2009 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Interesting to say the least! Giles is a keeper and starter which allows us to trade a RB to strengthen another position. Our defense looks solid and so does the secondary(surprisingly) Our O-Line is still abit of a question mark and hopefully LaBatte will be okay. I'am concerned about our QBing. Hopefully LaFors will be the answer. I don't believe that MK is the second coming of JR. I agree with most of the changes that have been made although I've questioned some! Our schedule is tough for the first half of the season. Three home games,six road games. There will be some growing pains to be sure. If we're sitting at 4 and 5 after the first 9 and LaFors shows improvement during this time then we're on our way. If we're 2 and 7 and struggling at Qb then we could be in for a long second half of the season.
I'am predicting an 8 and 10 season(2nd place) with the Ti-Cats on our back the whole way to the end. A parade down Portage ave in early December would be great!! But I believe it may come in 2010 instead. This is the CFL so anything is possible!!! For 2009, I want to see a competitive,disciplined team that shows improvement from week to week!!
Watch for a stable Montreal team, an improved Hamilton team and Edmonton to finish first in the west!