2010 CFL Predictions

What team do you think will be the best this season, what team will be the worst?

What team will be the biggest suprise, and which team will be the biggest disapointment?

Which teams will be in the cup, and who will win it?????

My Predictions:

Best: Montreal Alouettes- Veteran team that has had many seasons of sucess together, should have a chance to repeat, but might have a bit of drop off because of aging players and Bryan Chiu retiring.

Worst: Argos- 'nuff said.... no qb, although they have a few interesting prospects, and to be honest i have never really heard of any of their players before...

Biggest Suprise: Bombers- Might be bias, but picking up Buck Peirce, and getting a coach who understands a canadian offence, best running back in the league in Fred Reid, and also have one of the top offensive and defensive lines in the league

Disapointment: West division, they won't be as good as the east division this year, they as well as the als, are on a downturn and are getting worse instead of better

In the Cup: (be warned extreme bias)

1:bombers vs B.C- not sure who will be there in the west division but as long as buck peirce stay healthy from the bombers they should have a good shot at the cup- Bombers win

2:Ti-cats vs edm still not sure about the west but if buck peirce gets injured hamilton will have the inside track to 2nd in the east and i dont think that montreal can repeat.-Ti-cats win

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well that one was before training camp, this one is after a preseason game

yeah, plus it was too long with too many “filler” posts. Just teasing ya. One thing though, wouldnt it make more sense to wait till after next week? just a thought. I think I will probably stand by my original guess just the same.

Just for fun...

Best and worst is easy. Montreal and Toronto.
Surprise and disappointment is a bit tougher. I expect Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatchewan to be good again. B.C. and Winnipeg are wild cards. I think if they finish 8-10 or 9-9, they'll meet most people's expectations. I think if Toronto can win more than 5 games, they'll be the biggest surprise.

As for the Grey Cup, I still don't see any team challenging Montreal in the East. Hamilton is getting better, but Montreal has the experience. Probably be Montreal and Hamilton in the East Final with Montreal advancing. The West... who the hell knows. :lol: I still expect that division to be highly competitive, so I'll just be a homer and pick Edmonton. It'll be another classic Edmonton/Montreal Grey Cup with Edmonton winning at home.

I still say

ham 12-6
mont 11-7
tor 6-12
wpg 4-14

cal 13-5
sask 11-7
ed 9-9
bc 6-12

wpg may do better if pierce actually survives over half the season
BC may do better if Lulay plays more than Printers

Refresh my memory: who won the last Grey Cup that Edmonton played in and hosted? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

You see, because Winnipeg won this preseason game, he wants to do predictions now, so everyone will be inclined to pick Winnipeg to do well (based on their 2nd and 3rd stringers beating Montreal's 2nd and 3rd stringers). He won't want to wait until next week in case they lose and no one would be inclined to pick them.

The Hamilton/Winnipeg series is gonna be a lot of fun this season! Just too bad all the games are played in the first half of the season. :frowning:

You see, because Winnipeg won this preseason game, he wants to do predictions now, so everyone will be inclined to pick Winnipeg to do well (based on their 2nd and 3rd stringers beating Montreal's 2nd and 3rd stringers). He won't want to wait until next week in case they lose and no one would be inclined to pick them.

That being said, my predictions (but not records)

Division leaders: Montreal and Saskatchewan
Other playoff teams (in order): Edmonton, Hamilton, Calgary, Winnipeg
Disappointments: BC and Toronto

Season storylines:
-Lapolice struggles early on as HC, but Winnipeg puts together a 4 or 5 game win streak at end of season to make playoffs and prevent a BC crossover
-Quinton Porter will start 2-3 games (whether it be because of injury or struggles with Glenn) and prove he is a great quarterback, stirring up a QB controversy
-Toronto continues to struggle, but will manage to beat Montreal in a huge upset. Dorsey will begin to shine at QB toward end of season
-Casey Printers has a 2004-type season, but defense will be BC's downfall
-Lumsden will get signed by a team (Argos probably)
-Kenton Keith will get signed by a team

Edmonton beats Calgary
Hamilton beats Winnipeg in OT (Deangelis GWFG)
Montreal beats Hamilton in East Final in close game
Edmonton beats Saskatchewan in minor upset
Montreal beats Edmonton in Grey Cup in OT

it’s too early to make a good prediction.

the west will still be competitive and strong, but i think its really a guess as to who will finish where, all have lost some guys and have some question marks, i cannot honestly pick a favorite in that division yet, i think itl be another close race, i see sask prob finishing first, just on a hunch

in the east mtl is the clear front runner, toronto i think will struggle, barker can do the turnaround, but it wont happen easily, and no cfl experiecne at qb will hurt this season imo... hamilton could be good, should be right in the running and the bombers are another wildcard, could be great could stink, lots of new faces

Gonna go out on a limb here & say that my Argos are still gonna suck hard. I love them, but man there's a long way to go!

Best: Montreal or Saskatchewan
Worst: Toronto
Biggest surprise: Winnipeg or Hamilton

Teams very rarely jump or drop by more than a 3 game swing. In roughly 93 percent of cases anyway.

For example

2009 15 wins +4
2008 11 wins +3
2007 8 wins -2
2006 10 wins

Core is aging but well cared for, coaching is consistent, 4 starters lost 2 imports/2 non imports

Prediction -2
Record 13-5

2009 9 wins +6
2008 3 wins =
2007 3 wins -1
2006 4 wins

Team had huge upgrade on offense with Glenn, Bruce, Cobb

Core is young , coaching is consistent, proven players added with the addition Mann,DeAngelis,Poole,Shivers,Jimenez

Prediction +3
Record 12-6

2009 7 wins -3
2008 10 wins +2
2007 8 wins -1
2006 9 wins

Prediction +2
Record 9-9

2009 3 wins -1
2008 4 wins -7
2007 11 wins +1
2006 10 wins

Prediction +2
Record 5-13

2009 10 wins -2
2008 12 wins =
2007 12 wins +3
2006 9 wins

Core is young, changes in the coaching staff, starters departed Davis, Willams,Baggs,Chick ,talent coming in Simpson,Rodriguz,Dorsey, Goodspeed

Prediction +1

2009 10 wins -3
2008 13 wins +6
2007 7 wins -3
2006 10 wins

Coaching is stable but Offensive line decimated by loss of Tsoumpass,Newman,Chevrier and kicker DeAngelis, receiver Copeland

Prediction -3

2009 9 wins -1
2008 10 wins +5
2007 5 wins +2
2006 7 wins

Coaching staff in its second year. Withlock and Campbell should improve the offense, defense still trailing.
Prediction +1

2009 8 wins -3
2008 11 wins -3
2007 14 wins +1
2006 13 wins

Coaching staff stable and strong , Talent added Sanchez, Williams

Okay, I'm picky but that adds up to 75 team wins when only 72 are possible. I also think that you may have used up too many wins in your eastern rankings and that left you struggling to give 'w's' to the west.

I like the 12-6 for the 'Cats though. :smiley:

Montreal, is going to be tough to beat. Watch out for Hamilton, but the big surprise will be the Argo's going from 3 and 15 to 8 and 10

if your not getting better, your getting worse, winnipeg only missed the playoffs by 1 game in the last game last season with Mike Kelly and Micheal Bishop running the show.

This year Winnipeg made huge upgrades to get Lapo and Buck Peirce, Montreal and Hamilton made no significant moves this year, im not saying Montreal will get so bad that they will miss the playoffs, the only thing i see is that montreal could get old really fast and their play may drop off a bit this year. Hamilton thought they were great last year and thats why they are so cocky this year, they made no changes in the offseason and will remain a decent team and will either cross over, or miss the playoffs. :cowboy:

We made NO changes this off-season?
How about aquiring Steve Schmidt to help us at TE?
How about upgrading our kicker from 79% avg. to the most accurate in CFL history with S. DeAngelis?
How about bringing in loads of guys to compete in the secondary including Jason Shivers, Will Poole, Rodney Van, Shannon James, Martin Manson, Jerome Dennis, etc.
How about dumping the injury plagued Kenton Keith for former NFL 3rd round pick Brian Calhoun and veteran return specialist Demetris Summers?
How about upgrading our WR group with the addition of Maurice Mann?
How about bringing some toughness to our OL by adding Jason Jiminez?
Not to mention adding to an already great coaching staff by this year adding an OL coach in Steve Burrato and replacing WR coach Dennis Goldman with Tim Kearse.And this year we'll have extra help on D and ST with assistant coach Dwayne Cameron.
This rookie class is looking sharp for us also.Sam Fournier is looking good on ST, Eddie Steele is definitely showing that in a year or 2 he can dominate, Jason Vega is a standout at DE, Albert Smith is impressive at DT, Reggie Fish and Burl Toler are impressing at WR, and Justin Palardy was just hammering those punts last Sunday.His best was a 53 yarder.

All this + practically no major losses to our 9-9 squad of '09.So where haven't we improved exactly?Why do you guys basically think we'll be lucky to win 5 games this year?Yet you believe the Bombers are on a grey cup run with a glass QB, boatload of rookies and a rookie HC.Hmmmm.....

It seems to me the east might tighten up (ala west). Montreal will someday start to slide, Hamilton has held, to improved and Winnipeg has stabilized. I just can"t imagine Toronto improving with absolutely no QB experience.I can see them slipping with improvements in Winnipeg and Hamilton.

thats what we said in 2007 when we didnt lose any key names, and look how that turned out.

sure you added a few guys like u said u did but i dont really see those guys being a factor on whether you make the playoffs or not, half the guys you mentioned arent even going to make the team this year, sandro will make a difference but dont even pretend you qb is made of steel, with those 2 braces on his knees........ you think you guys are the only ones with good rookies? remember last year with jonathan hefney? this year look out for 1 terence jeffers- harris and kelly butler :wink: