2009 - The Season of Mediocrity?

It almost seems that any team can win on any night.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.


What does that mean? The Cats can legitimately match up against anyone and have a realistic shot at winning. This wasn't some bizarre occurrence. I think the word you are looking for, rather than mediocrity, is parity.

Parity / mediocrity...call it what you like.

This is the first season in a long time when it has been hard to consistantly handicap games on a regular basis.


It makes for great foot ball games when games are this close people! :wink:

not really, I would say yes some close finishes but we've seen terrible displays by QBs this season. Passing stats must be way down this year, lots of fumbles, ints. No decent kick/punt returners. Lots and lots of penalties. I would agree that this is a season of mediocrity.

You got that right, and that's great because...

it gives our players time to develop a familarity
with each other and develop further as a team

while picking up many more wins than an inconsistent,
developing Offensive team like ours normally gets.

Our Defence has been solid all year.

They have turned in a few great performances.

Our Special teams have been good but
I would like more 30+ yards kick returns.

It always takes much longer to develop the Offence,

however, if Quinton tops this week's Calgary win
by beating the Als by a wide score this week

like he did last year in Montreal,

our whole team will be extremely confident
in themselves just like our Defence is now

and we will be one of the stronger teams
in the league heading into the play offs.

I hope we can get 2nd place so we will only need
one play off win vs Montreal to get into the Grey Cup. :smiley: :rockin: :lol:

I have actually been disappointed with this year's "parity". See strong parity rather than mediocre parity. I would rather watch a tight game all the way through rather than one or both teams bumbling their way trough half or more of the game before they decided to play.

This year there is one really well coached team (montreal) which is not stellar and four team that are mediocre, and two teams which are not very good one with a good coach and one with a middling coach and one team which is not even close to being a professional team (Winnipeg).