2009 Schedule ?

2009 Schedule ......

What is the official plan for announcing the 2009 schedules? One of the hardest things to do is re-new seasons tickets without having having a better understand of what's happening when.......When will the CFL understand this and work more effieciently with the respective TV producers to figure this out. :cowboy:

To be fair, the Grey Cup was only two months ago. There's still time for them to release it... about four months, in fact.

Over in the Argonauts Section, I posted all open weekends (Thursday ->Sundays) at the Dome, when the Jays are not playing.

Theres 13 weeks open for 9 home games. 3 in July (but only 2 games will be played at home), 2 in August, 2 in September - 5 in October and 1 in November.

If I am not mistaken, the schedule comes out around the end of Feb

Hey everyone,

Jamie Dykstra from the CFL league office here. The schedule is near completion and should be announced within a couple weeks.

We are excited for this year's schedule which includes a couple new wrinkles.

Stay tuned and feel free to follow up with me.

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new wrinkles?

Care to throw any hints?

When you say Wrinkles you make me think of Tuesday night summer football games.

no Tuesday night games. Nothing that changes the nucleus of the schedule, just a couple of dates and weekends that we think fans will be excited about.


What about Wednesday Night games? Ie July 1st in Hamilton. :stuck_out_tongue:

This was posted on another CFL Fan website


June 17 (Weds) Sask @ Edmonton 9:00 PM Eastern Time
June 23 (Tues) Calgary @ Sask 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Regular Season

July 3 (Fri) B.C. @ Sask 9:00 PM Eastern Time
July 11(Sat) Sask @ Toronto 1:00 PM Eastern Time
July 18 (Sat) Montreal @ Sask 3:00 Pm Eastern Time
July 25 (Sat) Edmonton @ Sask 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Aug 1 (Sat) Sask @ Calgary 9:00 PM Eastern Time
Aug 7 (Fri) Sask @ B.C. 10:30 PM Eastern Time
Aug 16 (Sun) Hamilton @ Sask 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Aug 21 (Fri) Sask @ Montreal 7:30 PM Eastern Time
Sept 6 (Sun) Winnipeg @ Sask 7:30 PM Eastern Time
Sept 13 (Sun) Sask @ Winnipeg 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Sept 20 (Sun) Edmonton @ Sask 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Sept 26 (Sat) Sask @ Edmonton 6:00 PM Eastern Time
Oct 2 (Fri) Sask @ B.C. 10:30 PM Eastern Time
Oct 10 (Sat) Toronto @ Sask 9:00 PM Eastern Time
Oct 17 (Sat) Sask @ Calgary 3:30 PM Eastern Time
Oct 24 (Sat) B.C. @ Sask 5:30 PM Eastern Time
Oct 31 (Sat) Sask @ Hamilton 2:00 PM Eastern Time
Nov 7 (Sat) Calgary @ Sask 7:00 PM Eastern Time

Tiger Cats

2009 Ticat Schedule

June 17@ Winnipeg – 8:00pm
June 23 Toronto – 7:00pm

July 1st TOR – 7:00pm
July 10 @ BC – 10:30pm
July 18 WIN – 6:00pm
July 23 @ MTL – 7:30pm
July 31 BC - 7:30pm
Aug 8 EDM – 6:30pm
Aug 16 @ SASK – 7:00pm
Aug 27 @ EDM – 9:00pm
Sept 7 TOR – 4:00pm
Sept 11 @ TOR – 7:00pm
Sept 18 CGY – 7:30pm
Sept 25 MTL - 7:00pm
Oct 3 @ CGY – 7:00pm
Oct 12 WIN – 4:30pm
Oct 18 @ MTL – 2:00pm
Oct 23 @ TOR – 7:00pm
Oct 31 SASK – 2:00pm
Nov 8 @ WIN – 1:00pm

...Damon and Troy are coming out of retirement?!....

Thems old wrinkles

Reports say CFL Schedule should be released next week.
This is the earliest the schedule has been released.

Guess they got tired of the fans nagging on them constantly. :stuck_out_tongue:

as long as they STOP having games in Edmonton start at 8pm on Thursday nights, things will be fine!

It's out !


I just looked - Edmonton's first 5 games are all on Thursdays at 8:00. HAH!

Seriously, though, they must prefer (or at least not object to) this slot to get this many home games on Thursdays. It's not like Commonwealth isn't available on Fridays or Saturdays, is it?

Eskimo fans are once again screwed by the schedule. I have to assume it is the Eskimos not the league that is responsible since it is the second year in a row that this has happened, and the Eskimo news release seem to show that they are quite pleased with this.

All I want to know is "WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!!!!


They split the bye weeks this year.
Both weeks are east west games

WHOOOOOOOO!!! Only one back-to-back this season. Thanks CFL. The schedulers finally pulled your heads out of your asses. Although one complaint I have is facing Calgary 3 times in 4 weeks (I suppose it's technically 5 because of the byes). That's ridiculous. That series really wraps up in a hurry. :roll:

Does anyone have the schedule in iCal format (standard iCalendar format used for web development) so that we can import it directly into our google calendars, MS Outlook, Hotmail, or any other calendar software?