2009 Schedule

It is very important that we receive fan feedback as to what time/what day a week you would prefer a Home Tiger-Cats game.

Please add comments regarding your preferences i.e. Saturday works the best but I also prefer Friday's over a Thursday night game. Or a Thursday night game works best for me in the summer because then I can hit the cottage, etc.

The opinions expressed will go a long way when negotiating with the CFL regarding particular kick-off times.

i voted for fri night and sat afternoon, please no thursday night and no sunday games i also wouldnt mind some sat night games

During the summer in general, I'd say Saturday (either afternoon or evening), or Sunday afternoon.

During August, evening games are better because the days are so hot.

Thursday games are lousy under all circumstances.

If we ever get a home playoff game, I think afternoon (either Saturday or Sunday) is the way to go.

Come November, daytime temperatures are much more comfortable than evening temperatures.

First off...I hope you make this a "sticky" so we can get a large cross-section of answers ...AND hopefully the season ticket holders will get a chance to vote separately.***

*** you could mail out a card to be returned with our "preferences".

Thursday night games are the worst to be able to attend for a couple of reasons...most people work on Friday...or have school. Rush hour traffic as well. :thdn:

Friday night traffic is the "pitts" at the best of times. :thdn: Some people work on Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon or Saturday night games work best for "out of towners". Sunday afternoon will work as well because of the light traffic, however Sunday nights work OK for the traffic but again it's work the next day...same as Thursdays :roll:

Obviously majority should rule...but really "season's ticket holders"...most buying multiples...should be heard.

People should put a lot of thought into their vote!

Friday night for the Aug games
Saturday afternoon for all other months
I would also like the afternoon games to be at 1:00 not 4:00

Fridays and Saturdays are best. Thursdays are terrible.

I hope I never have to deal with a Ticat home game on a Thursday again. Sundays are ok, but I don’t think the CFL wants to go head to head with the NFL. Actually, I love both leagues, and I’d prefer to be able to watch both in the fall. So Fridays and Saturdays work best.

Actually I think the CFL is strong enough that it should go to double headers on Fridays and Saturdays. One game in an eastern city followed by a game in a western city. They already do a lot of that for Friday Night football and it would be easy to do on a Saturday. One day game and then a night game. But I know some teams like Thursdays (like Toronto) so this is just wishful thinking I suppose.

One last thought, as swordfish just mentioned, 1 o'clock games are MUCH better than 4 o'clock games. If we could keep game times to 1 or 7 that would be ideal.

Definately Friday nights and Saturday nights

i voted for Friday Nights.


I voted for Friday and Saturday nights, I feel that is the best time to schedule home games.

Me too. I don't mind afternoon games in the fall. Too much sun in the summer time.

I prefer Friday night/Saturday night and Saturday afternoon.

Hated the Thursday night games. Weeknight games should be a 7:30pm start it's so hard to get to a 7pm game when working until 5 or later.

Afternoon game for Labour Day with the West getting the evening game. It makes much more sense.

Saturday afternoon is my first choice.

Friday night second.

Friday night first choice. Thursday nights are okay if after 7:30. But Saturday afternoon and Saturday night in the summer-non starters, people like to get away for a weekend. This year's schedule was good only missed 2 games, the year before I missed 4. No point in having seasons tickets if you end up missing almost half the games because of the schedule.

Thursday and Friday nights in the summer.

Friday night and Sunday afternoon in the fall.

Sunday afternoon in the late fall because night games is coooold.

For those of you who prefer Friday nights in general, why do you prefer Friday nights?

If I’m hung over, I don’t have to go to work the next day. :rockin:

I just included Friday nights because that's one of the nights that TSN want there to be games and I'm okay with that.

I should also add Saturday nights in the summer to my list above, but I can't edit the post so I'll put it right here.

I'd show up any night if I had to.

thumbs way down to thursday night games. i dont mind sunday afternoon, though probably best not once nfl starts.

saturday night is first choice, friday night second and saturday afternoon on occasion for third.

also ... labour day should NOT be a night game if you actually want to get families out for the game.

Thank you for giving us fans the opportunity to express our opinion.

I voted for Friday nights.

Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons are good too.

Saturday afternoons are Never good.

Also there was many complaints about the Labour Day game being played in the evening. I think it was a perfect time because it gave me the chance to spend the day enjoying my day off, rather then breaking it up with a game in the middle of the afternoon.



I like beer.