2009 Ticat Team Stats After Week Three

Here are selected team stats for the Ticats after Week 3 of the 2009 regular season. While there is still room for improvement in some areas, the stats clearly suggest that the Ticats are "movin' on up".

Average Yards Offence Per Game: 357.7 (3rd)
Average Rushing Yards Per Game: 118.7 (3rd)
Average Passing Yards Per Game: 261.7 (6th)
Highest Percentage of Passes Completed: 67.9% (2nd)
Average Time of Possession Per Game: 31:56 (2nd)

Average Yards Defence Per Game: 348 (5th)
Average Yards Rushing Allowed Per Game: 133.7 (8th)
Average Yards Passing Allowed Per Game: 228.0 (1st)
Lowest Percentage of Completed Passes Allowed: 52.1% (1st)
Interceptions: 3 (3 teams tied for 5th)
Quarterback Sacks: 5 (2 teams tied for 6th)

Highest Punting Average: 44.2 (4th)

Average Points Scored Per Game: 24.3 (6th)
Average Points Allowed Per Game: 23.7 (2nd)

Two key stats for the game against Montreal:

Offence - Time of Possession - Need to hold onto it, keep it moving and get in the endzone.

Defence - Rushing Yards Allowed - Need to clean that up against Cobourne.

I like this analysis. I would add that the D must get to AC early and often. This may mean that the backfield have to control the initial 6 yards from the line of scrimmage on almost every play to eliminate AC's quick release.

The big thing we have to do is stop the run. Our pass D has played really well but we are letting teams run all over us. Even in the first quarter vs Winnipeg, they started to run over us.

It will be interesting against Montreal to say the least. We need to bring our A game.

all looks good to me, the only flaw there is the run defence, and that is still improving. since that first game against T.O were allowing 118 Rushing YPG as opposed to 133. and 118 would put us in 6th as opposed to 8th, and like i said, it's still improving.

some more stats i would like to add:

NET Punting: 41.5 (1st) so were allowing just under 3 yards per punt return :thup:

Punt Returning: (players with more than just 1 return) Marquay McDaniel is 2nd in average return yards :thup:

Kick Returning: (players with more than just 3 returns) Marquay McDaniel is 2nd in average return yards :thup:

probably the best all round Special Teams unit in the league :stuck_out_tongue:

Passing offense and scoring ranks 6th.

But these rankings mean little with just having played 3 games.

yea i missed that, but as you mentioned, its only been 3 games, and i think it will continue to improve.