2009 seasons' tickets now on sale

2009 seasons' tickets now on sale

For those who wanted to see a promotion during Christmas time, here it is.


why bother, if you wait til may, these tickets will still be available-hardly a demand,why rush.


No rush other than some people mentioned that tickets would be a nice Christmas gift, plus it looks like the early bird discount deadline is late January .

When do current holders get info from the club?

It was my understanding that current season ticket holders would be receiving their 2009 renewal forms in the mail later this week or next week. So if you took advantage of the playoff guarantee last year, you'll get your 25% discount and if you pay in full by January 23rd, you'll get an additional 10% off your season seats.

I called Joe up this morning and I put my order in. So, I'm officially saying that "the Blue Team" can kiss my vlogging butt and I'll become one of the Black & Gold supporters next season.

I'm waiting for the flex pack info, do those come in 5 or 7 game packs?

What is the Ticats Tavern? If you look at the platinum benefits, it's the last point.

After chatting with a few of my Blue Team friends, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We have the best prices in the best stadium to watch a game! :thup:

Read the article below about what's going on in the NFL and you'll find out why IWS and most CFL stadiums are fantastic even if some repairs and upgrades are, of course, needed. Here's a snippet, talking about the Patriots new stadium:

Home Field Advantage Has Left the Building

"We used to stand for every big down and every big drive," Bug says wistfully. "Now people yell at us to sit down. The old stadium was a dump, but we felt like we were at a football game, you know? Now we're at ... I don't know. The fans don't affect the game anymore. It's really sad. Grover calls it the wine-and-cheese crowd. We've become the fans we always made fun of."

... and this:

Of course, Buffalo "needs" to build a new stadium to bank that suite money and "compete" with bigger teams. That's what owner Ralph Wilson says. He snookered outsiders like me with that argument until I made a few Toronto jokes and Buffalo fans graciously educated me on what was really happening. They want to purchase the team in a public trust and keep the stadium as is, like how the good people of Wisconsin own the Packers, but the NFL passed rules years ago preventing that from ever happening again. Why? So its owners could sell their franchises for the highest dollar, and so they could bilk their fans for new stadiums without them saying, "Wait, why can't we just keep the old one?" It's Economics 101 and one of the reasons that the fan/team dynamic can be so indefensibly one-sided and discouraging. We care about them; they don't care about us. In a perfect world, Wilson would sell the Bills to the locals and everyone would be happy. In the real world, the Bills will probably move to Toronto some day and play in -- you guessed it! -- a SOTAS that looks like every other SOTAS.

If I wait til May I don't save the 10%. Plus I spoke with Kyle this morning and he said I can add new tickets for the 25% I received from the playoff guarantee AND the additional 10%. Seems worth it to me.

No argument from me there. Plus when "the Blue Team" jacked up their season tickets in some sections as much as 44.5% and gave an early bird deadline of last Friday, I can't blame them for bolting down the QEW and taking in some games at the stadium that gets you the closest to the action.

Hmmm interesting.

Got my renewal packaage in the mail today.

Very nice. Great deal!

No complaining from me this year, I even bought another seat. I enjoyed last year despite the record and saw enough promise to bring me back for one more go around.

I’m in a wait and see mode!!!
If the Cats went into the season right now with the existing players including their Free agents,
They wouldn’t have a chance in hell of making the play-offs.
They need a huge change on their o-line and D-line to be competitive.
for the fans who need something to do with their time on a friday night, be my guest.
but I will sit this one out will the team does sometime that will give me HOPE!!!


Got mine today...nice brochure...some great pictures and GREAT PRICES :thup:

I look forward to being there when this turns around...AND IT HAS ALREADY STARTED! :rockin: