2009 Season At A Glance - I Look Forward To 2010

Well with one game left in the season, the game touted as the "win and we're in game" and this could be it for the B&G for the 2009 campaign. Now i am not writing this to be negative or to knock the team or Kelly for that matter, that is Housedog and Sanjay's Job, LOL. But with respect to this season i have to say i am actually happy to be going into the last week with a "chance" for a playoff spot, given that the first 2/3 of the season we could only dream, and i will be there on Sunday cheering for the Blue and Gold and win or lose i will leave the stadium a happy camper and look forward to 2010. Now saying that let the best team win, and judging by this past weekends performances it just may be the Ti-Cats and i am fine with that cause the Cats proved to be more "consistant, even when losing" than the Bombers, see when the Bombers lose, it seems we alway's lose BIG, lay a BIG stinker, when the Cats lose, let's be honest Bomber fans, they lose FIGHTING, Winnipeg has been blown out way more than anyone (besides T.O) in the league, good luck to both teams this Sunday and may the best team win, and it's hard for me to say this but the Cats are the better team, i have to admit reality, Wpg does not deserve to be in the 2009 playoffs, but if we are i'll be super happy. But let's look at the "Roller Coaster" 2009 Season:

There have been alot of ups and downs this season and it all began almost 1 year ago with the firing of Doug Berry, we were all calling for his head, Kelly is hired and say's he will just "tweak the team" and he guts the team. We come out of the first 3RD of the season looking like a bunce of high school football player's, not to mention the circus act with Kelly, the fans and the media, here are my positives and negatives about 2009:

Negatives: Kelly releases EVERY QB from 2008 that have played more than 2 games in the CFL (Glenn, Dinwidie and Williams) ----- Kelly names LeFors the starter and Lefors Craps the Bed ----- Kelly and the media square off more than twice ---- Bombers start 3-8 --------- July and August were hard times for player's and fans with no hope in site ----- Week 17 we have Bishop as starter (no knock to Bish) but if Bish goes down we are finsihed, face it ----- we have Bramlet and Santos as back ups (combined actual playing time less than 1 QTR) and let's face it Bramlet doesn't look good at all, how can he be number 2 on a pro team? ----- That will be the BIG question in the off-season, guaranteed ------ Armstrong, Franklin and Bryant all gone (nearly 3000 yards combined in 2008), don't knock this part until you read positives please!! Ha Ha!! ---- Simpson Saga (will he be back? we all know JOLO cannot play a full year!!) we need a MLB if Simpson walks in case JOLO goes down for the 3RD year in a row.

Positives: Kelly admits mistake and resigns as OC ------ Brings in Bishop (for all the Bishop haters read "Bish" below) ----- Jovon Johnson turns in all star season ------- Heffney looks like a diamond in the rough find ------- Walls, Perry looked great until injuries attacked, BUT Kelly still brings in Hunt and Willis as replacements, no shortage of talent on the d-line ------- No Armstrong, Bryant and Franklin Traded BUT we have some GREAT young talent in Bowman, Ryan, Amay, Hargreaves etc. to compliment Edwards, Recieveing will be just fine.

BISH ---- Has not seen a TC or Pre-Season since 2007 in which he had a spectacular starting record with T.O, SASK signs him midway through last season (sound familier BB fans?) and is expected to be in Tip Top Shape and learn a NEW offensive system like that. Sorry SASK fans but you were too hard on Bishop as you had a Complicated Playbook to begin with (sound familier again BB fans?) and you expect a QB to come in half way through a season and be a saviour, pretty hard to do in any league. Just read Dunnigans latest article on Bish, facts are facts: So Here is one a few facts for all the BISH haters and we SHOULD welcome him to TC and Pre-Season in 2010 at the very least:

Over the last three seasons in the CFL, Michael Bishop is and has been proving he's a winner in the most precarious of situations, compiling a record of 21-11 in regular season play. Combine his 22-3 mark as a starter for Kansas State, a 24-0 perfect record at Blinn (Texas) Jr. College with 2 National Championships and as a starter he's 67-14 while earning and accumulating an incredible 83% winning percentage.

Cannot argue that!!!

LAST FACTS ----- I for one feel more confident about 2010 with a LOAD of young talent and a LOAD of veteran talent combined than i would if we had the same roster as we started 2009 with .... Bishop and LeFors should provide a pretty Good one two punch as long as both see training camp and are not injured. Serna and Renaud have worked out WAY better than anyone could have expected, JOhnson and Heffney are two great defensive player's and should provide us with great defense for the next few seasons. Add Odell Willis, Hunt, Walls, Perry and Brown the D-Line WILL be solid no matter who stays or goes, we are only one maybe two player's away from having a SCARY D. Offensive line needs work, Reid needs to lose his attitude (sorry i don't respect a player who is only worried about his own stats with playoffs on the line) should not have opened his mouth about the rushing title, now he looks like a jacka$$!! Reciver's will be just fine.

So after typing all of this i hope i gave all BB fans (such as myself) reason to Be In The Stands In 2010 when we could go ALL THE WAY. I am happy with 2009 being a rebuilding year!!

People tend to forget , this year was a rebuiding year . If people were thinking winning a Grey Cup , they were not paying attention. Anything is still possible, ask the 01 Stamps. The main thing is WPG continues to improve and make strides to being Grey Cup contenders in the next few seasons and beyond.
Kelly got rid of a lot of dead weight and some left the team before he even was named coach. Glenn would be a do over, but Glenn looked like he quit in last years East semi against Edm. I think in reality he wasn't a 100% from the 07 season.