2010 CFL Evaluation Camp- "Prospect Central" Coverage

Here is the link to the "Prospect Central" feature on the cfl.ca website which will contain all of the information for fans interested in the 2010 CFL Evaluation Camp this weekend:


If you click onto the "E-camp Results" tab on Prospect Central, you will see a few early stats from the bench press testing. It looks as though the results are being entered on a near real time basis. A nice added feature by the CFL and Reebok this year.

o man, i am getting so exited! As i was watching the NFL combine and getting exited for that draft, I must say that this combine means so much more to me, i cant wait to compair stats from this years OL to last year, and see how it is changed. My guess is that the OL will be stronger by a few reps (last year averaged at 16) heavier and a bit slower.

Defensive lineman Eddie Steele from University of Manitoba has the top bench press results so far with 33 reps followed by offensive tackle Joe Eppele from Washington State with 28 reps.

Two simply amazing bench press results from two running backs at the CFL Evaluation Camp today. Michael Montoya (5'11" 236 lbs) from Wilfrid Laurier has bench pressed an all-time E-camp record of 40 reps and Matt Henry (6'0" 210 lbs) of Manitoba has done 34 reps. Linebacker Joash Gesse (6'0" 225 lbs) of Montreal has done 33 reps.

The number of bench press reps for Matt Henry on the E-camp results page was originally shown as 34 but it is must have been a typo as the final tally now lists him with 24 reps. Michael Montoya won the event with 40 reps.

Full bench press results: http://www.cfl.ca/page/ecamp-results-bench

The Burlington kid from Laurier must be damn strong doing 40. My guess is he will be drafted as a FB not a RB. I'm sure a guy who can lift 225 pounds 40 times can move a few people.

EDIT: I just noticed a guy named Derek Batchelor (DB from the University of Toronto) only did 1. haha! Who wants a DB that can only do 1 rep??

Sasha Glavic's brother? QB Erik Glavic: http://cfl.ca/roster/show?id=3011

Either brother or cousin as both are from Pickering. Big guy! Bigger than Porter.

I have not followed the CIAU for a couple years and have lost touch with who is playing.

Here is a link to an article by Duane Forde posted on tsn.ca this afternoon about the leading 2010 CFL draft prospects at each position. He mentions players who are at the E-Camp this weekend and some who are not there for various reasons.


Defensive end Chima Ihekwoaba (6’4? 255 lbs), a Burlington resident who attended Wilfrid Laurier, is having an excellent E-Camp. This morning, he ran a 4.78 40 yard dash and a 4.24 short shuttle, the latter being an excellent time for a player of his size. Yesterday, he did 23 bench press reps and had an outstanding 41? vertical jump.

The CFL Scouting Bureau Report in Dec/09 had Ihekwoaba ranked as the number 14 draft prospect overall. The Ticats have the 13th pick overall in the 2010 CFL Draft. Although the team has other pressing needs at punter (Rob Maver or Chris Bodnar) and kick returner (Steven Turner), Chima Ihekwoaba is also worth considering for a spot on special teams and eventually at defensive end.

Steven Turner has clocked a blazing 4.31 seconds in the 40-yard dash

That would put in Line for a NFL Job.. I am betting He gets a Tryout after a Number like that

I don't think you can judge a player from this, what's more important is what a player does on the field not in the weightroom. During the nfl combine they showed the leaders from each year in all the different things and each guy on the list were nobodies who never amounted to anything as a player. I'd take a receiver who runs crisp routes, comes back to the ball, knows how to not give away where the ball is on deep underthrown routes etc over a guy who runs a 4'2 40 but doesnt do any of those things.

Also the reps is misleading because guys with short arms always do the most reps, so 40 reps by a guy who is 5'11 isnt as impressive as 28 reps by the guy who is 6'8

Al Davis is already drooling and ready to draft him with the 10th pick lol

I agree fully. I think most GM's and coaches just use the numbers as a gauge. I think the bench test is one of the more important because it shows strength and is a good way to judge endurance rather than just running.

It is important the strength test, but still if the player hasnt produced on the field i wouldnt draft him based on any of these results, we made that mistake last year with Brown.

take a look at the nfl combine leaders for the last 10 years

[url=http://www.topendsports.com/sport/gridiron/nfl-draft-results-top.htm]http://www.topendsports.com/sport/gridi ... ts-top.htm[/url]

one guy had 51 reps on the bench press, he never played one down of football in the NFL.

While it is agreed that no draft pick is a guaranteed success on physical testing stats alone, the tests are a starting point for determining who may be physically capable of playing at the pro level. Work ethic, attitude and on-field intelligence are just as important as physical ability but those attributes will become evident or not evident during training camp and the pre-season.

That said, Onknight is probably correct about Steven Turner garnering some NFL interest. A young player with a 4.31 40 yard dash time, a 4.03 shuttle time, a 43.5" vertical jump and 20 bench press reps is bound to open an NFL door or two.

He may get a try out but I don't think teams will be tripping over each other to get at him, all NFL teams have learned that combine results are kind of like mirages. Al Davis learned the hard way with Bey, he had what 7 catches last year and his combine results were pretty much the same as Turners. I'm betting he'll get a work out with a couple teams with no one signing him, the thing that will hurt him the most is being 5'9.

Here is a copy of an excellent and thorough report on the 2010 CFL Evaluation Camp posted on the cfl.ca forum by a fellow with the user name "gogogos" who also posts on the ticats.ca website from time to time and attended the National Invitational Combine on Friday and the Evaluation Camp this weekend:

"I suppose that this is the second annual E-Camp detailed report by yours truly. I was in attendance all day today at the University of Toronto Varsity Stadium, and have included my in-depth perceptions about the performance of the prospects. Feel free to link or re-post this report – just be sure to credit the original source!

National Invitational Combine

The NIC was held on Friday, which hosted approximately 70 draft eligible and 5th year prospects at Varsity Stadium. The turnout from the CFL teams was outstanding, with essentially all personnel in attendance for the E-Camp present all day. There were some great performances, although the talent level overall was second-tier to that at the E-Camp. It should be expected that 5+ of the players at this camp will be drafted or receive CFL contracts. Kudos to Matt Gough and Duane Forde for putting this together and hopefully starting a long-term trend.

I didn't have a chance to review many performances in depth. The best bench press performance was apparently 35 by Universitie de Montreal QB Marc-Olivier Brouillette. Combined with a good 40 time, a team may be interested in pursuing him as a FB/ST project.

Overall E-Camp Impressions

In a nutshell, it seems fairly clear to me that this group of prospects is a noticeably more athletic and talented group than the previous year. The level of ability seemed to be improved at all positions save OL and perhaps DB. Early indications suggest that next year's class may be even better.


Danny Brannagan – Im not a big Danny Brannagan fan from his collegiate work, as I thought his throwing style was awkward and he didnt have great footwork or mechanics either. However, he had an OUTSTANDING performance at the E-Camp today. It looks as though he has been working on his throwing motion, as he is not using his footwork to much greater effect and has elongated his arm motion. 95%+ of his throws were right on target, every one a perfect spiral with tremendous power. The receivers were having trouble handling some perfectly thrown balls simply because they were so fast. He can perform a seven-step drop as through hes been doing it on every play for the last four years, when in fact hes only done it sparingly in college. The only question are his height and whether the CFL game will move too quickly for him. There is no doubt that with the TC roster rule change, he will definitely be in someones camp in June – and its up to him to make the most of that opportunity.

Erik Glavic – Glavic, by contrast, was pretty awful. His balls were weakly thrown, wobbled all over the place and were generally pretty inaccurate. Perhaps 1 in 6 completely missed the open receiver. His footwork was second-rate compared to Brannagan. I don`t think he did himself any favours.

Justin Dunk – He was alright, he was clearly less talented that Brannagan. Maybe someone will bring him to camp, but I highly doubt he makes any team.

Offensive Line

The quality of the OL performance was likely affected by the fact that five top prospects in this year's draft class are redshirt juniors in the NCAA, and thus did not attend. While DL usually have the edge in the 1-on-1 drills, the OL in this year's class seemed to have more difficulty containing and delaying pass rushers than last year.

Joe Eppele – He's as big and athletic as advertised, with a solid bench press, great vertical and good 40 yard dash time. However, I think some major questions about his suitability as the number 1 overall pick were raised. He was serviceable at LT in the 1-on-1s, but was repeatedly burned at RT by all opposition, which would be the position he'd be expected to play at the CFL level. He seems like a project with tremendous natural talent that would need to learn the RT position before being able to start in the CFL.

Bart Archdekin – He's pretty slow, was serviceable at Guard but burned at Centre.

Ryan Bomben – Very good testing #s, but like most of the OL he struggled against the DL.

Michel Boudreault – Injured and did not participate.

Justin Glover – Nothing stood out.

Cody Husband – Average, beaten fairly often but held up defenders more than most.

Kristian Matte – Like Duane Forde reported, he's got very good interior lineman technique and fared better than most against the DL in 1-on-1s. Definitely a strong player who likely benefits from being a little older than most of the other players in this draft year.

Patrick Neufeld – Unimpressive.

Joel Reinders – His technique looked fairly sloppy in individual drills, but he was probably the best OL in 1-on-1s. Rarely beaten against the DL, he really used his size and arm length to good advantage to get leverage on his smaller opponents. His performance at OT likely made Eppele's look poorer by comparison, possibly affecting his draft stock.

Michael Warner – Quick and fast for a big man with pretty good technique and a better than average performance in the 1-on-1s. But at 6'0?, I can't help but think that he'd be hard pressed to make it in the CFL as a Guard.

Josh Buttrill – Unimpressive.

Defensive Line

Compared with last year, there is really an abundance of solid pass rushers available in this year's draft class (the E-Camp doesn't test run-stopping in a 1-on-1 situation, and teams must rely on game film for that). This position likely saw the largest improvement from last year's E-Camp.

Marc-Antoine Beaudoin-Cloutier – He didn't test all that well on Saturday, and in fact did not complete several of the tests. However, he put in a very good performance on Sunday. His 40-yard dash was sub-5.0, which was good for the class although not as fast as his larger former teammate Etienne Legare at last year's E-Camp. Beaudoin-Cloutier is very quick with great feet, and a real arsenal of crisp moves that confounded most of the offensive linemen he faced. He's got very good height, but is small for DE – thankfully he has a frame that can gain some weight.

Everton Black – He's strong, but he also carried on the Black family tradition by running a 40-yard dash over 5.0, which many probably saw as disappointing. Nevertheless, he has a great burst off the line and was more often than not past the tackle with little contact. I imagine that the DE/LB debate is not quite settled, as he didn't work out with the linebackers.

Christopher Greaves – Very good power and explosion for a big guy over 270 lbs, with the strength to drive back offensive lineman and blow past them to reach the QB. He was stoppable, as several of the offensive linemen were able to hold him up on occasion – especially the tackles Reinders and Eppele. Not surprising, since his natural position is DT.

Chima Ihekwoaba – Outstanding testing numbers on Saturday followed up by a terrific 40 and good work in the individual drills. He did not dress for the 1-on-1s, possibly due to nagging injuries from the season. He'll probably work out at the Wilfrid Laurier “NFL Pro Day? - he's got his heart set on the NFL.

Bruno Lapointe – Didn't dress for the individual or 1-on-1 drills. Disappointing, especially when combined with his lacklustre performance on Saturday.

Grant MacDonald – Clearly a step below the other defensive linemen in this prospect class. Several of the NIC prospects were probably more deserving of an invite based on performance at the combines alone.

Eddie Steele – He put the strength he displayed on Saturday to good use, as he dominated all OL he faced on the inside and handled many on the edge as well. This DT has very good explosion from the line of scrimmage and comes across as a future locker room leader, should a CFL opportunity pan out. All things considered, he probably leaves the E-Camp as the best of a very good group of defensive linemen.

Sebastien Tetreault – It certainly looked as though he was nursing the effects of a lingering lower body injury, as reflected in his 40-yard and shuttle times. He still managed to give a good performance in the 1-on-1s, undressing several of the offensive lineman. It's likely that his game film will make the difference between being drafted or not.

Running Backs

A good group of backs in this year's class, with much more variety and talent than last year, which was largely the “Jamall Lee Show?. A few of these players likely have the talent to fulfil a Calvin McCarty-type role as a situational running back on a regular basis. It's even possible that they could help justify more NI starting running backs.

Gabriel Ephard – Athletic and fast running back with good size. He's a very good blocker in the backfield, and capable of making very quick moves to get separation when playing as a downfield receiver, although he did have a few drops.

Pascal Fils – Another athletic and fast running back that can also play a power game between the tackles. He was a fairly good blocker in the backfield, but struggled to consistently catch balls in the flat and down field. It must be noted that several of these passes were overthrown. He did make the highlight reel catch of the day with one hand, deep down field and off-balance.

Nick Fitzgibbon – Fast and agile back with decent hands, but seemed to have more of the Jesse Lumsden-esque upright running style. Not a bad blocker, likely a fullback prospect.

Sam Fournier – Not notable.

Matt Henry – Had a great day at the E-Camp. His 40 time was not lights out, but he's a quick and powerful runner with a low centre of gravity. He is an outstanding blocker in the backfield and had very good hands when slotted out as a receiver - difficult for the defensive prospects to cover.

Michael Montoya – We've all read about his outstanding strength, demonstrated by the 40 bench press reps on Saturday. He followed that up with a very good 40-yard dash time, and had great hands in the flat, consistently catching balls with his hands without juggling. At the camp however, he was probably the worst blocking back, undressed by all linebackers he faced.

Anthony Woodson – The question going in was whether he would be rusty after missing a season due to injury. It seems like he has returned to form, posting a great 40-yard dash time and demonstrating very good quickness. He was a better than average blocker, and had a strong ability to make quick cuts as a receiver to confuse defenders. He seems like a slot conversion at the next level.

Adam Dunk – didn`t work out.

Conor Elliott – Unimpressive.

Joash Gesse – Did not work out due to continuing recovery of a serious injury suffered during the season. Too bad, since the bench reps he put up on Saturday likely left the scouts hungry for more.

Cory Greenwood – Tested very well yesterday and today in all the numbers. A very good pass rusher with average but intelligent cover skills. Although not as quick as some of the running backs in the 1-on-1s, he was rarely fooled and never gave up a big play or was beaten deep. Deserving of his scouting rank.

Shomari Williams – He worked out with both the DL and the LB, and looked very good with both. A terrific pass rusher that was nearly unstoppable on the edge, he also demonstrated good cover skills with at least 2 pass break-ups. He made a real case this weekend to be the top pick in the draft.

Christian Houle – Another great pass rusher who also played very aggressive man-to-man coverage. No play against him was ever easy, and he brought total effort on every drill and play. Likely improved his potential draft stock in the eyes of many coaches and scouts.

Giancarlo Rapanaro – Nothing stood out.

Steve Reading – Unimpressive.

Christopher Smith – Probably the best pure coverage linebacker today, but his pass rush was not up to the same level as that of some of the other linebackers. Good performance overall.

Wide Receivers

This years receiver group was overall leaps and bounds ahead of what we saw last year. There are a few very talented guys in this years class, and a few others that are really good medium-term projects. They generally looked much better than the defensive backs they faced.

Cyril Adjeitey – Overall an average performance – average speed and his catch percentage was about 50%.

Nate Binder – Hurt his hamstring after the 40-yard dash and shuttle, and thus did not work out in the field drills.

Josh Bishop – Good quickness and separation, but dropped a lot of balls throughout the drills.

Kevin D`Hollander – Probably the least impressive performance, lots of drops.

Akeem Foster – Fast and with great height and separation ability, he still seems somewhat raw as he dropped several easy passes.

Shawn Gore – Very good performance, with great hands, consistency and speed.

Stephen Hughes – Started off with a fair number of drops, but got better as the session proceeded, demonstrating his outstanding hands and crisp catches.

Charles-Antoine Sinotte – Very quick and capable of making great catches on a consistent basis, but lacks strength and height that are likely necessary at the next level.

Jordan Sisco – The most consistent receiver, who routinely made textbook catches with ease in 1-on-1s and in speed drills. He also ran a much better 40-time than many likely expected from him.

Steven Turner – The story of the E-Camp in many ways, consistently excelling in all aspects of testing. He worked out as a RB and a WR and was among the best performers at both positions. He has firmly placed himself on the radar of all teams, and perhaps only his game film and height are holding him back from a sure-fire NFL shot.

Cory Watson – The best-ranked receiver coming into E-Camp, he largely met expectations on Sunday. He had a strong 40-time, and demonstrated the separation skills and quickness that scouts had anticipated. He did miss a few catchable balls, and also incorrectly ran one route.

Defensive Backs

As a group, they generally struggled in coverage against the strong group of wide receivers. Teams looking for non-import field corners are likely not going to find a bevy of them from this group. Ludovic Kashindi, invited but unable to attend due to an Achilles injury, was in attendance today on crutches.

Taurean Allen – As expected, he was clearly the best DB in this year`s prospect class. His man-to-man coverage was generally very good, and he broke up several passes and made an interception. Also plays with a bit of a nasty disposition, trying to get into the heads of his opponents without dirty play.

Derek Batchelor – Unimpressive.

Nicholas Poloniato – Below average, although better than many.

Nick Riva – Nothing stood out.

Grant Shaw – Not a great performance.

Chayce Elliott – Demonstrated very good pursuit speed, but this was largely a result of being turned around by so many of the receivers.

Hamid Mahmoudi – Didnt participate in Sundays drills.

Jon Krahenbil – Struggled in man coverage, which likely cements the fact that he is naturally a safety rather than a corner. He was able to get an interception on a hard-fought play.

Cauchy Muamba – Aggressive and athletic, but struggled to successfully handle receivers in man-to-man coverage. He needs to work on his ball awareness to improve his ability to manage balls in the air.

My Top 5 by Position

OL – Reinders, Eppele, Matte, Husband, Warner
DL – Steele, Ihekwoaba, Beaudoin-Cloutier, Greaves, Black
RB – Henry, Montoya, Ephard, Woodson, Fils
LB – Greenwood, Williams, Houle, Gesse, Smith
WR – Sisco, Gore, Watson, Turner, Foster
DB – Allen, Krahenbil, Muamba, Poloniato, Elliot
QB – Brannagan, Dunk, Glavic

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Well done, gogogos!

TCDC, :thup: Thank you for this and your time. Well done also to gogogos.

After reading the gogogos report, it sounds like maybe 3 of the invited O-Line prospects were decent, while the others stunk, whereas five or six of the invited D-Line prospects showed well.

But remember, a bunch of kids playing ball in the States with a year of eligibility remaining stayed home. Including some very good O-Linemen.

What about the kickers, gogogos?