2010 CFL All-Stars have been announced..

2010 CFL All-Stars announced, led by Henry Burris at QB, Boyd at RB and Fantuz at Receiver.

Burris is NOT the best QB in the league. no way. He had too many games where he looked like he was confused. AC was better than him.

I agree 100%.

from the announcement:

Fans were given the opportunity to have their voice heard through the CFL All-Star Balloting Program presented by The Vancouver Province, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Leader-Post, The StarPhoenix, National Post and the [b]Montreal Gazette[/b]. Nearly half a million votes were cast by CFL fans across the country.
Montreal Gazette? Less than 25% of Montrealers can really read it... Why not use a French speaking Newspaper which contact the other 75%? It may explain why AC was not chosen.

Pretty good selections by the fans IMO.

Jamal Richardson.

1st in catches
4th in yardage. Only 100 yards behind 1st place, and didn't even play the last game.
8th in receiving T.D's

you're telling me they couldn't find 1 out of the 4 allstar receiver spots for this guy????????

Also think Calvillo should have got the QB allstar spot.
32 td's 7 interceptions
4839 yds

38td's, 20 interceptions
4945 yards.

Calvillo missed 2 games to injury and then sat out the last game of the year, and had no running game all year to keep the defence honest.

Guess we could debate it all day, but I think it went to the wrong guy.

The voting was online. That announcement just meant those papers sponsored the website. You'll notice that there were no local papers from Hamilton, Toronto or Winnipeg listed yet that didn't stop people who support those teams from voting.

Really? 75% of Montrealers are unilingual French? :lol: :lol: I would buy it if that was Quebec City, but Montreal? :lol: Have you even been to the city? What’s the source of those stats? Wikipedia is not always accurate but form the following link;


English is well-represented and widely understood on the island of Montreal. Though Anglophones only account for approximately 18% of the population, the majority of non-native English speakers are bilingual: some 57% of Francophones and 70% of allophones claim to be able to carry a conversation in English

The fan voting is only a small percentage, if it wasn't why weren't more than two Riders selected :wink: You guys always harp on Rider fans for heavily skewing any online polls or voting.

I too agree that Calvillo would have gotten my vote, but the numbers were close enough that it's not a big deal.

I'm okay with the receiver selections, someone could have made an argument that Stamps should have made it over both Lewis and Richardson given that he was less than 50 yards behind those guys while playing 3 less games.

I don't think Rob Murphy deserved to be an all star, but that lineman picks have no statistics other than sacks to go on.

The rest of the picks were fine.