last year Bellefuille was hell bent on sticking with Porter for the first 1/2 - 3/4 of the season, in order to develope him. After Winnipeg ran off 3 or 4 wins in a row near the end of the season, and started breathing down the Cats' neck for 2nd, he finally settled on Glenn and we have seen the improvement that was. I think Hamolton was a 10 or 11 win team last year, that didn't utilize the personnel to the max, until the bitter end.


Probably Montreal won't repeat as champions. In 50 years, only 4 teams won back-to-back grey cups. Perhaps, Winnipeg might be the most improved team because of 3 reasons. First, possible improvements in coaching and personnel. Secondly, easier for lower class to advance to middle class. Third, Winnipeg might be underrated while Hamilton is overrated. In 2009, Hamilton the healthiest team just barely finished a few points ahead of lowly Winnipeg - one of the most injured teams in league.

yup, just the team for BP to end up on :wink:

for the season i like:


A poster at another forum was questioning whether Pierce was injury prone or whether Wally's system is not QB friendly. Pierce has had injuries. Last season Jackson and Lulay were both hurt. Dickenson was hurt a lot and Printers was hurt a number of times in his first stint with the Lions.

dont recall Barrett, flutie or garcia having much injury problems.

Not injury prone but Garcia did get to start in Calgary because of an elbow injury to Flutie.

exactly. Point being, unless wally drastically changed his system in BC, something else is the reason

Point being that a lot of QBs get hurt while playing for Wally. Can you think of any other team who has had as many QBs miss time with injuries over the last 5 years. The Riders had a freaky season in 2008 but other than that I don't recall a lot of injury problems with QBs. IIRC, AC has missed maybe 1 or 2 games due to injury during that time. Ricky Ray missed some games in 2007 but has otherwise been healthy. I can't recall Henry Burris missing games due to injury.

Because his teammates bailed on him. I'll never forget that. One of the most ridiculous collapses in sports history. Guy was left completely wide open. :roll:

…Burris missed a game last year that Nealy and Tate covered for him, and in 2008 he missed a couple fo games that Sankey stepped in for…

…I think Wally just ran into a string of injury related bad luck scenarios with QBs in Dickenson and Pierce, I don’t personally think he is any harder on a QB then any other coach…

That’s true, we could have easily been an 11-7 team if Glenn had started most of the games.

Question: How long before Buck struggles even a little bit and 'peggers drive him out of town?

The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Qbs get hurt playing in B.C. because the O-line has been crap for years and the OCs have favored a passing game that puts priority on the intermediate and deep ball. The Lions' offense frequently requires a QB to hang in the pocket for a second or two longer in order to let those deep routes develop, and as such, it favors mobile QBs who can scramble to buy themselves extra time (e.g. Printers) over pocket passers who aren't that robust to begin with (e.g. Dickenson). Pierce is to blame for his own concussions, as they were largely the result of him foolishly trying to grind out a few extra yards on QB runs instead of hook-sliding or running out of bounds.

With a strong O-line, a team can get away with exposing its QB to potential injury. With a weak O-line, it's injury central no matter how good your head coach is. Also, IIRC, Wally came into the league as a defensive mind, so the offense isn't likely even under his direct control.

On paper, Edmonton has improved more than any team but you don't win on paper. Nonetheless a much improved secondary and greater team speed make the Eskimos the team to beat in my books.

I do bleed Evergreen & Gold so take it with a grain of salt.

I tend to agree with you there, I do think the Eskimos should be the most improved team in the West; how much we'll see. . .

But certainly there is a significant upgrade in the secondary, which was desperately needed. . . and Richie Hall taking over the defence from Jim Daley is a pretty big plus as well.