2009 Ticat roster..this is what i want to see

OT Rob Murphy
OT Alexadre Gauther or Luke Fritz
OG Cedric Gagne Marcoux
OG George Hudson
C Marwan Hage


Receivers: Prechae Rodriguez, Chris Bratton, Earnest Jackson, Chris Davis, Jo Jo Walker
Chris Bauman, Scott Mitchell, Eddie Cohen


QB Kevin Glenn, Quinton Porter, Richie Williams


RB Terry Caulley, Kenton Keith, Tre Smith, John Williams
FB Robert Pavlovic...possibly Jesse Lumsden or another Fullback in teh draft


K Nick Setta


Defensive Secondary: Jykine Bradley, Lawrence Gordon, Bo Smith ,Alain Zemaitis
Chris Thompson, Geoff Tisdale, Rontarius Robinson
S Dylan Barker, Sean Manning, Sandy Beveridge


Linebackers : Ray Mariuz, Cameron Siskowic, Otis Floyd, Markeith Knowlton, Agustin Barrenchea, and one of: Maurice Lloyd, Anton Mckenzie or Sean Lucas


The only thing i would be worried about is our defensive line. We havent really gotten anyone that looks really promising. If we added Tom Canada and get Corey Mace this year playing it would be good. But other then that, im worried about this part of our team.

Corey Mace is unproven , just because they are on a taxi squad doesnt mean they can start in the CFL .

so ur saying u wanna take our running back made outta glass and make him a fullback, hes not the greatest at blocking to begin with.. and him sticking his head between those big guys with a possibility of him being crushed.. doesnt sound to appealing to me, jesse is an open feild back, he hits the outsides nice and with him in open space goes, n goes well, sure he'll rip a few sick runs through the middle but if u watch tape its when holes r made big, not a fan of that idea unless using him as a recveiving FB in the flats. (just my opinion dont get mad lol)

and im not to keen on jhon williams, im hoping we go after jamal lee in the draft, but i say this only IF we lose jesse lumsden to free agency to help provide our import non import ratio and he looks like a pretty talented young man. but if all goes well and jesse stays i see a trade at running back maby for a defensie linmen, maby cauley or smith would be best to go.

I dont see Richie Williams on our team. I have always said that I see Porter, Tafralis and a veteran. I predictied Crandall but I'll take Glenn instead.

We know what Richie can do. He can spark the offense for a couple drives a game. He's a 3rd stringer at best in this league. I know a lot of people love him, including me, but I just don't see him in our plans.

richie is sick, hes an amazing guy, really nice dude and i wish and hope he stays but i to feel hes not in our plans, tiger-dirt r you suggesting a trade? and if so with who and for what. just curiouse

Doesn't look much different than a 3-15 from a year ago.

We BETTER...do better than this line-up come Training Camp.

Maybe you just didn't read our O-line he listed... I'm pretty sure that 3-15 team from a year ago didn't have the best Left Tackle in the CFL and one of the best Canadian Tackles in the CFL. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again I could have missed something from last year... we did have that amazing left tackle by the name of Jonta Woodard. :expressionless: :lol:

Trust me, if we sign Murphy, Gauthier, and hopefully one of those 3 Rider linebackers, that will still leave us with 2 first round picks to either trade one away for a d-lineman, or draft a couple young Canadian studs. If all this goes down in the next few months we will look nothing like a 3-15 team come the start of the 09 season.

Oh and by the way oshawaguy, I think you meant Brian Bratton, he is a solid young receiver though with lots of potential.

8) I agree with regards to Richie Williams, but you had better have a proven starting QB in this lot, because for all we know at this point, Porter could be a bust as a starter this year.
  If we don't have a guy such as Glenn around to step in , it could be another very long losing season  !!!

Our offense wasn't the problem last year. I can only recall 2 games last year when the offense was severely handicapped be it the JL show or the QP show our offense got things done.

Defense blew late game leads, got blown up early, could not get any pressure on the QB, etc.

See where I'm going here?

Our defense needs to be a lot better or this team is going nowhere. Fast.

I think the problem here for years in regard to our QB's is talent around them. I find it hard to believe that of all the QB's we've tried out they have been all that bad. This team has been awful talent wise for years so any QB coming in does so handicapped.

As for Williams. I agree to a point. He's not a starter in the CFL he is a capable back up a little better than a 3rd a stringer I would think.

The defense (d line inparticular) is the problem here. Our secondary played well considering we had no pressure on opposing QB's all season.

I don't think 2 O-Lineman are good for 6-11 more wins.


Lineup looks pretty, good, but still needs some work.

As was mentioned earlier, the defense was the weak part of our team last year, while the offense was probably average. Regardless of what happened in games the statistics support this.

While it would be great to shore up the O-Line and have a better than average offense, the D-Line still needs to be improved. The secondary should be a little better just with another year of experience. Our linebackers really aren't much better then what we started with last year, and still no changes on the D-Line. It would be nice to see us make some kind of improvements to at least have an average defense.

Overall, at least things appear to be looking better. Still a lot of speculation at this point


The talent is, or will be (thanks OB), there; the question mark for me is the coaching staff - will they be able to mold these guys into a winning team, or ................
not willing to change their philosophies to suit the personnel - otherwise, if they won't change their philosophies, they will have to change the players = another rebuilding year as Ticats dump those who "don't fit our plans".

     For me the only ? is who will be MLB? Siskowic, Floyd, Barrenechea, or...........

Agreed, and I’m counting on Greg Marshall to have a considerable impact.

I wonder if Marshall has any of his favorite Bombers players on a short list for Obie to sign as Free Agents or acquire as part of any Kevin Glenn deal?

It will be interesting to see how much the D gets reworked this year.