2009 Ticats and Argos Team Stats After 8 Games

Here are some of the comparative team stats of the Ticats and the Argos from cfl.ca website going into game nine of the 2009 CFL regular season:


Points in CFL East Division Standings
Ticats 8
Argos 4

Average Points Per Game
Ticats 24.0
Argos 19.2

Average Points Allowed Per Game
Ticats 24.4
Argos 26.1

Ticats 21/17 = +4
Argos 18/26 = -8

Total Yards Penalized (After 8 games)
Ticats 657
Argos 849


Average Yards Offence Per Game
Ticats 344.4
Argos 303.8

Average Yards Passing Per Game
Ticats 254.0
Argos 252.9

Average Yards Rushing Per Game
Ticats 107.4
Argos 89.8

Average Time of Possession Per Game
Ticats 28:30
Argos 30:06


Average Yards Offence Allowed Per Game
Ticats 389.0
Argos 327.0

Average Yards Passing Allowed Per Game
Ticats 282.0
Argos 249.8

Average Yards Rushing Allowed Per Game
Ticats 125.0
Argos 93.5

Quarterback Sacks
Ticats 13
Argos 19

Ticats 9
Argos 9

Special Teams

Punting Average
Ticats 42.4
Argos 41.5

Wow.. the blew team D is pretty decent..... the take away/giveaway ratio is their Achilles heel, hopefully we bite them in the ass with that stat.. means more points for us..

Hamilton's defensive stats are bad.

Thsi will not be an easy game by any means.

We give up the yards but stop them when needed. That's what those stats don't tell you. Yards mean nothing if you can't cash them in and we are good at stopping teams from cashing in. Course, when the O fails consistently and the D is forced back out there stop after stop, then obviously they're gunna breakdown and give up the points.