2009 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

A terrible half season and an improved second half but a long way to go to contender status. Still an interesting situation down the stretch. We never performed up to expectations so far this year but there is still hope. An 8 and 10 Calgary team won the Grey cup in 01 so you never know ?
This team needs major changes before the 09 season kicks off. I'am sorry to say but aside from another Grey cup appearance,Kevin Glenn must be replaced along with alot of aging veterans along with a real field goal kicker and maybe a new head Coach. I personally don't mind Berry but he doesn't seem to have the player's respect which is needed for a team to move up that extra notch. Is Taman the problem? I don't know the internal politics of the football business so I don't know but I loved what he did in landing Big Zeke from Hamilton.
I'am cheering our Bombers on every week but I can't help but think,once again,what changes need to be made to bring us to contender status in 09.

I’m willing to let the curtain fall on the 08 season before passing judgment on this bunch.

....WE'RE NOT DONE YET IN 08.....but if we blow this one against the Argos tonight....i'd say we're headed for the exit this season....IF there ever was a win, this lousy year, that we really have to have, ''it's this one....NO EXCUSES...Change has to start immediately after 08 in any event ...Some coaching positions should definitely be re-evaluated....players as well..This team has under-performed all year....Whether that's coaching or players or both, it has to be addressed....Berry isn't going anywhere...Just face it, in this economic crunch we find ourselves in, we can't afford to be dumping cash down the toilet...Berry will be the head-man for the forseeable future...Players on the other hand ,could find themselves looking for jobs, if the shoddy team performance continues...Let's hope all goes well from now, till the end of the season...I believe fan support is still high for this club...I hope the team doesn't disappoint down the stretch....go Big Blue :thup: