2010 2 Round Mock Draft

My Two Round Mock draft

Round Pick Team Player School Position
1 1 Toronto Joe Eppele Washington State LT
1 2 Winnipeg Shomari Williams Queen's/Houston LB
1 3 BC Brian Bulcke Stanford DT
1 4 Saskatchewan via Edm Danny Watkins Baylor LT
1 5 Hamilton Forfeit - 2009 Supplemental Draft
1 6 Calgary Rob Maver Guelph PK/P
1 7 Saskatchewan Cory Greenwood Concordia LB
1 8 Montreal Cory Watson Concordia WR

2 9 Toronto via SK via Tor Bruno Lapointe Buffalo DE
2 10 Edmonton via Winnipeg Taurean Allen Wilfrid Laurier CB
2 11 BC Nasser Jamal Louisiana-Lafayette LT
2 12 Toronto via Edmonton Kristian Matte Concordia OL
2 13 Hamilton Chris Bodnar Saskatoon Hilltops P/PK
2 14 Calgary Curtis Dublanko North Dakota LB
2 15 Montreal via Sask Jordan Sisco Regina WR
2 16 Montreal Cauchy Muamba St. FX CB

Bodnar is regarded primarily as a punter, topping the Canadian junior ranks with a 41.7 average in '09, but also improved his field goal accuracy this past season.

Well Take Bonar cause Maver will be gone and We Really need a Good Canadian Punter

Sound's good to me :thup:

The Other Thing I could See Happening is a Trade If Stamps Get Maver
They Part with BURKE DALES

I could also see us picking Bodnar in round 2 if the Riders or rgos ask us for too much to move up in the draft order.

Without name dropping I heard from a scout that the Cats are high on a few punters they had at a free agent camp at the stadium a few weeks ago, if this is true they won't need to waste a pick on a punter. I was told they were Canadian kids

gilthethrill wrote:

Coach, as an Argo fan, Bruno Lapointe at #9? I think actually the Argos have #8 & #11 pics..I hope Shomari Williams goes #1, he would replace Zeke Moreno in the middle quite well...
You are correct, Gil. The Ticats' number five overall pick was forfeited and no longer exists. All selections after the forfeited pick move up one number in the draft. The Argos therefore have the number 8 and 11 overall picks.

I heard on and off from Drew that they were testing a few N/I punter's also.Would prefer not having to waste a pick on a punter if we don't have to.

Unless Ray Guy comes out of retirement, I just can't see any way we go with an American punter...It would make no sense at all! I still think our first pick should not and will not be a punter...We'll see in 2 days I guess.

Onknight I believe the Saskkatoon Hilltops are a junior team are not those players allowed to sign as free agents.

41.7 yards a punt using Canadian rules is HORRIBLE. Why waste a pick?

punter/place-kicker Hugh O'Neill has averaged 42.1 over the last 3 as well.
Nothing to drool over.

I wouldnt bother drafting a punter considering it's NOT a need for any other team except us and all these guys except Maver will be there to sign after the draft.

You also have to fact in ball placement and hang time, but still i cant see a 41 yard average getting Obie too excited that he’d give up huge pieces to get the 4th pick.

Agreed I have being Drafted at 12 By Hamilton

Then why Want Maver His Punt Avg was not as good as 41

Why just sign a FA

Maver has the extra allure as back-up place kicker and kick-off specialist if required.
Obie is smart. I see Maver going to either Toronto us or Calgary. If it is Calgary then we get Dales and all is well. If it is us all is good. If the Argos get him then we sign a FA punter that falls through the draft.

I often wonder if other players have hidden kicking talent that they do not know about. I mean Joe Zugar used to be our punter, another year we had back-up QB Dave Marler. Stala is an OK punter. With all the great athletes on a football team you would think a few could punt.

see not mocking your mock draft but you're wrong because the bombers dont pick until 6th. sask and us swapped picks this year so lol try again :stuck_out_tongue:

but u guys talking about punters and stuff.. can d'angelis not punt if need be? i mean worst case scenario?

Also, Stala can punt. And there is also Westwood, O'Mahony and McCallum, who are all FA's now, I believe...

Stala is only a last resort if your punter is injured during a game. You'd never enter a game with him as a starter.