2009 Season Ticket Sales

Has anyone heard any numbers yet? It seems this season there are not many updates coming out about exactly where the teams stand so far. The past few seasons teams like Winnipeg and BC were releasing numbers by now, hopefully the economy won't take a bite out of the CFL's ticket sales this season.

I know Saskatchewan has basically reached or is extremely close to their max for season tickets and flex packs. Labour Day game already sold out. Calgary is also very high this season with the Grey Cup being played here this year (season ticket holders got first dibs on their seats for the big game), and also the Stamps winning last year and looking good to maybe repeat at home drove sales up. Almost assuredly 30,000+ game tickets sold for every game this year for them, excluding the pre-season game maybe. Saw some article on the Bombers recently which said they were down slightly from last year. Other teams I have no clue.

Not going to well in toronto as far as the season tx go, but they're claiming to be way up on group and corporate sales.

Here's the pres talking about it:

[url=http://www.fan590.com/ondemand/media.jsp?content=20090610_113038_1676]http://www.fan590.com/ondemand/media.js ... 13038_1676[/url]

Three weeks ago, the B.C. Lions reported that they are down to 22,0000 season ticket equivalents (from 24,000 last year), sighting the economy as the main reason (and, let's not kid ourselves here, the amount of player turnover that saw fan favourites such as Jason Clermont let go). However, revenue from season tickets is up thanks in large measure to 1,341 new "Club Seats" ($1,000 per season each) and more suites added to B.C. Place.

Club also likely to benefit this year from extensive renovations to B.C. Place which will be unvailed shortly. New concessions, upgraded washrooms and concourse should help the game day experience, while the pièce de résistance - the retractable roof - set for completion in time for the 2011 season, should (at least initially) take attendance to heights we haven't seen here since the '80s. :thup:

Number of sponsors down (likely due to the Olympics) but sponsorship revenue will be up over last year.