2010 CFL mock draft

I try to make a mock draft every year as I enjoy evaluating talent and speculating on what moves each team is going to make, so here is the first edition of a 2 round mock draft for 2010, I may make another version later. Feel free to criticize or ask me questions. A few of the guys I have limited information on, but I have watched a lot of OUA football and all of the CIS playoffs that were televised.

1. Toronto Argonauts- Cory Greenwood LB Concordia- With the first overall pick in the draft, the Toronto Argonauts take the best player available. I haven't seen much of him except for the few clips shown in the TSN highlight clip of the E-camp, but he has a very impressive resume. CIS defensive player of the year last year, and had very impressive workout numbers. He ran 4.50 second 40 yard dash at 235 pounds, which is very fast. This shows me he can play either Will linebacker or middle. Jason Pottinger will take over the middle this year, and Greenwood will eventually take over for Eiben. Alot of people expect an offensive linemen here, but it looks as though the top rated guy, Joe Eppele was abused in the one on one's this weekend.

2. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Shomari Williams LB Queens- The riders lost both their best pass rushers to the NFL this off season, so what do to combat that, pick up the best pass rusher in this draft. Williams was an absolute beast in the OUA playoffs this year, posting four sacks against Western in the OUA finals and adding another 2 in the Vanier Cup. Add his NCAA experience and he should be able to start some day in this league, sooner rather than later.

3. BC Lions- Jordan Sisco WR Regina- This may not be the sexy pick everyone expects from the 3rd overall selection, but it is one I think the Lions will make. The last wide receiver they took from Regina was a huge success, and BC missed a receiver last year who could go over the middle and make the big catch in traffic. He's a little smaller than Clermont, but if you watched the east- west shrine game, and read Duane Forde's analysis on him this is one tough kid. He's not the big play receiver that people are wanting to see a Canadian college produce, and perhaps they have in this draft, but he is a Wally pick. His testing results were much better than expected as well.

4. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Joe Eppele OL Washington State- The Riders find themselves in great position to grab the best O-line prospect in the draft 4th overall. From the video I saw on Eppele at the E-camp, he's got some work to do, but he is one hell of a physical specimen. The Riders are the poster child's for building NI depth, and that's exactly what this pick is. Perhaps one day he starts, but from what I've seen it's going to take a hell of a lot of coaching.

5. Calgary Stampeders- Jon Bender OL Nevada- I don't know anything about this guy, but it seems like a move Calgary would make. He's got a year of college eligibility left, but he's ranked number one by the scouting bureau so that must mean he's one heck of a player. Calgary is a talented team, and they don't need any immediate help, and there isn't really any this draft can provide to them. Even though they lost Jesse Newman to Miami, I feel they'll replace him with someone already on the roster. Hufnagel made this move last year when drafting Eric Lee, and he makes it again, preparing for the future while you're successful now.

6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Eddie Steele DL Manitoba- Local pick, and from what I've heard perhaps the best DL in the draft. His stock rose tremendously this weekend with good testing numbers, and hes a local boy to boot. He learns behind Doug Brown for a few years and then eventually takes over. This kid was a machine in Canada West this year with 55 tackles. A good local pick with the potential to start one day.

7. Montreal Alouettes- Joash Gesse LB Montreal- Another local pick, however this one is more for depth. I haven't seen any of this guy, and from what I've heard he's injured, but he had a very good bench press on Saturday. Duane Forde said this guy was head to head with Williams and Greenwood for the title of top linebacker in the draft until he got injured. This kid backs Emry up in the middle and plays special teams, and who knows, maybe he is better than Emry and starts one day.

8. Toronto Argonauts- Corey Watson WR Concordia- The best wide receiver going into the E-Camp, and his testing numbers did nothing to hurt him. The Argos need someone for their off the streets quarterbacks to throw to other than Jermaine Copeland, and by trading away Talbot, it leaves the door open for a new NI receiver. Watson posted great numbers last year with over 800 yards receiving, and is very athletic.

9. Edmonton Eskimos- Brian Bulcke DL Stanford- With Adam Braidwood always being injured, the Eskimos are going to need a solution to this. Plus it seems his head isn't in football with this boxing charade on the side. This guy won't be available until next year as he has another year of eligibility, but he has great size and mammoth arms. He was once ranked at the top of the scouting bureau's list, so you know he must be a good player.

10. BC Lions- Mike Montoya FB Laurier- It seems as though Rolly Lumbala has his heart set on the NFL, so Wally takes the best full back in this draft as his solution. He had great numbers at the E- Camp, smashing the bench press record and posting a respectable 40 time. He had over 800 yards rushing at Laurier last year, and is a good receiver to. According to Gogo's analysis of the e-camp, he has trouble blocking, which is a problem if you're a fullback. I however think Wally takes him for his athleticism and receiving ability.

11. Toronto Argonauts- Kristian Matte OL Concordia- The third straight Concordia pick for the Argos, they take the best available CIS lineman. He may not be able to start anywhere right now, but you can never have enough NI depth on the o-line. Not to mention the best CIS lineman in the 08 draft was taken after a couple of NCAA lineman, and it could be argued that he's now the best in the league at his position, if you're wondering who he is, look to the blue and gold.

12. Hamilton Tiger- Cats- Rob Maver K/P Guelph- And with their first pick in the draft, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats select the ever popular kicker. This is the smartest move the Cats can make, they can have one heck of a duo with Deangalis already under contract. This guy averaged 42 yards punting last year, that would be middle of the pack numbers in the CFL, which is good for a NI punter.

13. Calgary Stampeders- Chima Ihekwoaba DL Laurier- Calgary takes this pick to build some depth on the d-line and grab a good special teams player. I watched this guy a few times at Laurier, he's got great size and great athleticism. An injury caused him to miss a bit of last season and limited his workout at the e-camp. At worst, he's a special teams player and Mike Labinjo's backup.

14. Montreal Alouettes- Taurean Allen DB Laurier- And with their first of consecutive picks, Montreal grabs the best cover man in this draft. Losing Davis Sanchez will hurt the ratio a bit, but this guy will be able to play special teams and maybe take over one day in the secondary.

15. Montreal Alouettes- Danny Watkins OL Baylor- Once again, I know absolutely nothing about this guy. However, he is ranked extremely high on the scouting board, and is a perfect fit for a team like Montreal who is willing to wait for his talents.

one should never mock the cfl :slight_smile:

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That's a pretty good shot at most of the players who will go in the first 2 rounds there chris. I would think that the kid from Bishops, Turner, is going to get a long look and may go early.
Whatever happens, there is still going to be some good players available in the third round.

I'd Be shocked to see Rob Maver drop into the Ticats hand at 12

I think Calgary will take him at 5

Only way The Ticats get him is to trade up to 4 with Saskatchewan

I think The Ticats will stand Pat at 12 and Take Chris Bodnar (P/K, Saskatoon Hilltops)
Bodnar is regarded primarily as a punter, That all we need .
He top the Canadian junior ranks with a 41.7 average in '09,

But if get good deal from Riders then maybe trade up..

Thank you chris101;good analysis/comments; always interesting to read what fans/media expect.

Personnally, on Round 1,I agree with choices 1,2,3,6 and 7. For number choice 4, I would suggest Joel Reinders-OL- who performed much better than Eppele at E-Camp. Regarding choice 5,I would suggest Anthony Woodson-RB/SB-rather than Jon Bender who will be available in later rounds.

More difficult in Round 2. For choice 9, I would suggest Joe Eppele-OL-rather than Brian Bulcke. For choice 10, I would suggest Matt Henry-RB- rather than Mike Montoya. For choice 15, I would suggest Steven Turner -WR/PR- or Shawn Gore_WR- if Turner is already drafted. In round 3 or 4, I expect the Als to choose either Danny Watkins or J'Michael Deane-OL- if available.


What strikes me about this year's draft is that the talent at the E-Camp this year was generally outstanding. And that was without some very good redshirt prospects attending: 5 OL, 1-2 DB, 1 LB, 1 DL, 1 WR, 3 RB.

This draft may not have a ton of future stars, but it is probably going to be loaded with guys that will play for a good length of time - making up perhaps for the thin draft pools in 2007 and 2009.

I don't think he's going to go in the first round, I could be wrong but kickers generally don't go that high in the CFL draft. Jon Ryan went in the 3rd round back in 2004 and Luca Congi went in the 2nd round in 2006.

I guess we'll have to wait and see but I can't see him going in the 1st.

Some good comments, here's my take.

  1. Toronto Argonauts - Shomari Williams LB Queens. Best case scenario, in a couple of years he'll be a ratio-busting productive rush-end, worst case play some LB and specials. Local kid from Brampton.

  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders - Joe Eppele OL Washington State. I think Sask would prefer to draft Corey Greenwood, but if they do they probably see Eppele going next to BC. If they take Eppele, BC would probably take Greenwood, this would leave Joash Gesse another LB available to them at pick 4.

  3. BC Lions - Cory Greenwood LB Concordia

  4. Saskatchewan Roughriders - Joash Gesse LB Montreal. I feel these top 3 LB's are the cream of the crop in this draft.

  5. Calgary Stampeders - Rob Maver K/P Guelph. Losing Sandro, they can't afford to let Mayer go by.

  6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Eddie Steele DL Manitoba. Personally I think they'd be better with Taureean Allen but the temptation to go local, Doug Brown eventually retiring, etc.

  7. Montreal Alouettes - Taurean Allen DB Laurier. Davis Sanchez 2.0.

  8. Toronto Argonauts - Joel Reinders OL Waterloo. I think the Argos would like a receiver here, but there are 4 or 5 available roughly of the same value. With picks at 11 and 20 they will hope to grab one, meanwhile this kid looks like a project for a couple of years but an eventual starter. Tested well at the e-camp, and has a young football body, having concentrated on basketball up to a few years ago. A lot of potential to improve.

  9. Edmonton Eskimos - Jon Bender OL Nevada though I think they'd be better off with Brian Bulcke. I don't like Bender this high as I think he could turn out to be one of those guys that bounces around the NFL for 3 or 4 years (Corey Mace) or maybe even ends up making a career in the NFL (Nick Kaczur). He'd be better value in round 3 or 4.

  10. BC Lions - Chima Ihekwoaba DL Laurier. I think Danny Watkins would be their pick but losing Ricky Foley might force them to go DE.

  11. Toronto Argonauts - Corey Watson WR Concordia. I think they would be tempted to go with Brian Bulcke here but might not want to take a chance on losing out on addressing a real area of concern for them, NI receiver.

  12. Hamilton Tiger- Cats - Brian Bulcke DL Stanford.

  13. Calgary Stampeders - Kristian Matte OG Concordia. They'll be thankful if he's available as a logical candidate in the mix to replace Dimitri Tsoumpas.

  14. Montreal Alouettes - Steven Turner R/KR Bishops

  15. Montreal Alouettes - Danny Watkins OL Baylor. Montreal have solid NI depth on the OL and at receiver, and will probably hope to add at receiver and DL/LB with their next 2 picks. Turner will figure in the mix to replace Larry Taylor, Watkins like Reindeers hasn't played football his entire career. Didn't have a stellar first season at Baylor from what I've read but in 3 or 4 years could figure along the OL.

Actually, I dont get it. I am constantly amazed at all the knowledge some posters have about canadian college players and their potential. The only name I ever knew before he came to CFL was Doug Flutie. Ok, maybe some other ex NFLers as well. What amazes me even more is how many can keep tabs of all the talent coming out of U.S. colleges and universities. It purely makes my head spin. Pro ball is all I can handle.

It’s ok FYB, you’re getting old. No hard feelings, keep that walker going steady , we still like ya :wink:

I don't think Toronto will hang on to their pick. I think they will go back in the draft in exchange for some talent that is more game ready. They have quite a few good picks and none of the players established that they were ready to make a contribution as a starter.

I wouldn't rank Eppele as a high first round pick. Although he played his college ball at Washington State university he only started a couple of games this past year. If you follow PAC 10 football you will remember that WSU lost all but 3 or 4 games these past two years. Their average loss was by 20 points or more. Their O-line had numerous injuries which saw many starters out for the season or numerous games. If you can't start for a school as bad as WSU then I don't see you making much or an inpact in the CFL...but I may be wrong.

Plus the PAC 10 is a weak ass conference. just my two cents.

This past season the PAC 10 was a weak conference - I'll give you that one Ugo.

Stop thinking like Adam Rita. :slight_smile: They didn't send him on a vacation for nothing during E-Camp. Second half of Adam's vacation will be during the draft. :smiley:

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I am not suggesting the Argos neglect the draft just saying that I don't see one player who could or should start as a rookie, looks to me like there is 20 or so prospect that are pretty much the same so if the Riders were willing to give up a NI player who's ready to start and swap places in the draft that may be a route the Argos choose to go.

Here is my current MD 1st. round

Toronto: Shomari Williams
Saskatshewan: Cory Greenwood
BC: Joel Reiders
Saskatchewan: Ed Steel
Calgary: Rob Maver
Winnipeg: Steven Turner
Montreal: Shawn Gore

Darkhorses: Black, Eppele, NCAA juniors