2010 Canadian Draft, 2000-2010

Just for interest I have noted the number 1 draft pick, the other notables and, rated each draft on the players who have made it to become a first team player.

2000 Matt Petz Poor Draft
2001 Luke Fritz Pat Woodcock 2nd Good Draft
2002 Pat Dorvelus Poor Draft
2003 Andrew Noel Kerry Carter KariKari 6th Dave Stala Good Draft although A Noel was a bust
2004 Alain Kashama Josh Bourke only made 1st team Fair Draft because of JB
2005 Matt Proulx no other notables poor draft
2006 Deslauriers E Boulay became starter poor draft
2007 Yalowski One of the poorest ever drafts, no one ever made 1st string
2008 Shea Emery Woodruff Brodeur- Jourdain one of the best drafts ever
2009 D Steenbergen poor draft, to date no player made 1st string
2010 K Matt Broillette 3rd, only player to get regular reps, too early to obtain eventual starters

This coming draft will be interesting as two PK will be available, both highly rated. There are two noted receivers. Will the team be able to get one of these 4 players? Winnipeg is willing to trade their 1st round pick. We do have potential OL players to trade as Winnupeg is looking for OL. Can we trade up?

Niagara in the CFL getting one or two starters is not a poor draft. The only year the Als drafted poorly was the year Desjardins left for Hamilton and Jim was HC.

Il y a tout de même quelque chose de très intéressant dans cette récapitulation : la qualité des jeunes joueurs canadiens semblent s'améliorer d'année en année, et cela inclut les joueurs du Québec. Alors que le football demeurait un sport relativement marginal dans cette province, il est de plus en plus pratiqué et on commence à en voir des résultats.

Il ne faut pas perdre de vue que bien des joueurs canadiens deviennent partants par dépit plus que par choix des entraîneurs. Que le calibre des jeunes canadiens tende à s'élever est une très bonne nouvelle pour notre football, car si la tendance se maintient suffisamment longtemps, il y aura un intérêt grandissant pour eux et peut-être que plus de moyens seront déployés pour les former.

Dans une certaine mesure, les succès constants du Rouge et Or de l'Université Laval forcent les autres organisations universitaires à mettre des efforts pour se hisser à ce niveau d'excellence, ce qui profite à tout le football canadien.

Poor draft or not, opinions will vary....

All I have to say is Popp has been doing an awesome job since '96, building a contender (& championship) team year in year out.

We have 7 draft picks this year per Wikipedia (I know Wikipedia is not 100% accurate, but gives us a good idea):


I remember a Popp interview where he looks 2-3 years ahead for what he will need....so in that order my pick are OL, then go for P/PK (for immediate)...then a toss-up.....

I'm no GM so don't take this seriously... :slight_smile:

100% with you on that XGamer. . . as Als' fans, we're sure lucky to have such a terrific GM.

I witnessed the 2008 Grey Cup LIVE from the stands. . . and we lost. You witnessed the next two live from the stands, and we won.

Guess I know who should attend the Grey Cup from now on and who shouldn't. . . :smiley:

I think the Als will look at the best available player and drafting late that likely will be a junior NCAA player. Last season we drafted three guys who dropped down because of NFL interest or NCAA eligibility and all 3 will be at camp this season... :slight_smile:

Jim knows...

Do like me, keep on trying, I'm .500 (Loss in 2006 (WPG) & 2008 (MTL) - Win in 2009 (CGY) & 2010 (EDM) and enjoyed 3 GC without the Als being there (just enjoy the GC party :slight_smile:)

Back on subject, I'm not sure I would try to get Winnipeg 1st overall pick vs CDN Oline guys we have waiting in the wing (Matte & Steenbergen)....

Woodruff waited 2-3 years before becoming a starter and Jim will probably not pick a P/PK as the 1st overall pick....

Can't wait for May 8th, 2011...it will just mean that season is getting closer :slight_smile:

HFxTC, in the 2007 draft, which had to be the worst ever, the Als drafted 6 OL guys. The first pick that year was a guy from Calgary who han banged up his knees so severely that he should not have been a candidate. None of the other OL made the team that year. One pick, a linebacker made the team as a back up player- he is now with SASK and Calvillo burned him good in our last Grey Cup. I believe that the 2007 draft was a lemon. My idea of a good draft has to mean that we get a starter immediately or, in a year's time {such as Shea Emery}, and, pick up at least one other player good enough for special teams. One pick Chris VanZeyl was picked up by Toronto and, eventually became a first string tackle with the Argos. In 2000 and 2003 Petz and Dorvelus were 1st picks but, never developed, playing just on special teams. I believe one factor in this draft was that Popp was coach and, I have thought that this dismal draft became a victim as Popp did not spend his usual time scouting.

Hi , exactly why I mentionned 2007 as the only bad draft in 15 years that sticks out badly, 14 good to excellent years for 1 bad year simply incredible hard and smart work.

HFxTC : I used for he criteria in the analysis the presence of at least one member of the group had to include a first string pick. Should I ever do this again I would attempt to evaluate all those players who were drafted in each year. For example, had I done this I would have ranked the year that Dorvelus was Ist better because Haji Resouli made first string and Arron Franconi had several good years in the CFL. Because there was nothing behind Petz, I would again rank that group as poor. I only did this from 2000-2010. I believe the draft year 2010 was one of the very best ever and, we should get 2-3 regular players from it.