2009 Ticat Team Stats After Week Five

Here are selected team stats from cfl.ca for the Ticats after Week 5 of the 2009 regular season.

Average Yards Offence Per Game: 368.6 (2nd)
Average Rushing Yards Per Game: 126.8 (1st)
Average Passing Yards Per Game: 261.8 (4th)
Highest Percentage of Passes Completed: 63.8% (3rd)
Average Time of Possession Per Game: 31:25 (5th)

(Note- It seems odd that the Ticat defence is ranked 8th in average yards allowed while ranked 5th in rushing yards allowed and 6th in passing yards allowed but those are the stats as shown on cfl.ca)
Average Yards Defence Per Game: 379.8 (8th)
Average Yards Rushing Allowed Per Game: 117.2 (5th)
Average Yards Passing Allowed Per Game: 272.0 (6th)
Lowest Percentage of Completed Passes Allowed: 60.4% (3rd)
Interceptions: 6 (3 teams tied for 3rd)
Quarterback Sacks: 7 (8th)

Highest Punting Average: 43.2 (5th)

Average Points Scored Per Game: 22.2 (6th)
Average Points Allowed Per Game: 22.0 (3rd)
Giveaways/Takeaways: 10/13 = +3 (4th)

An additional positive stat so far this year is that the Ticats have improved at converting their third down situations and preventing opposing offences from converting their third down plays.

Over the course of the 2008 season, the Ticat offence turned the ball over on downs 12 times and the opposing offence turned it over only 3 times.

Over the first five games of 2009, the Ticat offence has turned the ball over on downs twice while the opposing offence has turned it over four times.

And of course we are 3-2.

This is a young team that can only improve in the next 13 games.

Porter continues to learn and hopefully AB3 will help the passing attack.

Most importantly, the defense needs to get more pressure on the QB.

Here's a stat:

Points allowed: 110 b[/b]

(next fewest is Toronto at 125)

Thank You Greg Marshall :thup:

I am pretty sure Winnipeg at 105 points against, and Montreal at 94 points against, are LESS than the Tiger-Cats 110, but thanks for playing.

no need to say it like that, just going by what i'm what seeing on CFL.ca

however Montreal and Winnipeg were not on the list so i guess i should have caught that before.

They are. They just have a goofy page break.

Stats can always be deceiving. It almost doesn't seem right that we have given up the most yards on defense, and yet have given up the 3rd most number of points. After only 5 games, stats don't fully paint the whole picture. Special teams play can also have a big impact on the score in a game.

One thing that was pointed out by the Captain, is it seams strange that we are last in yards given up, but we are 5th and 6th in rushing and passing yards against. If you look at all the teams that make up the stats, the teams that are worse than us in the rushing stat are all better than us in the passing stat, and the teams that are worse than us in the passing stat are all better than us in the rushing stat. You put that together, and it is possible for us to be last in yards against. Hopefully we can improve in this area, as those yards will eventually turn into more points against.