2009 SMS results. Bombers over

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You are so funny, Artie.

Artie, with respect to the Taman contracts, I can recall reading something in one of the Winnipeg papers a while ago that explained the thinking of them but don't have the link at this time. Going from recollection the reason the big bonuses were offered was to make it so Taman could offer smaller contracts but the player would still make more money. IIRC, it was explained that bonuses are taxed separately from salary so a player who had a base salary of $150,000 with no bonuses would pay taxes at a higher rate than someone who had a base salary of $75,000 and received a $75,000 bonus. So what Taman would do was Vet A would say he wanted $X to re-sign and Taman would offer a smaller amount with the big bonus so when all was said and done the two amounts would be the same after taxes. No problem except if Vet A was cut or hurt after the bonus was paid.

......PRIME DESTINATION.....LOL LOL LOL :lol: :lol: and Hamilton would've been top of the list to play for...lol....I didn't see obie running the club into the ground with wild contracts....You better keep an eye on your boy Taman or you'll end up in the same boat.....financial mess and zippo for draft choices....Just wait ...the little burnt-out fella has just started :lol: :lol:

You keep forgetting that Taman answers to Hopson & Miller. He can't do anything wothout their final stamp of approval. Riders don't have cash falling out of the cracks at Taylor field by having incompetants running the show. Taman would have no way of bringing this franchise down, with the current structure in place. Plus, it would take decades and 10 coaches on the payroll at the same time to blow through the cash that they have.

I would say that since Hamilton is in southern ontario, close to Toronto and some major USA markets, that it is a more prime destination for players. More so than winnipeg and Saskatchewan. Now with the fan support and winning seasons , Saskatchewan can compete more with those major markets, and so will Winnipeg when they turn it around this year.

It's funny how it's taman's fault for a year when he wasn't even there. Wasn't he in Winnipeg for the first couple years of the cap, signing players to the same "lopsided" contracts? But yet the team was under the cap then. IMO the reason why guys like Armstrong got paid those bonuses is because they were expecting these players to actually play in Winnipeg for the season. If Kelly wasn't who he was, then these guys would have still been around and the bombers wouldn't have had to pay replacements as well as the original player. Getting rid of glenn after paying his bonus could be put on Taman, but something tells me that Taman wanted to keep Glenn, that's why he paid the bonus. Again Mr Kelly comes in with his own guy, so out goes Glenn after the bonus and in comes not only one but two replacements who had to be paid. Last year was a tough year for the bombers and let's hope that is in the past and you guys can move forward so we can see more sask vs peg grey cups!