2009 SMS results. Bombers over

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Toronto, ON - (April 6, 2010) - Seven of eight teams were under the Canadian Football League's $4.2 million salary cap for 2009, the league announced today.

"The final results of a comprehensive audit and review process show a high level of compliance with the Salary Management System (SMS)," said Commissioner Mark Cohon.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers exceeded the salary cap by $44, 687 and have been fined $44,687.

Under the provisions of the SMS, set by the league's Board of Governors, teams are fined one dollar for every dollar they exceed the cap up to 100,000 dollars, and two dollars for every dollar they exceed the cap between 100,000 and 300,000 dollars, plus the loss of the team's first round draft pick.

Teams are fined three dollars for every dollar they exceed the cap beyond $300,000 and they lose their first two draft selections.

The salary cap for the upcoming 2010 season has been set at $4.2 million per team.

As no team exceeded the cap in 2009 by more than 100,000 dollars, the order in the May 2nd 2010 CFL Canadian Draft is not affected. It remains, for the first round:

  1. Toronto Argonauts

  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders via a trade with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers

  3. British Columbia Lions

  4. Saskatchewan via a trade with the Edmonton Eskimos

  5. Hamilton forfeits this pick by virtue of choosing Weber State Offensive Lineman Zac Carlson in last year's supplemental draft.

  6. Calgary Stampeders.

  7. Winnipeg via a trade with Saskatchewan

  8. Montreal Alouettes

Do you remember, Billy, the details of any of those trades?

As in . . .

What did the Riders give to Winnipeg for pick #2, what did they give to Edmonton for pick #4, and what did Winnipeg give the Riders for pick #7 ?

Yeah, I can't remember what trade saw us give our first rounder to Saskatchewan.

The Riders gave up too much for the #2 pick, but just about right for the #4....
Joe McGrath for #4.
To move up to #2, it was the equivalent of sending the #6 (7) pick and two 2nd rounders (2010 and 2011) to the Bombers . All part of the overly complicated Goodspeed deal. you may recall we had the option to switch 1st rounders or take two 2nd rounders.

Of note Saskatchewan was not over lol

ya, so much for the Riders being over the cap "every year" :roll:

Now I remember. This idiot signed with the Riders, then had a change of heart, and we ended up giving up our first rounder so this moron could come back. :roll:

:lol: That gave me a good laugh.

Tillman was busy :wink:

You Rider fans can worry about it after the 2010 season since Taman's contracts with guaranteed salaries, deferred payments and stupid bonuses were mostly responsible for the Bombers going over.

IMHO as long as you don't go over 99,999$, it's fair game, especially if you can pay the fine.

I hope that doesn't happen in the CFL. You get enough of that in the NBA.

Hey CFL - use the fine money to start a video game! :cowboy: I reckon' it be worth yer while.

Funny this, could you perhaps tell me when guaranteed salaries were allowed in the CFL?

In the standard contract, salary is not guaranteed. There are no rules to say it can't be negotiated into a contract.

From today's Winnipeg Free Press:

Last spring the Bombers were $450,000 over the cap and were looking at a [b]2009 salary structure that saw $1.7 million in guaranteed money[/b] and $2.5 million in base salaries.

One example, IIRC it was reported after Derick Armstrong was released that he had already received his entire 2009 salary before the season started thanks to the contract negotiated by Taman.

Could you point to one guaranteed player salary in the CFL? A signing bonus no matter how large is not the same thing!
Now there are rules about vetern players if they play x number of games in the season the rest of their salary for that season has to be paid out if they are cut.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2008/02/14/cfl_salary_cap/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... alary_cap/[/url]

I didn’t express myself as clearly as I wished (not enough sleep). Obviously there are no guaranteed contracts in the sense that the NHL and other leagues have. However, structuring contracts so that lump sum payments are made before the season starts (bonuses but not signing bonuses) with a lot lower base salary is as close to a guaranteed contract as the CFL has. Dan Goodspeed is an example. The contract he signed under Taman gave him at least half of his salary as a lump sum bonus payable in the off-season. Other players had contracts negotiated by Taman that called for them to receive lump sum payments twice a season. In essence those were partially guaranteed contracts because the player was getting half his salary before the season started and if he was cut after the first game (like Armstrong was) the player didn’t have to give back the salary already paid.

.....now were you burning the midnight oil blueblood...trying to get a snippet of info on the Buck signing...lol :lol: For your info. ...cjob is saying it's almost a fait accompli...pretty reliable source...that Pierce will be in BluenGold for the 2010 season :thup: ...and ..oh yeah.... one thing we don't know is if there's a signing bonus involved :thup: :rockin:

i think there was a similar situation in toronto last year, where they had paid most of bruce's salary when he was traded.


Anyways, funny how it's a non-playoff team which is over the cap. Also, didn't exceed it as much as in years past. Good to see the system starting to work. Although I think there should simply be a hard cap. Just like the NHL.

Everyone in Winnipeg blaming Taman for those "crazy" contracts - have you considered that perhaps Winnipeg was not exactly considered a primo destination for CFL vets, and as such the only way to sign them was to structure contracts in such a way that you might not in other places?

Had The Professor stuck around, I think you'd have seen more concessions made to get players interested in the 'Peg. At least now maybe the organization has a fighting chance....