2009- What Have You Noticed

There have been tons of turnovers, more? roughing the passer penalties, I believe mainly higher scoring, There a lot more,but this early in the morning, I'm not quite up, I'm having a coffee to wake up. Tell me what everyone else has noticed so far. The last
item I really like is that in both divisions no one is really running away with the standings.

The Ticats have a winning record early and the Lions have a losing record :o

Good point and we(Hamilton) have already won as many games as we one each of the last 2 seasons. :rockin:

Marcel Bellefeuille is turning into a good head coach compared to an offensive cordinator? :thup:

I don't know if scoring is up league-wide. The last two Winnipeg/Toronto games were both pretty low-scoring affairs. What I've noticed is lots of blowouts this year. Especially in week 4!

Its still early in the season and one is because of the other. Had BC won both games against Hamilton, the opposite would be true.

As for Hamilton being 3-2, lets see them beat someone worthy. Hamilton has beaten BC twice and Winnipeg once. I will give them props for playing well against Montreal, but I'm still not sold on Hamilton being a good team. I will start buying that proposition if they're able to beat Edmonton this week.

One thing I have really noticed is the # of turnovers.


This is the first year in a decade and a half that I watched games that didn't feature the Ticats. Apart from the Argos/Bombers attempt at NFL tedium, I've enjoyed the games (especially last nights Riders/Stamps tilt). Yeah screw the NHL this is way more fun...

The first few games of the season were poorly played (amateurish), dropped balls, poor tackling, uninspired play. Now a few games in and teams seem to be playing better, except for 1 or 2 teams. Need exhibition games increased to 4 from the current 2 to get rid of the sloppy play before the actual season begins. I would also like to see training camp time increased to 4 weeks, starting middle of May and ending middle of june. Are you reading this Mr. Cohen?? :slight_smile:

This is the first season where i'm watching EVERY SINGLE GAME, including non-ticat games.

Definitely all the turnovers.

I Blame the Turnover on Lack of Real Preseason
The Preseason should be 3 to 4 weeks
The 1st Few Weeks of Regular season are Poor
This cause of Lack of real Preseason IMO

The short preseason may explain why there were a lot of turnovers early in the regular season, but now we're into the 5th week of the season and you might think that the amount of turnovers might decrease, but that certainly hasn't been the case of BC and Toronto. BC had atleast 4 turnovers against Hamilton and Toronto had 7 turnovers against Winnipeg.

yea lots of turnovers. bc and toronto have contributed their fair share. but also other than calvillo no starting qb has been consistent to this point.. bc's been poor, edm started horribly, burris started slow, durant and lefors have not played well at all imo lefors has been worse tho, porter/glenn have been ok but not great and joseph has been awful...kind of a slow start especially offensively which leads to lots of turnovers.i would blame the short preseason but why is it so much worse to shart this year vs recent years?

i've noticed all the quarterback controversies so early. (Ham, WPG, B.C. Sask)

Apart from the things said above, it's evident the Argos are having some big problems internally inside the administrative part of the organization I think.

Agree with that; both Toronto and Winnipeg seem to be a bit dysfunctional in their respective front offices.

The other thing I've noticed is that, while I love the exciting CFL game, watching Winnipeg and Toronto's offences is somewhat akin, on the excitement scale, to watching paint dry. Or reading Popular Mechanics magazine. . .

Here's hoping that changes but soon. . .

It is what it is Mad. In the NFL, with mediocre offenses where the defense doesn't have to respect all facets of an offense, you can get some 9-6 games, just the way it is in football, any football.

Increasing the pre-season is an interesting argument ... In the NFL, they have 4 pre-season games and many people would like that number decreased. Some just because pre-season doesn't count in the final standings so there is nothing on the line, but more to the point that every year a few premier players get season ending injuries during the last couple weeks of pre-season - I guess the thinking is if the injury had have occurred in even the first play of the new season it wouldn't have been entirely for nothing.

The problem I see is that these injuries tend to occur in the final pre-season games because that's really the first time the starters play for an extended amount of time - They get a little a tired, a little sloppy, and bang here comes a torn ACL. Also, many of them aren't fully conditioned and are at a greater risk for over extending muscles, tendons, etc ... By decreasing the pre-season I would think we would likely see an increased number of season ending injuries as players would be forced to get into more physical play sooner - Or they their condition would carry over into the first few games on the real season and result in more injuries, sloppy play as noted in this thread.

I guess I just convinced myself the CFL should increase the pre-season to 4 games :smiley:

There's been a lot of blocked punts and fieldgoal attempts.

I don't think that the league will do too much about increasing the number of pre-season games - they might make it three, but gate revenues (attendance) are better for regular season games than exhibition. And gate revenue is a big part of the CFL's overall revenue stream, so that will play a major role in the Board of Gov's decision.

Four pre-season games won't happen.